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  1. I'll be there! Having a rummage for raffle goodies. Probably some parts from the spares box, a surplus tuner, and other bits. Rich - Westone Thunder 1A (tarted about a bit), Sire V7 fiver, Tanglewood acoustic 4 - all basses strung with nickels, D'Adds on the Thunder and Elixirs on the Sire and ABG. Zoom 509 h'phone amp and cans. FOR SALE: Boss CE-5 chorus stomp wrinkleygit - Jabba’s Semi Hollow Fretless, 112 cab with a lightweight head, possible new addition to the family. Bass strung with Labella flats scrumpymike - FOR SALE: Eden WT550 Traveler; Fender Rumble 800. 'Keepers': my no. 1 gig bass 'Rascal Mervyn-Lyte; 'Rascal Lyte Mkll; Sandberg Cali lV s-s; Mesa Subway TT-800; HandBox R-400; a pair of BF SC3 cabs; a Gillett Contour or two (or maybe even 3) - one of which will prolly be FS. Pea Turgh - My Frankenstein Jazzguarman(!) strung with D’Addario XL Chrome flats. My black bitsa (same strings). Probably my Peterson combo which I’ll flit between selling and not selling (still). Stevie - Ibanex SR1200-VNF, Ashdown RM500, BCbass 112, plus some other bass cab developments (probably) yorks5stringer - Warwick Star Bass Proline (4 string), Status GP Artist (again 4 string), Marcus Miller Micro 101, 1972 Telecaster Bass (poss.), Shuker Course 5 String (poss.) stewblack - Trace Elliot Rig of Death. Ric inspired 'tributes' various amps and basses for sale unless they shift here first. A hernia (probably). basstone - For Sale refurbished Marshall DBS200 combo fitted with beyma 12" speaker. BC v3 cab with G&K MB500 amp. '78 Fender fretless jazz bass with rotosound nylon coated strings. Probably plus one other bass TBD Woodinblack - Ibanez EHB1505, Shuker Uberhorn, Chapman Stick, PositiveGrid Spark amp. olipaulo - Fender Elite Jazz, Status Empathy 5 and PRS SE Kestrel. Markbass CMD 151P, SWR LA15, GK MB112-ii and GK MB212-ii (the last three are for sale so they may be missing from the bash). Helix LT & IEMs Richard Jinman - tbc Stub Mandrel - Fender Performer, Deathburger (sublime to the ridiculous) maybe another bass, GR AT212 slim and Bass Terror. Norm - I'll bring my '98 Stingray 4 (could be for sale/trade), Squier VM Jazz 5, Squier VM Precision 5, Trace Elliot v4 head & Barefaced Vintage 2x15, Roland Microbass & headphones, earplugs & my wallet, looking at what peeps are bringing with FS tags on!!!! Jimrs2k2 - all the normal stuff, some of which maybe for sale. PhilStarr - BC 112 Mk1, BC110T, BC Easybuild 12, maybe some other self build designs. Peavey MiniMax, Burny Thunderbird (Japanese Matsumoku copy JabbaTheGut - 27" short scale basses, short scale telebass, probably something else, TC amp and cab(s) Pinball - Amplification: GB 2x12 and streamliner, Burnes Marquee bass, G&L Fallout, Supro Huntington 1, Fender Jazz Bass Special/boxer, Peerless Jack Casady. (Revelation Dub King maybe)
  2. Oh how I love the Performer basses. Given the cash I'd have a replica luthier-built, but with sensible string spacing (IIRC the originals are 16.5/17 at the bridge?).
  3. Rush - Exit Stage Left Judie Tzuke - Road Noise Frost* - Rockfield Files (studio 'live' recordings) Marillion - The Thieving Magpie Snarky Puppy - Live at the O2 Academy Bristol 05-10-2015
  4. Who's he gone with, out of interest? Yes. I know.
  5. I'll let you know on Thursday I haven't tried it yet, tomorrow night's rehearsal is its baptism of fire. It's certainly a lovely wee thing, very solidly made. Almost feels like it's machined from a block of alloy. It appeals to the engineering-nerd in me
  6. Latest (and last, for now) upgrade to my wee board. Just picked up the tiny Swiff tuner from @jrixn1 this afternoon, so my trusty old Korg DT-7 is now retired. I might do some cable-tidying work at some point, but for now it will do fine. Yes, I know the Zoom has a tuner in it, but I prefer a separate one.
  7. I love sunburst. I'd keep it as it is, it looks great alongside the P. If I was doing a re-fin, personally I'd go candy apple red with matching headstock.
  8. Horace Panter made me pick up a bass. Mark King showed me how I wanted to play it.
  9. My first cold for 2 years. Bleugghh.

    1. alyctes


      As I get older, I get fewer and fewer colds, and they get worse and worse.  Get well soon!

    2. Daz39


      Now the kids are back at school we're getting the lurgies: youngest (not at school) has chickenpox, and youngest daughter who started in Reception last week is off with a bad cold.

  10. Boss say: "The CE-5 Chorus Ensemble is BOSS' ultimate compact chorus pedal, covering a wide frequency range and featuring high- and low-cut filters. This lets users create any kind of chorus effect—from a mild, natural chorus to the clear and penetrating stereo chorus effect popular in contemporary music." I say: a very nice chorus pedal, works well with bass, but now surplus to requirements as all my FX needs are dealt with by my MS-60B these days. The serial number dates it to December 1995. One of the switch plate/battery cover screws has sheared off, but new ones are in the post and will be fitted prior to shipping. £45 posted, or 40 if collected from my gaff. I will bring it along to the SW Bass Bash next Sunday too if it hasn't sold by then.
  11. We've moved on from god, we're onto thespians now
  12. Nice interview with David Crosby here. To my shame I've reached my age without ever bothering to familiarise myself with their music. Where's the best place to start? Is there a decent best-of?
  13. Open Your Window - Reverend and the Makers
  14. 139 & 140 are going to go for some fairly serious wedge I reckon.
  15. This was my first thought too. It happened on one of my basses too if I started digging in too hard. Put a strip of black insulating tape along the top of the neck pickup, to cover up the polepieces. Won't affect the sound but it will help, if that's where the popping is coming from.
  16. There have been two basses I've played that I've desperately wanted -- a} Kiwi's old Smith BSR5 (oh my god, the sound it made through my Eden amp was properly gusset-dampening), and b} this incredible instrument at Jon Shuker's workshop. This is probably the best sounding 5 string bass I have ever played, it was just perfect. Luckily for me, these two instruments were a} not for sale and b} out of my price range.
  17. Unfortunately outdoor gigs in this country (especially on a seafront!) are always going to be a complete lottery due to our wonderful weather. I feel for you, especially after all the excitement of the buildup. Hope you can get it rescheduled asap.
  18. For my money, that accolade goes to the first of the Brian Bromberg basses, the Peavey B Quad 4. That thing was properly bonkers compared to everything that was around at the time. I'd love one.
  19. @paul_5 @andruca do you find yours are noisy in use?
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