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  1. That's odd, it should have taken you straight to this post:
  2. On My Own - Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald
  3. Well... keep it to yourself, but I've found a gap in the razor wire that the border patrols haven't spotted yet. Getting past the guard towers is easy enough, and if you can get a decent fake South West passport, you should be ok. Oh, and rehearse a few choice Bash phrases. "How does this tiny bass sound so huge?" and "can I have yet another cup of tea please?" and "can't resist it, I'm gonna have to go get some seconds" should do it.
  5. In terms of parts, it's really quite reasonable. I put together a shopping list of all the components I'd need (although I actually had quite a few to hand already) from Bitsbox, and together with the PCB from Fuzzdog it all came to about 31 quid. I got the enclosure and footswitch from eBay. A bit of drilling and soldering and hey presto. I subsequently made a 'Heffalump Junior' version in a smaller enclosure, with no blend or battery, and it was slightly cheaper at 27 quid.
  6. I live in hope of a Performer reissue. Having played Stub's yesterday, I am more hooked than ever.
  7. It's a tweaked Woolly Mammoth clone I built, with partial success (some of the tweaking worked, others didn't ). I wasn't using it, so I lobbed it into the raffle pile.
  8. Here's how it looks now with the filled pickup cavity. Ive put a strip of tape across the top of the pickup too, to stop any stray 'clicks' when I dig in a bit. I'm going to stop guffing about with it now it sounds great and does everything I wanted it to. The End
  9. Plus of course the raffle was so well supplied with goodies that everyone ended up with something @Jabba_the_gutI hope you get on ok with the Heffalump pedal... if you want my build docs at any point so you can tweak it (or even reinstate the missing blend) give me a shout and I will gladly let you have them.
  10. Personal highlights: 1. The food. Obvs. 2. Seeing all you fabulous folks again 3. @Jabba_the_gut's (as always) beautiful instruments. Sir, I continue to be in complete awe of your handiwork. 4. Finally getting my hands on a real 80s Fender Performer bass (courtesy of @Stub Mandrel) and very definitely not being disappointed. I already wanted one, now I'm desperate..! 5. The absolutely incredible sound of the latest BC 112 cabs. Sonic perfection and an absolute credit to all involved in their development. 6. The whole day, really. Fabulous. Massive thanks to the Scrumpy Krew for all your hard work. We are not worthy.
  11. Damn, I've got an SWR Bass Monitor 12 which would have fitted the bill but it's at a mate's studio in Bath.
  12. My 'other' bass instrument use is restricted to a bit of very occasional synth stuff courtesy of my Novation K Station. Really wish I'd kept the old Roland SH-09 I had back in the 80s. It'd be worth a lot more now than what I sold it for.
  13. Our dear mate OldGit was a baritone saxist too. He also played didjeridu... would we say that is a bass instrument..?
  14. Less than 36 hours to go! *jumps up and down excitedly*
  15. You can add scrumpy & western to the genre list... Adge Cutler & the Wurzels' debut album was recorded live at a pub half a mile from this sofa.
  16. Used the Swiff tuner last night, it's marvellous. Very fast and stable, appears to be accurate, and has a nice big clear display. Absolutely perfect for my needs.
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