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  1. Very stoic yes, but I can't help feeling this is about as practical as "everything will be ok if we just believe in Britain".
  2. Yes. Case in point: my favourite jazz guitarist announced a 'European' tour last year. It included nine dates in Germany but the closest he got to the UK was Paris. Not the first time this has happened, and I suspect will become the norm.
  3. I can't speak for peteb but it bloody is for me. It gets under my skin when people suggest that those who happen to like a certain band are obviously some sort of know-nothing philistines. When they present their opinion as indisputable fact, this is how it is because I say so and that's that. Some people seem to have no grasp whatsoever of the phrase "in my opinion".
  4. Personal opinion of this type is fine as I see it (see It's A Good Job We All Like Different Stuff for details ). It's when it is presented along the lines of "I don't like {insert name of artist}, therefore he/she/they are CRAP and that is a FACT" that the problem starts.
  5. Not come across this chap before, but this is absolutely beautiful. Anyone who can cover a Michael Manring tune is doing ok in my book.
  6. Attendance & Gear List: Latest list in full: 1. @Frank Blank‘s No Longer Acoustic Corner - Rob Allen Mouse, ACG Harlot SC, ACG Recurve SS, Ibanez SRC6, QSC K12.2, Helix Stomp, HX Edit. 2. @rich’s Garden Of Delights - Shuker custom 5, Tanglewood acoustic 4 - both basses strung with nickel Elixirs. Korg Pandora and headphones. Possibly some FS stuff, details tbc once it hits the paid Marketplace. 3. @wrinkleygit, Jabba’s Semi Hollow Fretless, ‘72 Gibson EB0, SWR Working Mans 10 combo & 1x10 ext cab & a set of h’phones. Both basses strung with Labella flats 4. @scrumpymike Setting aside a bunch of FS stuff to give SW Bashers first shot and minimise packing and shipping work/costs. Unless cash flow dictates earlier sale, this will include: a couple of BF cabs (either SC Gen 3s or Two10s, to be decided); BF One10; Maruszczyk Elwood 30" scale; Spector Bantam if still unsold (already posted FS); Eden WT550 if still unsold (already posted FS); Ampeg PF800. 'Keepers' also on display will be: the other pair of BF cabs; my no. 1 gig bass 'Rascal Mervyn-Lyte; 'Rascal Lyte Mkll - provided I can decide what it's going to be in time for AndyJr to build it; my no 1 gig amp (Subway 800+); my old no 1 gig amp (Genzler Magellan 800). All of which will hopefully bring forward the day when Mrs Scrumpy can finally join her old man in retirement 😁 5. @Pea Turgh My Frankenstein Jazzguarman(!) strung with D’Addario XL Chrome flats. My black bitsa (same strings). Probably my Peterson combo which I’ll flit between selling and not selling (still). 6. @stevie Ibanex SR1200-VNF, Ashdown RM500, BCbass 112, plus some other bass cab developments (probably) 7. @yorks5stringer Gretsch Electromatic, Markbass CMD101 Micro Marcus Miller 8. @Andyjr1515 Not yet sure what I will be bringing except my athletic physique and chiselled good looks (and if you believe that.... ) 9. @stewblack Trace Elliot Rig of Death. Ric inspired 'tributes' various amps and basses for sale unless they shift here first. A hernia (probably). 10. @basstone For Sale refurbished Marshall DBS200 combo fitted with beyma 12" speaker. BC v3 cab with G&K MB500 amp. '78 Fender fretless jazz bass with rotosound nylon coated strings. Probably plus one other bass TBD 11. @woodinblack - Ibanez 5 string (not decided which), Chapman stick railboard, Chapman NS/Stick, Probably TC450, BC 112 Speaker. 12. @Chienmortbb BC112 speaker, Bugera Mosfet amp, Fender Aerodyne and/or Greg Bennett semi acoustic bass ( might sell if the offers are right). I may even bring my homebrew 500 watt amp designed in conjunction with @Passinwind if finished.
  7. I far preferred the shape of the E-C tuned 5-string prototype Fly that Steve Swallow used for many years.
  8. Everyone like Got Something to like Hide Except Me and like My Monkey
  9. I get the feeling this is another thread that can be filed under It's A Good Job We All Like Different Stuff.
  10. Now you're talking! One of my favourite body shapes ever. Definitely needs a reissue.
  11. Nope, just can't get on with it. I'd have to do this.
  12. I would gladly give house space to that, or any other Lodestone J... but I would absolutely have to take a bandsaw to the headstock. Everything else about the bass is great, the sculpting, the preamp, pickups, the lot... but with that headstock it's like Michaelangelo's David wearing a BoJo mask.
  13. The Specials Level 42 Mike Stern
  14. Build thread urgently required, unless you already have one.
  15. If you start with a blank canvas, you still need to be a bloody good artist to end up with a decent copy of the Mona Lisa.
  16. Likewise. I was pretty 'meh' about music till then. In fact I can pinpoint my precise "whoa, wtF is THIS??" moment... The Specials doing Gangsters on Top Of The Pops.
  17. Now there's a band that doesn't get nearly enough love. What a superb outfit.
  18. The first songs to make me really sit up and take notice: 3. On My Radio -- The Selecter 2. One Step Beyond - Madness and the daddy: 1. Gangsters - The Specials
  19. Yes, I was trying not to take it personally.
  20. It might not be hear, but is it still here?
  21. We do a few reggae tunes amongst the ska, my favourite of them is Bob Marley "Is This Love". It's a lovely bassline, and I just adore the message... 'I've got absolutely nothing but I'll share it all with you, we'll manage somehow'. And it only mentions Jah once. Lovely.
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