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    ...and then wear all black stage-clothes & a ninja mask!
  2. Please tell me you don't play a 5-string as well?
  3. Bit out of my league, that one! You'll have to chance it with the 'Big Man' (Barry White)!
  4. You are absolved, my son! Thanks for the link
  5. I'm sure it'll be repairable - I'm not knowledgeable enough, but someone on here will be. Maybe if you post some pictures of the inside of the pedal? Good luck
  6. I wouldn't dream of mocking you, my dear Unknown! I am equally in the dark as to the machinations of the computer-wotsit things! Plus, aliens landing behind a partition wall sounds interesting, & probably better than my first attempts with the software-thingy!
  7. Thanks @lowdown - I'll have a look at that too! Thank you for the fab responses BassChat! I shall be up and running with the new material imminently!
  8. Yes - you put a Hempeefree into Guitar hero, and it prints out the music on paper, and then plays it prefectly for you, and then you have learnt the entire tune, and are the bestest bass player evz! Technology is wonderful! Seriously though, I've been playing around with Audacity since it was suggested, and it's brilliant! Coupled with AnthemScore, which converts the music to dots (left & right hand piano parts - bass being the left hand) - it's amazing!
  9. Oh dear! We seem to be a bit grumpy today!
  10. Nah - I got one of those telephoto lenses that you recommended on the Photo Comp thread - it makes small things BIG!!!
  11. Is it any good for metal? Can it make a Rickenfingy sound like a bass?
  12. Aha! That was the thingumyjig that I remember being mentioned! Thank you Frank
  13. Okay, before I ask my question, I know that this has been discussed before on the Forum, but I can't seem to find references to it, so to save peoples the time - yes, I'm an idiot, yes, I should search more thoroughly, yes, I should know instinctively, yes, I am aware of Google... (Ha @Skinnyman @Ricky 4000 et al - I got in first! ) I've been asked to learn basslines from MP3 tracks, some from live performances, some from studio recordings. I'm confident that I can do this by ear, but I'm aware that there is software available that can help transcribe and slow down tempo, and I'm interested in if this would save me any time learning the material. I apologise if I've misunderstood the capabilities of the software out there, but I'm sure I read about it on here somewhere... Many thanks in advance
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