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  1. Someone I know works at a BMW dealership in Bristol. I was chatting with her last evening, she was saying they've sold 30 cars in the last 5 days. They've never known anything like it.
  2. Oh, the humanity. #jesuistrainersocklady
  3. That's my point, I already HAVE noticed it. I know it's there, but it's so slight it doesn't affect my timing or feeling or anything else ending in ing. For 20 quid I'll happily live with it.
  4. I picked one of these cheapy Ammoon things up. I use it at every rehearsal and I've even gigged with it a few times. Nobody has once said "I say old chap, are there some latency issues with your tiny wireless dooflip?". Yes there is a slightly noticeable delay, but it makes no difference to what I play or how I play it. Unless you're incredibly precious about your sound, I'd recommend it heartily, especially if you're only playing at home.
  5. Gorgeous. I love those 'vintage' Ibbys.
  6. I couldn't resist the temptation, and ordered it anyway... it's on and it looks absolutely brilliant. No pics of it until the bass is finished, soz I would heartily recommend Rothko & Frost's service to anyone. Dead easy to arrange, fast delivery and a really superb product. First time I've used them, but won't be the last.
  7. I think that's probably stretching it a bit. Or a lot.
  8. And then of course there's Dell Amitri.
  9. I switched over just in time to miss Sheryl Crow. Sounds like it was good, I'll get it on iPlayer. I did hear the Erasure tune though, and I'm impressed with how good Andy Bell's voice still is. When you consider how dodgy some peoples' pipes become as they age (I know my range certainly isn't what it was 30 years ago), his are still sounding great.
  10. Nice what a lovely job. I hope my Skajazz turns out as well as that has.
  11. Top coat(s) on the body are all done now it's going to hang for a couple of weeks to really cure properly before the bolting together starts. Must resist the temptation to rush headlong into it!
  12. I wish I shared your optimism man. But we shall see in the fullness of time. Hope you're right and I'm not.
  13. The music itself is fine, it's the actual live scene that's in a mess. A hell of a lot of pubs and other small venues will never open again.
  14. 'No value' is entirely subjective. The counter argument is that just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's valueless. Your musical top 10 could well be my worst nightmare, and vice versa. Live music, on the other hand, is in a right pickle. I'll definitely agree with you on that.
  15. Rich


    Oh damn, I'd forgotten about the busted screws. that's a shame.
  16. For me, the Trace Elliot SMX is and always will be the daddy when it comes to onboard amp compression. Still my favourite pre-amp ever.
  17. It's a shame they're too narrow for beefy speaker cables. I use velcro straps for those.
  18. Rich

    Feedback for Osiris

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  19. I coil my cables properly with the twist, and then use these Planet Waves elastic ties to keep them tidy. All my cables live either in a Markbass cable bag (courtesy of @MoJoKe) in the back of my amp rack case, or in the front pocket of the carry case for my Pod XT Live. Coiling the cable snake takes a bit of care as there are three cables in it and the twists tend to fight each other a bit.
  20. Rich


    If it was me, I'd leave the pup where it is and see how the tone changed. Life's more fun with the occasional leap into the unknown. If it turns out to be absolute pants, you can always move it and do the pickguard faff.
  21. Rich


    Sounds like a very cool project. It will be interesting to see what difference the bridge-move makes to the tone, in terms of the new pickup position.
  22. I did consider filling, but in the end I thought "ah sod it, it's gonna get banged up anyway" and left it. It's all mojo, right? OK, the final primer coat has been flatted with flourpaper and the body's top coats have started! I'm edging towards tung oil to finish the neck, so I'll get some of that and once it's on the neck will hang up in the corner and stay there for a couple of weeks so the finishes can harden off fully. I'm planning a special headstock decal for it based on this template, but I'm going to hold my fire on that until it's all back together and I know it works.
  23. Do you have individual prices for the remaining two? Ta.
  24. And there I was thinking 'hurdy gurdy' was just something this bloke said.
  25. Did I miss something? When did you abandon the wooden bridge you'd made and opt for the Schaller instead? Awesome build, by the way. I tip my hat to you.
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