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  1. Honestly no idea, haven't tried a Small Clone. I really like the versatility of the Julia.
  2. The BassRig and the Julia V2 arrived today😎
  3. My lovely minimalist rig last Friday❤️
  4. Get one. They're absolutely amazing. I'm GASsing for an Origin BassRig 64 preamp but I already have a Trickfish Minnow. And it's expensive.
  5. Tomorrow Mastodon, Friday Meshell Ndegeocello😎
  6. I know that, I even almost bought a Contemporary. But when I use my Mustang, my GAS disappears.
  7. Haha yeah I know the feeling...I started this topic on January 12th, and 12 days later... But my next GAS object that has no purpose or need whatsoever is a Höfner Club bass. Lucky for me I don't have the funds for it.
  8. Next Wednesday: Meshuggah and Zeal & Ardor. Very, very, very excited.
  9. Recently acquired this late '70's ET-285 that desperately needed a new pickguard. So I got it one, just put some new DR flats on it, gave it a good setup and it's a really awesome bass now.
  10. Just got this back from the repair shop: a late 70s Epiphone ET-285. It needed a new pickguard, so I got it one Sounds amazing, needs a setup and I might give it some flatwounds. Great, almost Spartan feeling bass.
  11. BassAgent


    Whoa, that Valenti looks amazing!
  12. Sooooo I got this amazing Sadowsky MetroExpress five string, and I'd love to give it some more juice with new pickups. I ordered a set of Lollar 5-string pickups, but it turns out they're 4.1"/100 mm for the bridge pickup. Before I take my bass to a luthier for those extra mms, I want to explore what else is available. I know there are Nordstrands that are 3.73" and although they're good pickups, they're not exactly my sound. Are there pickup makers that build a 3.73" set? Not all makers state the dimensions of their pickups on their website so I was wondering if you guys have experiences to share.
  13. Probably. I have the same with one of my Sadowsky basses. I currently own six Jazzes and i guess the universe is telling me that's the perfect amount of Jazzes.
  14. But but but a person needs a Jazz Bass in their life🥺
  15. This might be...the perfect collection? I thought I was doing pretty well but this is just faultless.
  16. I was just summing up the concerts I have planned this year. And oh boy, am I in for a treat. Thundercat, Dadi Freyr, Denzel Curry, Meshuggah, Electric Callbow, Mastodon, Meshell Ndegeocello, Converge, Sons of Kemet, Neal Francis, VOLA, Moderat, Sigur Rós, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Rammstein... All this year. Hopefully.
  17. Did a small gig yesterday with this killer rig. Looks amazing, sounds great and is incredibly portable. Lovely.
  18. BassAgent


    I had the renowned "Skarbee" bass.
  19. Well, I have both at home right now. Not Stingrays, but Sterlings. I borrowed a Sterling SB14 from a friend, and shortly after bought a '93 EBMM Sterling. The SB14 is really really good. Like, for that price, insanely good. It's light, the neck is great, it sounds like a proper Music Man, the hardware is good and I really like the colour. The EBMM is however a different ball park: the neck is a bit chunkier than the SB14 (but only a little bit), has some crazy birdseye figuring on it, the hardware is a lot better than the SB14 and the sound has more depth and "feel" to it. Is it worth the price difference? Well, yes and no. The EBMM is actually a lot better but also about twice the price (on the second hand market) than an SB14. I do think the EBMM is a better investment, if I'd want to sell it again. The SB14 is bloomin' great, though.
  20. BassAgent


    Oh man, seeing this makes me miss my old Celinder again. Such amazing instruments. I hope I can buy one again.
  21. So I've been having an old set (approx 10 years old) of Labella flat wounds on my '71 which have served me pretty well over the years, but recently I've found the E-string to sound way more dusty than all the other strings. A, D and G are fine, E sounds like it's lost all life. Is this a known thing for LaBella? I really want to replace the strings, thinking about getting a new set of LaBellas but if this is the case with the next set too... Might switch to Thomastik.
  22. BassAgent


    Oohhhh that is a KILLER colour. Blimey.
  23. They are absolutely fab and I've played...four JMJs so far and this one is the best, probably. Ordered it as a B-stock from Thomann and haven't been let down by it. Funny story: I asked Thomann about what B-stock meant in this case; is it technically ok, no wood damage or anything. So Thomann said: "it might have a scratch here and there". Well, it's supposed to have that, so...
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