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  1. Oh good shout. I bet that would look spot on.
  2. Oh good lord I love almost** everything about that. Absolutely gorgeous. I await sound clips with bated breath. There will be sound clips, right? Right..? ** the gold/black hardware mismatch is a bit jarring for my tastes, and it's missing a string but obvs that's entirely personal preference
  3. Well I'll tell you what I think. It's absolutely (cont'd p.94)
  4. Judging by some of the comments here, yes very much so
  5. Sounding an awful lot like a certain Father Ted episode...
  6. 'Eurovision' has pretty much nothing to do with the European continent these days. I imagine the organisers would love to rename it if it was at all possible or feasible.
  7. And for this reason, we will inevitably come dead last again. It stopped being even remotely about the song years ago. Wiggy was right when he pulled the plug.
  8. A million times this.
  9. My son knows someone whose sole (and entirely serious) reason for voting leave was "because they all keep ganging up on us in the Eurovision Song Contest".
  10. Latest incarnation of my wee board. The volume pedal has gone, in its place I've got a home-brewed buffered mute footswitch with tuner output. The red 'mute' LED flashes for better visibility. Clearly visible are the bike-chain fixings I'm using now instead of velcro. Everything feels much more secure now. Not sure how long the warning sticker will last. I was having a bad day when I put it on there
  11. Done. As an aside, there are a few typos that could do with being addressed... 'lacker' (lacquer) for example.
  12. Nice review here from @Baloney Balderdash:
  13. Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon
  14. I use Herco heavy thumb picks. I love them and would never go back to using a regular pick.
  15. Horses for courses and all that, but frankly I've seen better-looking Wishbasses. I don't know what gives you the idea that this is such a forum, but it isn't. This thread is a case in point. No. It's not.
  16. Industrial Disease - Dire Straits
  17. Double Barrel - Dave and Ansell Collins
  18. Letter From America - The Proclaimers
  19. Stay With Me Till Dawn - Judie Tzuke
  20. Sgt Rock (Is Going To Help Me) - XTC
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