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  1. Well played and filmed Chris - we've started doing this one! Great tune, think I prefer the Jam arrangement (a Jam b side as I recall).
  2. Cheers for the heads up👍, mine is being delivered tomorrow!
  3. Beautiful. A lot of work but good therapy too!
  4. I'm a fan of the Thunderbird, but this is nice too...
  5. We've been transitioning to working from home over the last few days and are today closing most of our (university) buildings today. Since I'm retiring end April, I had an office clear out ready to "properly" work from home. WFH is OK occasionally, but this is going to be quite the challenge I think - psychologically, logistically and technologically. So here's to hoping the broadband and VPN hold up...
  6. Just bought Chris's Fernandes bass, somewhat complicated by the fact that it's a rare piece and we live several hundred miles away from each other and then further complicated by both our attentions being diverted by Coronavirus! Packaging by Chris was brilliant, had some banter about life, the universe and everything. Top bloke! Cheers Rod
  7. I'm social distancing in Northumberland
  8. Think you can create a new calendar under other calendars on the side bar.
  9. I also like Basschat. There are people I've bought and sold from on here without a thought as I know they are regulars and well thought of. And that's without checking feedback. I have also successfully used a retailer on a commission basis (for guitars), where you can argue that they have a wider audience and the higher price they can command largely offsets the commission.
  10. Talk Talk have been top of my list as I trawl back through goodies I missed first time around. Their last 3 albums (Spring, Eden, Laughing Stock) are all superb. The recording of the last two is vividly described by Phill Brown in his book "Are we still rolling".
  11. Sold a Thunderbird body to John. He paid very promptly (in fact early, given an agreed delay over Christmas/New Year) and has been a pleasure to deal with. Cheers John!
  12. That is a work of art. Does he build basses ..?
  13. A heavier reliced sister of mine in CAR (I think?). Bargain price too!
  14. Like that, though not my usual diet. Is it me, or is that a remarkably good quality video/film recording?
  15. Just sold my Precision to Mark - a classic rendezvous at a windswept services! Mark's a very nice fella, pleasure to deal with and would do so again. Cheers!
  16. Joanathology by Joan as Policewoman, which is a sort of "best of" chosen by Joan.
  17. This is a Squier Fat Strat - so that's an HSS or humbucker at the bridge and single coils for the middle and neck pickups. Is's a nice playing guitar, with a flattish board and a decent range of sounds. It does that Strat honk along with the option of quite power from the humbucker. Colour is black sparkle, nice effect on the back of the neck, condition is good-ish: there are cosmetic marks and some pick scratches on the pickguard, but a chip in the paintwork on the front of the body which you can see in the last photo ONLY . This comes with a gigbag and I'll post to the UK included in the price. Thanks for looking!
  18. I have for sale a Fender Precision MIM made in 2005/6 according to a Fender serial number dating site. It is in 3 tone sunburst which looks quite fetching I have to say... It's in generally very condition with the exception of a poly chip which came off the body at the bottom near the strap button. It was glued back in some years back and hasn't been any bother since. It comes with a Fender gig bag which was originally supplied: this is quite tatty and also pretty thin - this is not a plush job! Weight is 3.7kg or 8.2lbs. I'd rather not post this but collection would be welcome and would also be open to a mutually convenient pickup location Thanks for looking! Photos (2).zip
  19. With some reluctance...oh pull yourself together man. I'm selling my Yamaha BB425X in black. It is in good condition with a few surface marks which are quite hard to pick up. It's a great bass, with a really great neck, the classic P/J pickup combo and Yamaha build quality. I'm only selling as I've decided that my bass playing future lies with 4 strings. Weight is a tad under 5kg or 10.9 lbs per my luggage scales. I'd rather not post this but collection would be welcome and would also be open to a mutually convenient pickup location Thanks for looking!. Photos.zip
  20. Liking the Jackson Pollock does Dawn of the Dead suit there Rik!
  21. With the V and T knobs ( I assume) and the pickup selector, I think there's a bit of Yamaha in there too. Unless they're stacked knobs.
  22. I like the offset look of the Jaguar/Talman and with those Ric type pups and stacked knobs...this is going to look very cool! Subscribed (belatedly)!
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