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  1. Everybody’s talkin’ - Harry Nilsson
  2. We are detective - Thompson Twins
  3. Bought a pair of (non-bass related) walking boots off Alan - smooth easy deal and great communications; as posts above show, he’s a true Basschat legend. Thanks mate!
  4. “Collection only” will keep the final price down. Nice looking ‘Ray!
  5. Already moaned about this in the “Song title association” thread, but I had a ticket to see the Ramones play live in Liverpool (1980?) - had always wanted to see them live - and they cancelled just beforehand to mime “Baby I love you on TOTOP instead.......grrrrrr Re OP - Greg Lake (most people only know for his Christmas hit single) Slade - known for their chart singles, but like The Sweet actually a really heavy band live Landscape - a funky jazz fusion band in the early “80’s, but only known for the synth pop “Einstein a go-go”
  6. The right moment - Gerry Rafferty
  7. Midnight at the lost and found - Meat Loaf
  8. Tobacco Road - The Nashville Teens (Doh - beaten to it again: ignore post)
  9. Decline of the West - British Electric Foundation
  10. No, but I did try it through the sub-octave thingy in my Ashdown bass amp to see if I could make it sound like a bass, and it sounded.......terrible However, it’s really really nice with a touch of chorus and/or reverb.
  11. Re oak as a “tonewood”, a couple of pics of my custom electric mandolin which is made entirely from oak, including the neck (with a strengthening aluminium central spine instead of a truss truss). Heavy, but then - it’s only a mandolin! You’ll recognise the pickups, and brass knobs have been temporarily nicked to go one of my basses......
  12. Spinning the wheel - @TheGreek ‘s cousin George
  13. Fear (of the unknown) - Siouxsie & the Banshees
  14. All quiet on the Western front - Elton John
  15. EHX Q-tron + is what I use Used to have an original ‘70’s Mu-tron, but the above covers what it did. Have to say that although the Line 6 Pod XT is pretty old hat these days, it had a nice envelope filter on it (as well as a whole lot more), and can be had cheap.
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