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  1. You've been to a few of my gigs then
  2. Two things: Try as I might, I can't actually recall anyone ever claiming that more strings do make better music. And what exactly is 'better'? Is there a sliding scale of betterness? Who gets to decide if James Jamerson is officially better than Jimmy Haslip? Is it a competition? I play five, for two reasons. One, because I play with a lot of brass and an ability to go below E often comes in handy in our songs. And two, because it makes my life easier in general in that I can go across the neck rather than up and down it. You'll notice there's no "Three, because it means I'm better than a four string player".
  3. I'm in two great bands with a whole load of lovely people, all of whom I count as good friends. Miss gigging? christ I feel like I've lost a limb or something. Can't wait to get out there again, BUT only when it's safe.
  4. Yes it's heavy, but my god that is a vast amount of amp for the money. One of the best bargains I've seen all year.
  5. I've played 5s almost exclusively since 1994. So when I had my Shuker made in 2007, it was a bit of an obvious choice. I still have 4s, but they don't get much of a look-in.
  6. Yes, I was gutted when he and Jeff Rich left Judie's band.
  7. John Edwards on Judie Tzuke's "Road Noise". Great playing & a lovely snappy Alembic tone.
  8. Proper bargain, that. If it's not sold by the end of the afternoon, I'll eat my goldfish.
  9. In fairness, I have two Klotz cables (both of which have inaccessible moulded plugs), of which I've used either one or both at almost every gig I've played since mid-1986. Never a single glitch.
  10. I've taken to making my own. I've got a nice stockpile of Neutrik and Switchcraft jacks. My wireless lead is an OBBM, it's bombproof.
  11. And an absolute bargain when you compare it to a Fender Custom Shop P...
  12. A dreary minger that looks like 'the morning after'... If I was the sensitive type, I'd start to take this thread personally.
  13. Anyone remember the Overwater C Bass? For those that don't... back in the 80s, Overwater produced a 36" scale version of their gorgeous Original bass tuned C-F-Bb-Eb. IIRC it was originally made as a custom instrument for Andrew Bodnar when he was in the Thompson Twins live band. This was before 5-string basses became ubiquitous, and bassists needed an instrument that would go down low enough to allow them to compete with the synth basslines that were all over music at the time. The C Bass was a good interim solution, but it didn't catch on particularly well and was soon discontinued, although I believe they'll make you one if you ask them nic£ly. I don't know if they were all fretless, but all the ones I've ever seen are.
  14. Just thought I'd steal the Luddites' thunder
  15. I do have what I consider to be a quite cool music related sticker on the back of my car. But none on my basses or cases.
  16. Apparently, Kanye West is a 'better' songwriter than Bjorn/Benny AND the Bee Gees. Ooookay then. I see your revolver, and raise you a sniper rifle and a tall building.
  17. Rich

    DIY Effects

    @bobbass4k you have a PM
  18. Stair banister-rail actually really glad to see it being put to such excellent use 👍
  19. Maybe not, but its follow-up "My Heart Fills With Love For The Supreme Leader As His Golf Prowess Humiliates The Great Enemy" was #1 for 738 weeks.
  20. Every note a glowing tribute to the Amazing Achievements Of The Glorious Leader. Every buzzing fret gets their mothers another 6 months in the gulag. Oh god, there's not enough brain bleach in the world to cope with that thing.
  21. New ear cushions and headband fitted to my trusty Sennheiser HD280 pros... good for another 20 years now, I reckon! :D 

    1. Stingray5


      Hi Rich, I have the same headphones and although the ear cushions and headband on mine are still ok I'm curious to know more regarding their replacement (for future reference). :)

    2. Rich



      Here's what mine look like now. I bought both the ear cushions and the headband cover off fleaBay for not very much at all.
      The cushions went on with a minimal amount of swearing -- after destroying the old ones to take them off, the new ones have to be stretched so that the retaining strip slips into a small gap round the outside. Easier done than explained, actually :D  
      The headband cover really is a knitted woollen thing held on with poppers... looks like something your nan might make but it's really very comfortable, especially when you're a bit short of thatch up top like I am :lol: 


    3. Stingray5


      Hehe, thanks for that. Yeah, I see what you mean about the granny-knitted headband but have to say it looks good and I can imagine they would be much more comfortable now. Good job! :)

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