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  1. Tom Petty - Wildflowers https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrpyDacBCh7Dy2gWXpSPrZtW470s90w-7
  2. Met up with Nik (or rather, he kindly came and met Mrs H and me in our holiday hotel) for some gear trading. As always, Nik was a gent and great company - we had a good chat around matters bass and other important issues over a pint. To the next time Nik! 😂
  3. Better late than never I guess, saw Khurangbin at Leeds O2 Academy on Tuesday. They were awesome - would love to have caught the Glastonbury set in person to compare.
  4. Indeed, though looks like my legs have vanished! Must have gone for levitating instead.
  5. Another open air gig yesterday at a festival in York. Stage seemed huge compared with what we are used to. Nice to have a pro SE and event was well organised. We went down well and have been "pencilled in for next year". We all enjoyed it, though were a bit by bothered by some brief low frequency humming. Probably me...
  6. Thanks! Looks great, sounds great to my ears and balances better than any other bass I've owned.
  7. Thanks Dave. No, it's a Fernandes FPM-80 from around 1981 (similar era to the Elites?). Think I was soloing the neck P most of the time, but the bridge provides an extra cutting edge. Rod
  8. Afternoon gig yesterday at the Black Horse, Wigginton, York. First public gig since 2019 and with a new guitarist and drummer. We enjoyed ourselves and the punters seemed to like it too.
  9. Waiter, another expresso!😌
  10. This describes my view I think, though my view of what suits was probably conditioned by the finishes traditionally offered. My"unforgivable" finish is Antigua🙂.
  11. Looks very nice! Also looks like Mark is prepared to go a bit more bespoke than I'd assumed. Think the most off-piste bass I've seen him do was the P with an MM pickup instead of the split coil.
  12. Ann Peebles - Straight From The Heart album eg
  13. Khruangbin at Leeds O2 June 21st.
  14. Ancient thread resurrection...I've just got one of these, a lovely thing indeed! Can you recommend a gig bag or case for this? (It's a 32" scale but with a jumbo-ish body)?
  15. It's a pleasure to start Laurie's (Dan Dare) feedback. He bought my PRS SE guitar: a very straightforward and very pleasant transaction. Deal with confidence! Hope you enjoy the guitar Laurie👍
  16. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment - The Brothers Ramone
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