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  1. I'd like Lee Pomeroy's job. His CV is quite literally awesome. If it had to be one band, it'd be either It Bites or Frost*.
  2. A couple of tiny changes to the above... the LEDs on the bypass switch are now white for Bypass and flashing blue for Mute, and are a lot brighter than the old red & green were -- they didn't show up all that well on a bright stage.


    Shower of bastards.

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    2. eude


      Yup, she won't be going by air again, not for a very long time.

      The Eurostar can get you to Rotterdam now, which is close enough, and although they've had issues too, you're only talking about a couple of hours delay, not a whole day and ultimately a cancelation after all that torture.

    3. Rich


      I've got to go to Italy again next year, for my stepson's wedding... got to say I am really really tempted to drive, via the ferry. I know it's a hell of a long way, but I think it'd be nice. Spread it over three days or so, take a leisurely route maybe. A whole load better than flying, that's for certain.

    4. mowf


      I think airlines are like couriers and car hire companies. I've had to use them a fair bit and if I blacklisted all the ones I've had bad experiences with, there wouldn't be many left!

  4. Aye. No band, no comment.
  5. And that's the perfect moment to lock the thread. Thanks for participating folks. Nah not really
  6. Yesterday in America it was 06/23.

    Today it looks more like 1923.


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    2. Rich


      Yup. 'Other people' being anyone who isn't straight, white, christian and male. 

    3. alyctes


      America sliding steadily down the slope into barbarism.

    4. Daz39


      To be fair they were already close to the bottom of pretty much every sensible league table where Big Nations are concerned. I feel sorry for the tens of millions whom this will affect, and despise the tens of millions who think this is Jeebus answering their Thoughts and Prayers, and the millions who did not vote for Hillary because of her emails...

  7. Yes, he sounds fabulous on that album. Definitely the Alembic... this from the inner sleeve:
  8. Oh yes. This we like, v.muchly. And now I have GAS, damn you sir.
  9. Let Me Put My Love Into You - AB/CD
  10. Allo John, Gotta New Motor? - Alexei Sayle
  11. Break Like The Wind - Spın̈al Tap
  12. Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting - Elton Bog
  13. Thursday’s Child – David Bowie
  14. Can Blue Men Sing The Whites? - The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
  15. Come And Get It - Scouse no-hopers
  16. If That's Your Boyfriend (He Wasn't Last Night) - Me'shell Ndegéocello
  17. Let's have Ape arty - Winifred Atwell
  18. I'd love to. Unfortunately ££££ says no.
  19. A Love Like Arsê - Barbra Streisand
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