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  1. I've also been listening a lot to Joan as Policewoman. She's released some really interesting material, great singer and multi instrumentalist
  2. Thread from the dead time...I've just heard Judee Sill for the first time and blimey, what a great artist - here on OGWT in 1973.
  3. Nice! Looking at the spalted maple version (there are more photos), I think there is one saddle per string...is that right?
  4. Cool. I had a '79 2.0GL in Cosmos Blue back in the day - still miss it! That door reminds me of my Limelight Jazz😎
  5. Is that a Laser (looking at the wheels)?
  6. That is very lovely and yes, minty. Always fancied a P or a Thunderbird in this...
  7. Lovely. I had one of those Les Pauls in Honey Burst I think - a lighter version of yours. It was a really nice guitar, but I reckon you had to chose in person to make sure you got a decent maple top - they were pretty variable. Looks like you cracked it!
  8. Waiting for a Northern Network emergency gas engineer - we have a leak!
  9. Putting the finishing touches on Lasting Power of Attorney forms and wills. Getting 3rd party references (to say you are compos mentis) and witnesses is a bit awkward during lockdown. The garden is getting the attention it deserves, first time for years. Though with the Council refuse sites shut, Mrs H wants a bonfire 🔥. Catching up with some bass playing practice too!
  10. Got two 6 strings, a Squier Fat Strat (HSS) and a PRS SE Singlecut. Both nice guitars, the PRS has a slightly wider neck which attracts, though I think I'm probably a single coil guy. Would probably chop both in for a Tele or an LP Junior (Harley Benton type, my playing isn't that great 😎).
  11. Back to WFH today, only 4 more working days till I retire. There is quite a gardening deficit to make up. Oh and there is the bass playing technical proficiency deficit to make up too!
  12. Living in an old house, it's fingers crossed every time there's paper stripping involved...crumbling plaster, damp😟
  13. Well played and filmed Chris - we've started doing this one! Great tune, think I prefer the Jam arrangement (a Jam b side as I recall).
  14. Cheers for the heads up👍, mine is being delivered tomorrow!
  15. Beautiful. A lot of work but good therapy too!
  16. I'm a fan of the Thunderbird, but this is nice too...
  17. We've been transitioning to working from home over the last few days and are today closing most of our (university) buildings today. Since I'm retiring end April, I had an office clear out ready to "properly" work from home. WFH is OK occasionally, but this is going to be quite the challenge I think - psychologically, logistically and technologically. So here's to hoping the broadband and VPN hold up...
  18. Just bought Chris's Fernandes bass, somewhat complicated by the fact that it's a rare piece and we live several hundred miles away from each other and then further complicated by both our attentions being diverted by Coronavirus! Packaging by Chris was brilliant, had some banter about life, the universe and everything. Top bloke! Cheers Rod
  19. I'm social distancing in Northumberland
  20. Think you can create a new calendar under other calendars on the side bar.
  21. I also like Basschat. There are people I've bought and sold from on here without a thought as I know they are regulars and well thought of. And that's without checking feedback. I have also successfully used a retailer on a commission basis (for guitars), where you can argue that they have a wider audience and the higher price they can command largely offsets the commission.
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