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  1. (We don't need this) Fascist Groove Thang - Heaven 17
  2. Just sold a Hipshot bridge to Steve. Very good on comms and a fast payer, a great guy to deal with! Thanks Steve👍
  3. Who are the mystery girls? - New York Dolls
  4. A Short Stop at the Transylvanian Brain Surgery - Amon Duul ii (that escalated quickly...) Think I'm missing an umlaut or two.
  5. Just sold a DiMarzio p/up to Steve. Very good comms, fast payment and great fella to deal with. Recommended - thanks Steve!
  6. Born to Lose - Johnny Thunders' Heartbreakers
  7. Hard to Handle - Otis Redding, Black Crowes etc
  8. Another "bought for a project/upgrade I didn't get round to" - it's still in the box @mcnach sent it to me in aeons ago! As per the title, this is a DM DP122 in cream. £43 delivered to you door, UK only. Thanks for looking!
  9. Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers - ZZ Top
  10. Tonight the streets are ours - Richard Hawley
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