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  1. It took two days because I was trying to decide whether to ban you, or have you lured to a deserted warehouse and shot in the face. You're only alive because my usual hitman is visiting his mum in Sidcup.
  2. ZX81 Footloose Frankie Wears White Sox Legwarmers
  3. Love it. I always thought of the Sugarcubes as a sort of Icelandic Cocteau Twins.
  4. God, that takes me back. When I was in the 6th form at school, one of our number used to constantly put his Fad tapes on our knackered old ghettoblaster. Over and over and over and berluddy over. At first it was ok, then it was tiresome, then it was irritating, then I wanted to throw him and it off a bridge. As a consequence I have what is probably an irrational hatred of all things Fad Gadget.
  5. I'm using the MS60-B, I can't remember the precise patch settings so I'll have to drag my pedalboard out of the garage and find out
  6. Right, you're banned. Blimmin troublemaker. seen here: Ped moonlighting in his alternative career
  7. I often use carpet tape for my double-sided tape needs. No thicker than ordinary insulating tape and sticks like brown stuff to a blanket. Obvs it only works with totally flat surfaces but I guess these probably are! Available in DIY shops.
  8. Rat's the Way (I Like It) - KC and the Sunshine Band
  9. For the punkier numbers in my ska band's set -- Rancid etc -- I get a great tone from the neck pickup on my Jazz-ish bass (it's a massively hot Schaller pickup, something like 13K..!), played with a pick and using a cranked SVT model on my Zoom multistomp. A really hard, aggressive tone with an edge of dirt. It's become my go-to tone for anything nasty.
  10. What a scorcher, love it. It's so nice to see one correctly strung at the headstock for a change..! GLWTS
  11. Utterly bonkers Spanish beating-up of Walk On The Wild Side. Some gorgeous bass on this.
  12. For me, this alone would be reason enough to experiment with upgrades rather than buying a whole new bass. The sky is the limit when it comes to replacement pickups and guts, and the available tonal variety is pretty big. What are you looking for in terms of a core tone? Do you like a clean uncoloured hi-fi sound, or something a bit warmer, or grittier? When you say you want 'tonal variety', does that mean that you'd like to be able to coil tapping options from your new pickups? Single/series/parallel switching? Do you want a 3 band eq again, maybe with sweepable mids?
  13. Oh good choice sir. We used to play several of his tunes in my old fusion trio a few years back. Check out some John Scofield tunes too, maybe some Brand X as well.
  14. Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy - The Sensational Epics
  15. ZOMBIE THREAD! : I heard Heaven Knows on the radio earlier. That lovely bassline is still mesmerising after all these years. Shame the song is spoiled by the whining sanctimonious knob, errm I mean vocals. Are there instrumental versions of Smiths tunes available anywhere?
  16. But this is precisely the point -- I want a different sound, EQ etc for some songs, that's why I use both. For me, there's no option for sticking to just one or the other.
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