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  1. Crikey, I would have wanted at least double plus expenses. 😉
  2. Exactly, how much would Kiss (or any other big rock act) tickets be in ANY 250 capacity room? Anway, I'd be whizzed off if there were moving stages and pyro at a Snarky gig 😂
  3. If I were local I'd be all over this, great venue to see anyone. As a non-Londoner it's the logistics of it that's the bigger issue than the ticket price - once I've factored in taking an afternoon off work, getting up there, a few beers and food, the cost of the ticket isn't the issue, it's everything else that comes with it that makes it expensive and a real hassle. Still tempted though...
  4. I quite like the tune, it's not a banger but it's got a cool groove - I'd happy add it to my "Chill Background Music" playlist... It does sound incredibly generic though - to my ears the only stand out feature is the interesting guitar sound on the solo. I doubt this would get noticed if it didn't have Harry Styles' name on it.
  5. I'd tend to agree with this. You can view the seller's asking price as the opening bid if you like and you're welcome to make offers via PM. I can only see "auction" style listings getting messy on here.
  6. 21st June 2014, the last time we let our guitarist choose the set...
  7. Controversial, but I think Este Haim looks absolutely ridiculous when she pulls those faces. I saw her play live years ago before I knew who she was and thought she was taking the fosters before I realised it was just her thing.
  8. EDIT - posted in the wrong thread!
  9. Ah crap, yeah looks like it's the cable then. I'll send that back to Amazon and get one of those Roland ones. Cheers.
  10. Hi all, need a bit of help... I've been trying to update my FI to v3.0 having never updated it before. I've bought this cable but I can't seem to get the FI to connect to the editor: https://www.amazon.co.uk/USB-MIDI-Cable-DigitalLife-Out/dp/B07TNFDH5L/ Is it me or the cable? Cheers in advance!
  11. I have this discussion with the singer in our band a lot, this is absolutely my take on it; good lyrics enhance a good tune but can't polish a turd. I don't know if it's because I listen to a lot of instrumental music but a good melody is way more important to me than a good lyric.
  12. Because it'll cost him 1100 quid 🤣 Beautiful amp, good luck with the sale.
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