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  1. One set of Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky coated strings 105-45 **SOLD** One set of Rotosound Nexus coated strings 100-40. Sealed & unused. Never really got on with the touch of coated strings but I'm sure many of you love them. £26 £23 per set inc. postage to UK.
  2. bump for that. My db750 gets outrageously hot after a gig and would benefit from some inspection. I did use Brian Bond, based in Camden, a few years back but he takes forever and I'm not convinced he's the best guy for the job.
  3. I know this should probably be in the Recycling thread but I get the impression no-one ever looks there! Here's a Laney Nexus 810 Cab with all the good bits missing! It's basically just the shell, no wheels, no working speakers, no rubber stoppers, no input plate. The shell and the grill, that's it! But it is FREE so.... It could be a project for someone if you're fairly handy with a screwdriver and are good at sourcing parts. I'll leave it up here for a week or so, then it's going down to the tip. Obviously collection only and I'm based in Guildford. Hopefully this might interest someone as it would be a shame to just see go on the slap heap.
  4. Price - £35 collected from Guildford area (no trades on this one please) Up for grabs, Pedaltrain mini. Dimensions = [b]20x7x1 inches[/b] Comes with 2 strips of heavy duty pedalboard tape (not velcro) attached to the board and soft case, although pocket zipper is bust. Also included are 2 rolls of velcro should you want to remove the pedalboard tape. Thanks.
  5. BUMP! Now with added sparkle * *[size=1]no actual added sparkle[/size]
  6. I was initially worried about postage but am now open to offers. PM me to discuss.
  7. Gigskinz 3U rack bag. Reasonable condition - zips still intact but 2 feet are missing on bottom end, hence bargain price. Dimensions = 52 x 40 x 17cm Used to house my DB750 but that amp is too heavy really. Not shipping, [u]collection only[/u] Guildford area. Thanks.
  8. 2x 12" Eminence 12" speakers. One is rated at 8ohms, the other at 16ohms. These are Neodymium speakers, very light. I think they are this model -http://www.eminence.com/speakers/speaker-detail/?model=Kappalite_3012LF Collection only from Guildford area. Happy to split them as necessary. ITEM NOW SOLD.
  9. [quote name='Daveyboyrooster' timestamp='1461684024' post='3036730'] what weight is this bass please? [/quote] Bathroom scales say 9.25 lbs or 4.19 kgs
  10. Price - £150 Up for grabs is a Carlo Robelli 8 String bass in lovely silver sparkle finish. Excellent condition, no dings or scrapes. It has a Musicman style humbucker and 3 band eq. Great introduction to the world of 8 string bass at a bargain price. No trades I'm afraid as I'm downsizing the collection in preparation for an imminent house move. Collection from the Guildford area, more than welcome to swing by and try out your King's X/Pearl Jam/Cheap Trick riffs..
  11. Here is my 1988 Stingray. It has a bit of buckle rash and a little of marking on the body but no chips or dings in the neck. It would benefit from a setup but all the controls/electrics work fine. Serial number = 26898, had it verified as 1988 by Musicman. It has the original bridge (sorry, foam mutes perished), chrome battery cover and bullet truss rod. Sorry, no trades as I'm moving house and downsizing the collection! I'm based in the Guildford area so feel free to come by and test drive it. I don't have the original case for this so it would be collection only I'm afraid.
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