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  1. Had a request for pics of the hardware and frets so have also attached these to the top of this thread.
  2. Had a lot of interest and some very tempting trade offers, but this is still available for the moment... With regards to trade options, it's really only going to be a high end PJ with a jazz neck that I'm interested in. Happy to trade with cash adjustment your way if necessary.
  3. I've owned this since 2008 but am pretty much only playing passive J or P type basses these days. EMG pickups, 18v Aguilar OBP-2 preamp, factory-installed strap-locks (I'll include a comfort strap with the sale, as pictured below). Serial number shows this was made in 2000. The bass is in decent overall condition for a 19yr old instrument, the hardware shows some signs of wear and the top of the P pickup has a very shallow groove worn into the wood. Included in the sale is a Gator hardcase which is in a like-new condition, albeit about 10 years old. The bass is available to play in Portsmouth/Southsea - drop in for a cuppa and give her a noodle! I gig regularly across the South East so may be able to meet up or deliver within reason. £900 cash, would also consider trades for a passive PJ with a Jazz profile neck. Feel free to ask any questions or ask for more pics, I'll do my best to get back to you ASAP!
  4. I met up with Mick to sell him a bass. He's super easy to trade with and a top bloke! Cheers mate, enjoy the bass!
  5. Big respect for doing it and stepping outside of your comfort zone. If nothing else, it's £150 and an invaluable learning experience. I've been asked to dep by the agency my band goes through and I've always said no; I've partly not got the desire to want to do it enough but mostly I don't have the minerals or self belief to put myself in that situation, so respect to you for doing it.
  6. This. I've been in the same band for 10 years now, I was the last one in and they've been together for about 15 years. We've had our moments but there's a lot of mutual respect and we're good mates. We gig a lot and it just wouldn't work at all if we were only thinking of ourselves rather than the band as a whole. I hope some of the stories in this thread are exaggerated because I'd not only not put up with that sh!t but there's also no way I could be in a band that didn't respect me enough to remember that I exist and need to stand on stage somewhere.
  7. Collection/local meet preferred, still available for the time being.
  8. Bought here a few months ago, it's a great playing bass but it's helped me realise I want a passive PJ rather than active. More info and pics on the original for sale thread here: I can add my own pics to this thread if anyone would like but it is EXACTLY as pictured previously - I've played it for about 10hrs at home. Comes with a brand new basic hardcase. Price is fair for a bass of this quality at £675 which is what it owes me. Open to trades for a passive PJ. Collection from Portsmouth/Southsea preferred, potential for a meet-up within a reasonable distance - I'm regularly gigging across Hampshire and the South East.
  9. I bought a Future Impact from Bas, super smooth and easy transaction, I had it in my hands less than 24hrs after sending payment. Top job, cheers!
  10. I used to get this but only in my left (fretting) hand. Warming up before a gig definitely helps but my main issue was that I was basically gripping the neck like Homer throttling Bart... had to adapt my playing style over a few months to play with a looser grip but it solved all my issues.
  11. I cured my GAS by rarely coming on here for about 8 years. I've totally flipped that up recently though...
  12. ONE SIZE ONLY (LARGE) - they're really sticking to those bass player clichés
  13. Every time I see a Nate Smith video I send it to my drummer.
  14. Hmm maybe a bit on the low side but depends on how you look at it; if this isn't your primary source of income then you're getting paid to go somewhere new and have a pretty cool experience with your mates. Every now and again we get some nice gigs that pay well through an agency but I often think that if I were a full time musician then the money only just about makes up for all the travelling, the stress and hassle when things don't go 100% to plan, and also being away from a young family for 2 or 3 days at a time - I love doing it occasionally but the lifestyle isn't sustainable for me. It can be great fun though.
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