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  1. Mojo is an overused word, but wow that bass has it in spades 😎 - definitely in a Jim Lea style I was often tempted to do something similar when old EB-0’s were cheap as chips - sadly no longer..,..🙁
  2. See also: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/248557-show-us-yer-headstocks/#comment-2595574 My personal favourites -
  3. Around November I climb inside my nice cosy bass cab and hibernate until March........😔 I think the only difference is having to brush up on the poxy jolly Christmas songs for the set in winter. ☃️ In Wales of course it just means the rain is a tad colder.
  4. Eye of the beholder - I love that sunburst and shape! (but owning ‘58 sunburst and ‘69 cherry EB-2’s I would.......😉) Don't remember Tom Peterson ever playing that......
  5. Those would look so good with my Ashdown MK 500 head - wish you were closer......☹️ Are these UK made?
  6. Thats something Wal will never, ever do. Every part on a Wal bass is bespoke apart from the tuners, and they know that’s a big part of what makes their bases unique and effectively uncopyable (there are close custom build copies of course - IMO the Enfield Cannon is pretty much a copy of a mk2 - but never exact). I acquired the ‘83 Wal Mk 1 Custom that Beedster sold on here a good few years ago, that had been previously modded with the pickups being swapped for Seymour Duncan Jazz bass pickups, and the preamp circuit for a generic 2-band one; probably in the late ‘80’s judging by the parts. Why? Some things will forever remain a mystery.....🤔. I approached Wal asking if they could supply pickups and a circuit so that I could restore it to original spec; they were incredibly suspicious at first, but once I brought the bass in they were happy to fit the replacement parts and do the necessary bit of remedial woodworking, as long as they did it themselves. Which of course they did a fantastic job of doing. 👍 Moved that one on, but I’m lucky enough to still own an ‘85 Mk 1 fretless and ‘83 Mk 1 fretted. Bassfinger’s analogy with Morgan cars as a business model similar to Wal’s is an apt one. Any modern sports car will blow a Morgan off the road, are more technologically advanced, are produced more efficiently and economically, and may even be considered better looking. But to drive a Morgan (as I have) is a unique and special experience, and it’s the perfect original design and hand-build care on a small scale that keeps them special.
  7. Thought hard about this, as I love stuff ranging from flamenco to punk to Bluegrass to bagpipes to Bulgarian folk songs, but I guess if there is a single theme in music that moves me utterly, it’s to hear a perfect example of Northern Melancholia. So music from Thomas Tallis and John Dowland, through to Jean Sibelius and Vaughan Williams, through to Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Smiths, and Magazine. Seems to be an entirely British / Scandinavian thing.
  8. Very nice indeed; lovely palette of tones there. A Wal-alike, but not a Wal clone - a very attractive bass in its own right. Enjoy! 👍
  9. Shaggy


    Had a FREE bottle crown capper off Dave, so that I can re-live my misspent homebrew-loving youth 🥃 Great communications, package sent off straight away. Definitely one of BC’s good guys - cheers Dave! 👍
  10. Only what I’d said in an earlier post above, in it looking like a bass FS here ages ago, which had facings made from an antique piece of mahogany furniture (or could even have been part of an old stately home?) - which I guess would make it the original “coffee table” bass! 😉 I could of course be wrong, but fairly rare to see basses with fancy grain mahogany facings, as the big old proper mahogany trees with lovely figured grain were cut down and used for furniture many years ago - any remaining probably now protected, like Brazilian rosewood.
  11. I’d agree with that. Added to which is the near certainty that however much you spend on a Wal, you’ll make money when re-selling it (much less likely with an ACG/ Fodera/ Alembic), it’s an ‘80’s era Wal - which does add kudos, and if it’s the one I’m thinking of then with those facings it’s unique. Probably a realistic price, currently.
  12. To be honest, I’ve noticed that prices for all “desirable” vintage basses have shot up lately - maybe it’s where the clever (or not so clever?) investors are putting their money in these financially uncertain times. I’ve been looking out for a nice pre-EB MM Stingray, so keep an eye on Andy Baxter’s. The last few he had in (end of last year?) were around £2.3K, the couple he’s had in recently are nudging the £4K mark.....🙁. https://www.andybaxterbass.com/collections/music-man-basses/products/1978-music-man-stingray-natural
  13. Doesn’t look too bad to me, I think some of the apparent difference between the facing halves is due to the lighting. Looks rather similar to one that was FS on here a good few years back, if I remember rightly the facings were made from an antique piece of mahogany furniture. Think it was around the £2K mark then.....🤔
  14. Isn’t it wenge? Beautiful trio! 👍
  15. Likewise, plus just a spare set of strings, battery, allen key and screwdriver. Though after struggling through a gig last night with an absolutely stinking cold, I’m considering a back up digital avatar of myself .......(see https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/465089-abbatar/ ) *🤔 * Edit: probably the 1985 bleach-blond mullet / spandex strides version, purely to annoy the band 😉
  16. That is not only an absolute stunner of a bass, but also almost the exact finish of my car (Audi “Eisvogelblau”, apparently......) Came close to buying an ‘80’s Supernatural many years ago, always regret that I didn’t. ☹️
  17. Mixed feelings about this. It's incredibly clever, and has made a lot of peoples dreams come true in being able to see (arguably) the greatest pop band in history in their heyday, on stage. ABBA have always been upfront that the main reason trey won't play live again is because they want to be remembered as they were, and they clearly feel this is the best way to make a comeback whilst still staying true to that aim. You have to respect them for that, and its not as if any of them need the money. Nor is it laziness; B & B at least have never stopped working hard in music. But personally, I'd far rather see the genuine oldies on stage, giving it what for and enjoying themselves. Blimey, if the Stones can still do it, anyone can.....
  18. What an amazing score. That sunburst really glows 😎
  19. Thanks for info 👍. I’d assumed at that price it had to be Far Eastern made, but none the worse for that - in fact my old Eagle was affectionately known as “wonky” as the “R” headstock logo was a bit squiff - which would probably never happen in Indonesia! Always loved the Mockingbird bass since seeing Phil Lynott playing one (in fact his used to be owned, and still may be, by a member of BC). Thinking of trying the “dark side” of 5 string once more after several failed attempts over the years, and this would be ideal.....🤔
  20. Really beautiful, and so nice to see some of the older 'bics in recent posts. Mine's likewise a '76 series 1, long-scale with birdseye maple facings, marked as an export model. A couple of gratuitous pics, which I've no doubt posted previously..
  21. That looks like a hell of a lot of bass for the money - I used to own a US Custom Shop NT Eagle, but know nothing about this particular range so hope this isn’t a stupid question; but is the buckeye burl top a wood veneer, or printed “wood effect”?
  22. It’s your bass of course, and I can fully understand why you’d do it, but to me that would be like putting a brassiere on the Venus de Milo......😢
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