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  1. If only I had the cash lying around...😭
  2. Sudden and intense GAS for a fretless Stingray. Why oh why are they NEVER available for sale?

    1. BassAgent


      Yeah I saw that but that's a five and I'm a bit of a sucker for 4 string fretlesses.😁

    2. HazBeen


      Withdrawn, so not sold...


    3. BassAgent
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  3. Hey Music Man aficionados, I have a question: why doesn't EBMM make a fretless bass anymore? I've been GASsing on a fretless Stingray (because of Tony and Pino of course) for a few days and was checking out which models exist but there are no new models available as fretless anymore.
  4. Thanks I always thought it's less "wide" than the Dingwall system, and indeed it is
  5. I just saw the first episode of my own podcast has almost 400 listeners. I was hoping for about 70 or 80 or something. And now it's 400. Crikey.

  6. Very nice collection! What's the scale length division on that SR?
  7. You're welcome It looks so much classier with that pickguard IMHO.
  8. I've recently started a podcast with and about bass players here in NL and I really enjoy the responses I get. Very positive.

  9. BassAgent

    Show us your rig!

    This contains sound:
  10. Two new music  videos out today! Check out "Ujung Kulon" by Tyranni Flock (you can hear me on Moog bass and guitar):

    And a video by my friend Aafke Romeijn, where I played my old Precision. Lyrics in Dutch.

  11. Got a Squier Bullet from '87 to restore. A good clean, new strings, setup... Can't wait to start on it.

    1. Marc S

      Marc S

      @arthurhenry & @BassAgent - I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the quality of these MIK Fenders :)

    2. BassAgent


      It's finished! It's quite nice. The neck feels quite wide, more or less like early 60's Precisions. Otherwise it just sounds like a decent Precision. I like it.

    3. arthurhenry


      @Marc S I had mine from '88 - '90, but got the chance to play it again very briefly and unplugged, a few years ago. I was impressed enough to think about trying to get it back (it now belongs to a local school).

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  12. Why did you replace the pickups? Were they broken?
  13. And a replacement pickguard I guess? Looking great!
  14. I'm still looking for a good cleaner for my nitro finished vintage Fenders. I use Dunlop 65 on all my other basses but I've read it's not good for nitro finishes a bit too often... What do you guys use? I think I used to use the Fender Custom Shop QuickClean but I seem to have forgotten...
  15. Super excited to finally be seeing Mark Guiliana live next week with his Beat Music project
  16. I made a reggae remix of a song off the new Billie Eilish album.


    1. eude
    2. BassAgent


      @HazBeen I'm a teacher so that's how I knew her ;) Her debut album is amazing!

    3. edstraker123


      Sophistication well beyond her years. I wanted to go and see her live but saw a youtube clip of her in concert and its just a load of screaming teenage girls. More than a grumpy old man could take !

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  17. I'm in Wiltshire until Thursday. Anyone up for a pint or coffe in Bath, Thursday afternoon?

    1. anzoid


      If I wasn't working I'd be over like a shot - always up for meeting a fellow Basschatter - unfortunately not possible this time around :(


    2. timhiggins


      careful a pint of coffee in the bath ,and you could end up with a brown jacuzzi !

    3. BassAgent


      @anzoidAhhh too bad mate! Next time lucky.

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  18. Yeah that's 100% an Eko. Here's one with the logo on the headstock:
  19. I try to get my fretless on every recording session I do. I have only failed once in almost 20 years😁
  20. Honestly I've never heard of mr Giblin before, but I guess I'll take it as a compliment😄
  21. I try to record my fretless as much as possible so when a Dutch singer/songwriter/author asked me to play bass on a couple of her new tracks I immediately brought my inner Pino to the surface and went berserk. She edited some licks out of the song but still pretty proud of the result. Music is in Dutch. Bass used here is still the only fretless I'll ever need:
  22. A Dutch singer/songwriter/author has released a new single and she allowed me to go full Pino Palladino on it. Check it out:


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