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  1. When you're at the airport waiting to check in, decide to have a quick browse on Farcebook while you're waiting, and the first pic that pops up on your screen is this. The algorithms are taking the pish. 


    1. alyctes


      Ancient History Day...  IIRC that was 1972.

  2. Rikki Don't Lose That Number - Steely Dan
  3. If I wash my hands before I play, I can wave bye bye to my callouses very quickly indeed. I recall reading an anecdote from John Giblin of a session he did, where the artist made him change his strings after every second take.
  4. And he wrote Shipbuilding, Robert Wyatt's version of which is possibly the best piece of recorded popular music ever.
  5. We Don't Need Another superHero - Tina Turner.
  6. Yes it is very short-lived, but you can get an extra gig out of a dull set if necessary. It doesn't work a second time! I don't boil strings any more, as I'm an Elixir user, but when I did I put a few drops of washing-up liquid in the water -- careful of the suds, it goes mad -- and waited till the water was at a good rolling boil before putting the strings in and turning the heat right down. 10 or 15 minutes is all that's needed. Do NOT, whatever you do, make the same mistake as a friend of mine did... become engrossed in a TV programme and completely forget they're on the stove, and allow them to boil dry. It scorched the bottom of the nice stainless pan and the marks have never come off, not matter how hard he scrubbed, and my errm I mean his wife will never let him forget it.
  7. My word yes, he was very popular. Still sucks, though.
  8. You've obviously never seen me play darts. If I threw a dart at Wales, the bash would end up in Rotterdam.
  9. Manic Depression - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  10. I guess this is my signature bass... my Shuker J. With the benefit of years of hindsight, were I to commission it tomorrow it would look broadly similar but it would be 32" scale, and headless, and would have P/MM pickups.
  11. Aww man, I do love Sally she's a cracker.
  12. Washboard. Spoons. Or with himself, perhaps. Anything other than a guitar. Then I wouldn't have been subjected to him at various points during my life. (And if there's one thing I've taken away from this thread, it's the pleasure of knowing that I'm not the only one who finds him mindbuggeringly tedious.)
  13. I bought my Wal Pro back in '86 because I desperately needed a good bass, and I was in the right place at the right time to snap it up. I knew sod all about Wal and didn't know of any of their name players at the time. All I knew was that a.) I could afford it and b.) it was (still is) a fabulous instrument. When I bought it I was in the process of saving up my shekels for a new bass and had my sights set on a very lovely Pangborn Warlord I'd played at the Wapping Bass Centre (RIP); part of my reason for trying it out was that I had seen Mark King playing one and loved its looks. At the time I thought he was god, but I didn't want a Jaydee because I didn't want to look too much of a fanboi Buying the Wal instead saved me a shedload of cash and has proved to be a good long-term investment! I bought my Status fiver because I'd always liked Status basses (nothing to do with their Mark King connection) and I wanted a good five string. My Yamaha RBX was nice but the Status kicked its arrse. I bought my Sire V7 partly because of the Marcus Miller connection, which was what made me notice them in the first place, but mainly because I really fancied an active 5 string Jazz and they represented really stupid value for money. Bought it totally sight-unseen and was not disappointed. I'd very probably have given it a punt even without the MM connection. So... a couple of very tenuous artist associations in there.
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