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  1. Gimme All Your Lovin - Zed Zed Pinnacle
  2. A couple. Not enough to fund any toys though.
  3. If This Is the Last Kiss (Let's Make It Last All Night) Lyrics - Meat Loaf
  4. Does enforced abstinence due to lack of available funds, thanks to car service & repairs/new specs/house maintenance/{insert next item in seemingly endless fckin list here}, actually count as proper abstinence? I'm guessing not.
  5. It's always sad** to see a band descend into such acrimony, especially when the parties at war are siblings. **Apart from Oasis, of course. That was just funny.
  6. IME their customer service seems to blow hot and cold. I've only really dealt with Mark over the phone as it's a long way to just pop in... one time I bought a Genz rackmount kit over the phone and it couldn't have gone any better; another time when I put the phone down following a 'conversation' about something (I forget what) my first thought was "well if you're going to come at me with that attitude, you can stick your fecking shop sideways and without painkillers". Is he affected by phases of the moon or something? Absolutely. Attitude or not, we need shops like BD and Bass Gear and the Gallery.
  7. I can't understand the slow movement. That was a year ago that the report was filed with Cheshire Police. I mean, surely there's a huge mass of evidence against the guy by now, you'd think it'd be a cut & dried case for the babylon. I understand that they haven't exactly got thousand of spare officers, but you'd think they might have jumped at a potential quick win.
  8. Perhaps rather than reporting fraud, we should tell the police that Mason-Smeghurst has been speeding and has a gun. They'd be instantly down on him like a ton of bricks.
  9. Rich

    DIY Effects

    I take it that's a 'no' then...
  10. Yes, my Turquoise Tuesday fell on similarly deaf ears. Philistines, the lot of 'em.
  11. I like zombie threads. I've resurrected a couple myself in the past.
  12. NO's Blue Monday was released when I was in the upper 6th at school, the final year of my A levels. Unfortunately one of the lower 6th was a big NO/Joy Division fan and played the Blue Monday 12" over and over and over and over and over and bloody over again in the 6th common room. I suppose it made a change from all the Fad Gadget crap he usually assaulted us with, but he still managed to make me so sick of hearing it that I've never listened to it all the way through since.
  13. According to GHS, the Brite flats are "a string that feels like a flatwound, but has the bite and definition of a roundwound". Shame it's not the other way round, they'd be ideal..!
  14. I do like the sound of flats, but I absolutely hate the way they feel under my fingers. It's the smoothness, it has this almost slimy quality that I really can't stand. I've tried more than once, but I just can't get on with them. I suppose the only way to replicate the sound in any way will be to somehow prematurely age a set of rounds?
  15. Abyssinia (Kerouac's Song) - Tom Yates
  16. I would absolutely and definitely go and audition for a band called Nigel or Colin assuming of course that I liked the sound/idea of what they were playing. One of my first bands after leaving school had the working name "3 Guys Who Know Paul". We were a 4 piece and one of us was Paul. Perhaps mercifully, we never got to gigging. I'd have no problem with joining an artist-name band as long as the conditions were right in terms of creative input/freedom. I wouldn't be interested at all if I was handed a part and told "play this and do not deviate from it, oh and you've got to wear black and stand well out of the light". Unless it was tremendously well paid -- I'm a proper clown wh0re, me. A few years ago I was in a band that was named for the singer -- essentially we were her backing band, but in reality two of the band did the songwriting along with Sally and all of us had creative input when it came to our respective parts, and the lights were for everyone. Came to an end when Sal started a family. It was a great band with fabulous songs and I really miss it. EDIT: I say 'a few years', I've just remembered that her daughter is now 14... yikes, how the years fly.
  17. Bloody marvellous things, these. I only sold mine because i was barely scratching the surface of its capabilities - I used 4 patches, one of which was a flat bypass -- and couldn't justify it. GLWTS!
  18. Rich

    DIY Effects

    I did a search for 'Orange 4stroke schematic' and all that came up were manuals (not free downloads). Assuming that said manuals don't contain a full and detailed circuit schematic, is it possible that you could be a tiny bit more detailed?
  19. Anyway, moving away from asinine comments about [email protected] and circus exhibits -- one of my pet peeves in the past with some pedals has been their dismally small and dim status LEDs. I had a Boss Bass Chorus at one time and I ended up performing surgery on it to replace the tiny red 3mm LED that totally disappeared under stage lighting with a big bright green 5mm one with a wide viewing angle. Worked a treat but it was annoying that I needed to do it.
  20. Bloke's a dreamer. On the basis of the above, I don't think he stands a chance.
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