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    attackbass -- feedback

    Will bought a bass from me. Great guy to deal with, very straightforward sale, good coms throughout. Thoroughly recommended to deal with! Thanks for a straightforward sale mate!
  2. Good condition as seen in pics, a few light scratches on the underside - can provide pics if you wish. Shipped in original box with original manual and QC card. Footswitch, bag and power lead also included. A little bumf borrowed from BassDirect: The SHUTTLE® MAX 9.2 features dual FET and TUBE channels, a 4 band EQ with dual parametric mids and our fully adjustable Global Signal Shaping filters, along with our robust 900 watt Class D amplifier platform. This combination offers maximum versatility and tone shaping with a power section that produces 500 watts at 8 ohms and 900 watts at 4 ohms. The SHUTTLE® MAX 9.2 is also the introduction of the 2nd generation of the SHUTTLE® MAX design which incorporates our new proprietary 3DPM™. This 3 Dimensional Power Management technology insures more solid output with increased heft and girth of the individual notes, while maintaining the articulation and dynamics of the note. The result is a 900 watt bass amp that weights only 7 lbs yet achieves the 3 dimensional tone and feel, like an all tube power amp design. The powerhouse behind the Shuttle® MAX 9.2 is our Class D amplifier and SMPS module, enhanced with our Patent Pending P.H.A.T. (Proprietary Heat Abatement Technology) topology. This delivers robust and reliable, high output performance in a tremendously compact and convenient package. 900W @ 4ohms, 500W @ 8ohms. £450 collected, +£15 shipped.
  3. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/uncool I stand by it 😉 A song can be absolutely banging AND deeply uncool at the same time.
  4. 2 deeply uncool songs that I cannot stop playing along to at the moment: You're The One That I Want Copacabana Feels good to get that off my chest.
  5. Yep, and tonight. We've not played for 3 weeks now, feels very strange when each cancelled booking passes. I think we're looking at the realistic prospect of not playing for at least 3 or 4 months... On the plus side there's been plenty of time to play my fingers raw to all the Dimitri From Paris mixes of Chic 😎
  6. The problem with the government's weak response to closing down public spaces, instead issuing advice for social distancing, is that it puts the financial and moral onus on individuals and private business - is it fair to demonise people who are tying to keep things ticking over because the alternative is almost certain financial ruin? It's a grim situation.
  7. Waking up to a string of cancelled and postponed gigs. Music is a second income for me and I'm expecting to take a big hit over the next few months, nothing compared to you full-time pros though - really feeling for you guys at the moment. The hospitality and arts industries are up sh*t creak.
  8. It's a strange situation where we find the public and private organisations taking the lead on the decisions to cancel events and mass gatherings ahead of any government advice. It's almost like they're just watching the swinging gate after the horse has bolted.
  9. Yes. Re: gig cancellations, at the moment we've not heard from the agency and aren't affected but we're fully expecting some cancellations from next weekend onward through April. It's inevitable.
  10. Crikey, I would have wanted at least double plus expenses. 😉
  11. Exactly, how much would Kiss (or any other big rock act) tickets be in ANY 250 capacity room? Anway, I'd be whizzed off if there were moving stages and pyro at a Snarky gig 😂
  12. If I were local I'd be all over this, great venue to see anyone. As a non-Londoner it's the logistics of it that's the bigger issue than the ticket price - once I've factored in taking an afternoon off work, getting up there, a few beers and food, the cost of the ticket isn't the issue, it's everything else that comes with it that makes it expensive and a real hassle. Still tempted though...
  13. I quite like the tune, it's not a banger but it's got a cool groove - I'd happy add it to my "Chill Background Music" playlist... It does sound incredibly generic though - to my ears the only stand out feature is the interesting guitar sound on the solo. I doubt this would get noticed if it didn't have Harry Styles' name on it.
  14. I'd tend to agree with this. You can view the seller's asking price as the opening bid if you like and you're welcome to make offers via PM. I can only see "auction" style listings getting messy on here.
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