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  1. One after 909 - Beatles Edit - Apologies, I should have noted the countdown....
  2. Liking that, especially the “2 tone” silver finish
  3. The importance of being idle - Oasis
  4. As the (rather poor) pic of my old '84 GS Galaxy on p1 is deleted; I've reattached here. Traded a while ago, and I do miss it, but realistically got too many nice semis already. Te point about Gordon Smiths is they were very workmanlike instruments made with non-fancy tonewoods, and mostly inspired by classic US designs. What was so good about them was the level of craftsanship that made them a joy to play - I don't think I've ever owned a bass that I could get the action so ridiculously low as on my old Galaxy.
  5. Local boy in a photograph - Stereophonics
  6. It's a subject for a whole new thread I know - and it's probably already been done - but seems to me that bass playing height / playing stance goes very much with era and musical fashion: In the 1960's it was as the John Entwhistle pic in posts above: standing fairly stationary (unless you were Jet Harris) with bass at mid-height, and plunking away (though of course JE took the plunking to a whole new level) In the 1970's the rockers started slinging the bass l-o-o-o-w (as Pete Way, and also most of the punk rockers) plus adoption of the "power stance" and / or prowling about on stage (Phil Lynott, Chris Squire etc etc) In the 1980's bass playing height either got even lower (hair metal), or if you were a funkster the bass was up under your armpit (as Mr Mark King - no Thunderbird pictured of course, but definitely a Thunderthumb...) After that - anything goes.......
  7. Absolutely agree; IHMO the original '64 T'bird was the finest passive bass that Gibson ever produced. The "tune-a-matic" type bridge is a joy, and the pickups sublime - they're the units that Mike Lull and Thunderbucker Ranch "reverse engineered" for their Thunderbird pickups. Only downsize was the big headstock on a skinny mahogany neck with no volute; they had a strong tendency to snap at the top of the neck with any impact. I think the headstock on the bicentennial (and onwards) was smaller and thus stronger. Entirely gratuitous pic of my 1965 T'bird IV -
  8. Down in the dirt again - Nine below zero
  9. The late great Pete Way demonstrates the correct way........
  10. Oh bondage! Up yours! - X-Ray Spex
  11. Forever in blue jeans - Neil Diamond
  12. Some guys have all the luck - Robert Palmer
  13. Resisted: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wal-Type-Fretless-Bass/164665331126?hash=item2656d18db6:g:ZysAAOSwMz5fn~0Q Tempted to politely request him not to clutter up the Wal listings with something that resembles a Wal bass about as much as my @rse does.........
  14. There’s always this project from our German eBay friend, which has been listed for approximately the last 100 years https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1967-RICKENBACKER-4005-BASS-USA/124536281019?hash=item1cfef0d7bb:g:abwAAOSwwyVf4coW
  15. Take good care of my baby - Bobby Vee (and others)
  16. There was one of those Jedson Tele basses for sale last year in a local secondhand shop for £50. It was normal short scale, not 25”. Nobody touched it (including me).
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