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  1. Teebs


    - bother! 😁
  2. Great programme - watching it now 👍🏻
  3. I think it's a Ford Cortina Mk II. Definitive.
  4. Happy Xmas, peoples of Basschat. 🎅🎄🎉

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    2. Teebs


      Greetinz from Manchesta



    3. Reggaebass


      Merry Christmas teebs and family 🙂

    4. Taylor Bitch-blues

      Taylor Bitch-blues

      Did I miss  xmas ?,  damn  !!

        Anyways,   merry Xmas to you and your growing posse'  ⛇🎉

  5. If you can't count, and you don't listen to other members of your band / group / orchestra & what they're playing, you are not a musician. You are a singer. True dat.
  6. I ate a worm once when I was little. 🦕 (sorry, no worm emojiconthingy) It was gravelly. Not very tasty. 🤮
  7. Get a bottle of mulled wine & drink it whilst practicing to get in the Xmas mood. Yay.
  8. Kill him. It is the only way.
  9. Really like that track, I'm not surprised it's becoming popular. Fingers crossed for lots of royalties!
  10. How terrible. Best wishes & hoping she pulls through.
  11. Et tu, @jimmyb625 'Aluminium guitarist' don't work as well.
  12. Got as far as "I guess some" but was too lazy to read any more. Are you in Blaenau Ffestiniog?
  13. Thanks @Hellzero Just thanks. That was the joke! Lead (pb) being too dense to allow α and β radiation through, therefore providing useful shielding in nuclear power stations and the like. The joke was based on the pun 'lead guitarist' (as opposed to rhythm), vs 'lead' (the element pb) guitarist. But no, you had to go and explain it! Sometimes you're so dense, light bends around you!
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