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  1. Yeah? well I saw her before she was signed and when nobody had heard of her, so there.
  2. Another recent thread has given me an idea for next year... how about a blind J bass shootout? Anything with JJ pickups.
  3. Are you insane? Pastry reflects sound like an absolute bastid. It would be a total echo chamber. Madness. Madness, I tell you.
  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again...
  5. When you say coated, do you mean the nylon covered ones? If so, I agree.
  6. My fretless Ray is wearing a set of old Elixirs that came off my main fretted bass. For me, they're perfect. I have never used flats on a fretless bass and never will.
  7. It's sometimes quite amusing when they start arguing minutiae over things they do know about. I remember one band rehearsal a few years back where the rest of us watched as two of our more fluent readers/proper musicians spent a few minutes arguing over whether a particular sequence of three notes in one of the tunes was actually a 'triplet' or not. Eventually there was a pause in the proceedings and someone else piped up, "Look, can we just agree that they're three f**king notes and get on with it..."
  8. But that means us Somersetians would have to cross the border from the hallowed lands into the Outside Realms. All our maps have everything north-east of Flax Bourton labelled as 'Heere Be Dragons'.
  9. You mean he's tried it more than once? Blimey, you are a much more patient and forgiving person than me...
  10. 54-46 Was My Number - Toots and the Maytals
  11. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Gil Scott Heron
  12. Can I join your club? Although I generally like a snappy tone, I don't like it to come from my nails. I have a pair of nail clippers as a permanent passenger in my gig bag, having been caught out too many times and resorted to teeth.
  13. I bet none of yours kept pestering you for bloody Iron bloody Man.
  14. Yes, when Sterling becomes worthless the Bass Bash T Shirt will become the unofficial national currency. We'll see marketplace adverts for basses priced at $400 / €340 / BBTS 1.5 / £12,504,998.
  15. Jamie bought my chorus pedal, was a nice easy and friendly exchange via post rather than in person. Hope it serves you well Jamie!
  16. Yes, this is very true. The Markbass cab is not pretending to be an FRFR cab at all, and in that respect it does its job admirably.
  17. Tsk tsk Mike. Fancy getting Frank Plank's name wrong.
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