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  1. Thanks Cosmo - it was actually your post on the “Basses you see and want” thread that induced me to post on here - when I saw the pic in your post, just for a split sec I thought “Hey - that’s my bass............oh - no it’s not” All Alembics are incredible instruments, but for me the original series 1 & 2’s are the classiest. I dithered and lost on a Distillate with flamed koa top FS on here a couple of years back - still kick myself
  2. Suicide is painless - Theme from M*A*S*H
  3. Girls in their summer clothes - Bruce Springsteen
  4. King of rock n’ roll - Prefab Sprout
  5. We all stand together - Macca and the frog chorus
  6. Looking for the heart of Saturday night - Tom Waits
  7. Lol, not so far - I'm just at the southern border of Powys. Worth a trip to God's country just for the mountain air and a pint or two of Felinfoel!
  8. When I was at the Electric Wood workshop a few years back I was amazed at how tiny an operation it was - really just a small workshop. I didn't see Paul and the guys there driving Rollers or Ferraris (unless they were parked hidden behind the lockup.....) so I don't think they're making a fortune in the bass business. Undoubtedly keeping it small is what preserves the desirability and cachet of the brand, and I'm sure it's deliberate policy not to expand or outsource and so devalue the image. I think a good few pros and players do still use their basses for what they were intended (Bilbo and myself for two), but yes; unfortunately they seem to have attained the same mystique as pre-CBS Fenders - rightly or wrongly - and increasingly will tend to go straight from the workshop into a bank vault, unsullied by a mere musicians fingers...... If you fancy a spin down to S Wales post lockdown Andy, you'd be more than welcome to try out my pair of Mk 1 Customs ( fretted '82 and fretless '85). Hopefully there'll be another BC-er closer though!
  9. Nice - Greco make some of the very best Gibson replicas That second from last photo is either set in a tool shop, or the the best equipped shed I’ve ever seen......
  10. Square peg, round hole - Wakey Wakey
  11. That’s actually really nice, albeit a bit too 4005 derived..... Hmmmmm.....the missus has something that looks like that, in the drawer of her bedside cupboard. Who’d have thought she was a closet bassist?
  12. Good idea, but too late!
  13. Just to throw in another option; for me it would be self-build bitsa every time. You get a P bass with exactly the spec you want, save a bucketload of dosh if you source parts cannily, and have a lot of fun doing it. For inspiration see:
  14. Similar, but rather optimistic starting price and some potentially serious issues....... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/60s-Hofner-Verithin-Sem-Acoustic-Electric-Bass-Guitar-Project-Made-in-Germay/233853110042?hash=item3672bb471a:g:h7sAAOSwTBtdbBia
  15. Link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wal-Fretless-5-string-bass-with-extra-neck/203244542464?hash=item2f52519a00:g:c~8AAOSw0sZf-426 I’ll guess £5.5K Lovely facings on it - flamed (“ripple”) ash I think.
  16. Not sure how historically accurate it was, but I thought “Sid & Nancy” was a fantastically good and powerful film. The Danny Boyle TV series should be good - Steve Jones always struck me as more of a level-headed musician than many of the original punks, and a very talented rhythm guitarist. As someone who started his bass career in a gigging punk band in 1977, I’ll be watching with interest......
  17. Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon
  18. Boys keep swinging - David Jones (aka Bowie)
  19. The old man’s back again - Scott Walker
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