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  1. Looooooong time no post... Been roped into a band that wasn't on my radar. They have an amp I can use, but I want my own. EC210 combo available locally at a price I'm happy to pay. NSP115 also available locally (separately) at a price I'm happy to pay. Would this be a pairing that would work in a typical pub gig? Punky & rocky stuff, Yamaha BB605 bass. TIA for any help. 👍 Mark
  2. My VXL Bass Attack has a parallel output, carrying the dry input signal - that's the job. Roll on the xmas corporate gigs - this GAS is unbearable. Mark
  3. Got a reply from Korg support. The two outputs from the DT-10 can be used at the same time, with the obvious caviat that the Bypass output would not be muted while tuning. Anyone got any idea whether some rewiring or something would be easy to do inside the DT-10 to make both outputs mute while tuning? That's probably too much dicking around, TBH, but you never know . . . Mark
  4. So Finbar, regardless of how silly your rig was getting, did you like you sound when you were splitting your signal? Was the P-Split noisy? Did it affect your tone in any way? Dood, I presume "elave" is fatfingers for "slave"? I hear you and I'll look into it. I guess I'm not unique - I just want phat, solid, clean fundamental tone, no matter what effects I'm engaging. But I want my effected tone(s) to still sing out loud & proud as well. 2 separate signal paths seems the purest way. Till I splash out, my plans might keep changing, but for the mo, this is my plan for my board: The connectivity would go like this:
  5. Glad to hear someone achieving this split signal idea. I've been looking into something similar for a few months, though in my case, I want to supply a clean, unaffected signal to one channel of a power amp [i]and[/i] to one channel of our PA, and another, effected, signal to the other channel of the power amp [i]and[/i] a second PA channel. Do you guys reckon the power amp you use is crucial? Would you get away with a cheapie, or might that be negating any gain from splitting the signal? [quote name='Finbar' post='947529' date='Sep 6 2010, 07:19 PM']I don't think combine was the right word. But I know what was meant by it. I very much like my Lehle P-Split for this job. Splits stuff just fine and I think it's actually bombproof. Might be a little pricey though.[/quote] So how's the P-Split working out? Is it the P-Split II? I've my eye on one for my rig, when I can afford it. [quote name='Gareth Hughes' post='948306' date='Sep 7 2010, 02:04 PM']Here's a possible option - if you have a Boss TU-2 tuner pedal - both of those outputs work at the same time, and apparently with no signal degradation. This sounds highly suspect, except that it was shown to me by Joylan Thomas on a session he was engineering alongside Ken Thomas producing. Ken Thomas was heavily involved in a lot of the early Sigur Ros records, and more recently the last Moby record. I don't say this to name drop but rather that if it was good enough sonically for them in a studio then I'll take it!!![/quote] I wonder if the same is true with my Korg DT-10? It has a bypass out and a "normal" out - could both be used at the same time?. I might try that before I splash on the Lehle. Mark
  6. I reckon my El Grande is faulty. I hope it is, and that I can get it repaired/replaced (still in warranty), cos I LOVE the fuzz. Nicer than the Blow Torch. I've contacted MusicStore and await their reply . . . I threw this quick vid up onto youtube to show the hum/noise I'm talking about. TBH, I don't really want to replace the El Grande, unless the noise is an inherent feature The Blow Torch is close, but not as nice. Based on online videos & reviews/comments, I've pretty much settled on the VT Bass for grit, and El Grande for fuzz. Now just gotta start saving for the VT and cross me fingers for the El Grande. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhX-B84-3ik"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhX-B84-3ik[/url] Mark
  7. Hi, Why do some manufacturers make some of their pedals 18v and some 9v? My MXR El Grande is 9v, but my mate's MXR BlowTorch is 18v - why do this? I prefer the fuzz from my El Grande, he prefers his BlowTorch (he plays bass in a different band, and we sort of share the same pedalboard). I've wired the board up with a GigRig Distributor, but I'd have to buy extra stuff to bring the BlowTorch into my board. Pain. Does 18v provide cleaner (less noise/hum) fuzz than 9v? Thanks, Mark
  8. Hi, Is the Muff still for sale? I'm in Dublin - how much to ship to me? Thanks, Mark
  9. Phaedrus


    This is so sad. It feels odd to become upset over the passing of a person you only interacted with online, but from all the posts on this thread, it's clear Si was as nice & genuine in person as he was online. I bought his Ibanez Weeping Demon a while back. He posted it to me even before I could get the money together to actually pay him for it . . . Gonna give it a good ol wow-wow-chicka-wow-wow next rehearsal . . . RIP Mark
  10. Hi Gang, I love the gritty tones I can get with my Hartke VXL Bass Attack, but the inability to control its volume boost when the Harmonics is engaged is a problem I can't work around. I'm using an MXR BlowTorch for fuzz (think Muse's Starlight), but I also need something for dirty grit (think Roundabout, Siberian Khatru etc). The VXL does Roundabout etc really well, and I love the Shape control of the VXL, but what's out there that can replace the VXL for that gritty tone? I only need the tone, not the connectivity functionality of the VXL. Tech 21 Bass VT? It's pretty expensive, but I'd consider it if it was the right pedal. FWIW, I bought an MXR El Grande for fuzz, but the noise is atrocious when I pump the gain to get the fuzz tone I want - the BlowTorch doesn't seem to suffer anywhere near the same amount of noise. Thanks, Mark
  11. [quote name='Conan' post='812195' date='Apr 20 2010, 08:11 AM']Oh right! Cheers. Still, he bears an uncanny resemblance to DT!! Can't say I care too much for his voice though - especially singing in harmony... [/quote] Jeez . . . I'm glued to Pink Moon every chance I get - I love the dual vocal on it. Mark
  12. Just watching this now (recorded it on BBC HD). Danny Thompson's playing on Pink Moon is spectacular. Love ND's songs. Mark
  13. Does that "Stompbox 8" from effectpowersupplies.com have the 8-way daisy chain hard-wired to the actual PSU, or is there a single connector coming from it that connects to the daisy chain? If the 8-way connector [i]is[/i] hard-wired, where can I get a 9v PSU with a single 2.1mm centre negative connector with a high mA rating, like 3000 mA or more? I'm going to use GigRig Distributors, rather than a power brick type PSU, but I don't want to pay €100 for the GigRig Generator 5000 mA PSU. I think I swallow the thoery that the more mA available over the exact rated sum of all pedals, the better, and I think my pedals will sum to 1100 - 1300 mA or so. Thanks, Mark
  14. The two 1/4" outputs on the VXL are: "[b]LINE OUTPUT[/b] - 1/4 inch jack carrying the line-level output signal, either affected or un-affected, depending on the Pre/Post switch." ...and... "[b]PARALLEL OUTPUT[/b] - Standard 1/4 inch output jack for sending the original signal to the on-stage amplifier" Are they both the same signal level? Will either be ok to go straight into a power amp? Thanks, Mark
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