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  1. Let's Have a Ding Dong - Winifred Atwell
  2. Gimme Gimme Gimme - Abba abba abba
  3. One Fine Day - Gerry Goffin and Carole King
  4. A Day In The Life - those nobodies again
  5. Don Quixote - Nik Kershaw Donkey Hotey... yeah, tenuous I know but WTF
  6. That's disgraceful. Minor finish flaws are one thing, sending it out with a boIIocksed neck is quite another. There's no excuse for that at any price point.
  7. Excellent piece on the development of the Oxford ChAdOx1-nCov19 vaccine. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55041371
  8. Time (Clock of the Heart) - Vulture Club
  9. The First Cut Is the Deepest - Cat Stevens
  10. I don't care if it's a quote from Mary Poppins or Debbie Does Dallas he's dead right.
  11. I saw this on Farcebook yesterday, it makes for interesting reading. And yes, this chap really is a real doctor (google him, I did) and yes, he said this. Dr Mark Toshner, consultant physician and lecturer in clinical medicine (Royal Papworth Hospital Cambridge, and Cambridge University respectively) speaking out on social media about the coronavirus vaccine. "More on vaccines. I'm going to get boring and geeky on this (no apologies) on the 10 year thing. Vaccines 'normally take 10 years'. This is being used as a reason to be fearful (i.e. rushed job). I'm a clinical trials doc. I can tell you most of that time is spent doing nothing. It's spent submitting funding requests, then resubmitting them, then waiting, then submitting them somewhere else, then getting the money but the company changes it's mind or focus, then renegotiating then submitting ethics, then waiting for regulators... Then having problems with recruitment and having to open other sites, then dealing with more regulatory issues, then finally when you eventually get to the end of all of this you might have a therapy, or not. At this point it may not be deemed profitable or any number of other obstacles. However we have collectively now shown that with money no object, some clever and highly motivated people, an unlimited pool of altruistic volunteers and sensible regulators that we can do amazing things (necessity being the mother etc). These trials have been nothing short of miraculous, revolutionary but in the context perhaps it is not surprising given our ability to innovate when we REALLY need to and we really needed to. Safety hasn't been compromised. Hundreds of thousands of great people volunteered for experimental vaccines. The world watched closely. The press reported every serious adverse event. I am confident that when regulators and scientists pour [sic] over the safety data (and we will because we are a bit that way inclined) that vaccines will only be used if we are confident that the risk is definitively outweighed by the benefit. This should give you confidence too."'
  12. My MP makes a chocolate teapot look like a model of usefulness. If you write anything critical to him, he either throws it into the square file or just weasel-words his way round it. I had to send three (might even have been four) emails to him regarding the Cummings eye-test affair before I got any sort of response, and then it was a slightly longer variation of 'yeah, whatever' that obviously came straight from the whips' office.
  13. My god, there is some humanity left. That's wonderful.
  14. I think with this lot it's the scale and the sheer brazenness of it. I cannot believe that it's not being shouted from the rooftops. Still, we'll be ok, I imagine there will be an inquiry headed by the UK's Anti-Corruption Champion, who is *checks notes* Dido Harding's husband.
  15. I am overjoyed at the Oxford vaccine news -- I've been participating in the trial and it's brilliant to see results coming from all their hard work. The technical blurb they showed us is quite mind-boggling, I am in awe of these boffins' capabilities. I had an initial dose (couldn't tell you if it was full or half) followed by a second one later. No side effects to report yet, I still feel absoluhweojfdo fisdfnn jj*73kl;l=++k.
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