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  1. True, and the bit about not playing it again 😋
  2. Buzz at the top frets? Less bow, and raise the bridge.
  3. A dull metal or plastic edge to gently scrape off the worst. Fine wire wool with a little naptha (lighter fluid). Then lemon oil. Don't soak, a little goes a long way! To keep it clean, stop playing and just sell and buy gear on Basschat!
  4. Ah BU**ER! I've just placed an order. At least it's just strings and Dunlop guitar polish.
  5. Wow! Thats ENORMOUS
  6. 1 then 5, 2 then 3 but the only one I didn't like was number 4. I'd love to know what they were as a chorus is on my shopping list
  7. another vote for the Yamaha SC01. I too got mine during lockdown. 'Tis great for solo practise or linking for multiple people to make silent noise together.
  8. I picked up a used Aftershock at the weekend. Amazingly versatile. Highly recommended. Now I want the C4 to go with it.
  9. My first bass came from Bells in 1981. And, in fact, my second in 1982.
  10. I have very fond memories of the Surbiton branch in the early 80s when I used to pop in to play with the synths. I still have GAS for a Jupiter 4.
  11. Forgot to add - I haven't tried any of the Becos comps which are fairly new, but are supposed to be great.
  12. All three you are looking at are great comps. The Diamond is the simplest and just adds polish and punch without killing your dynamics. Having played with some rack comps over the last few years, I'm looking at moving back to a few pedals and I want the Diamond on my board. The ratio is set quite low and won't tame your peaks, but the tone of this comp is fantastic.
  13. Definitely Pret-a-Manger. The image needed updating years ago. It's something anyone could do themselves. Overepriced and frequently leaves you wanting more.
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