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  1. Lol - I guess the 1970's was the era of the heavy bass (those of us who were around then had younger backs.....); I've never found my TB that heavy, but then my gigging bass for many years was a Gibson RD Artist which is kind of the bass equivalent of wearing weighted trainers for running training - anything else feels made of helium. A couple of gratuitous pics of mine: ser. no. in the low 20's so it's an early one.....
  2. Any song can of course be covered, but IMHO there’s a handful that never should be, as the original is so definitive - Jolene, Stairway to heaven, and any Queen song come to mind. I stand to be corrected, mind; many years ago my old blues band decided to cover Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5”, which I was dubious about but it turned out to be one the biggest crowd-pleasers of the set.......
  3. Slipping through my fingers - ABBA
  4. The secret life of Arabia - David Bowie / Billy McKenzie
  5. She’s lost control - Joy Division
  6. Lol - it honestly brightened an otherwise dull New Years Maude, and anyway; I get unfeasibly excited about bitsa bass projects (as Mrs Shaggy knows to her cost.....) The Hofner is really coming together - at the end you’ll have a bass better and more usable than the original, but definitely with that magic vintage vibe.
  7. That’s an outrageously lovely bit of koa there.......
  8. Stay with me till dawn - Judie Tzuke
  9. Overground - Siouxsie & the Banshees
  10. Hit me with your best shot - Pat Benetar
  11. Shut up and dance - Walk the moon
  12. Likewise. Unfortunately, it inspired an entire generation of wannabe warblers. A few years ago we had to audition for a female singer for our Soul band - an experience I wouldn’t want to go through again........ (luckily we found a good one ) I’m sure Aretha will show tonight how it should be done
  13. The light pours out of me - Magazine
  14. Heads up also for “Amazing Grace” at 8:30pm on BBC2 tonight - “never before seen” footage of Aretha Franklin recording “the greatest gospel album of all time” in 1972 - should be watchable
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