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  1. I ate a worm once when I was little. 🦕 (sorry, no worm emojiconthingy) It was gravelly. Not very tasty. 🤮
  2. Get a bottle of mulled wine & drink it whilst practicing to get in the Xmas mood. Yay.
  3. Kill him. It is the only way.
  4. Really like that track, I'm not surprised it's becoming popular. Fingers crossed for lots of royalties!
  5. How terrible. Best wishes & hoping she pulls through.
  6. Et tu, @jimmyb625 'Aluminium guitarist' don't work as well.
  7. Got as far as "I guess some" but was too lazy to read any more. Are you in Blaenau Ffestiniog?
  8. Thanks @Hellzero Just thanks. That was the joke! Lead (pb) being too dense to allow α and β radiation through, therefore providing useful shielding in nuclear power stations and the like. The joke was based on the pun 'lead guitarist' (as opposed to rhythm), vs 'lead' (the element pb) guitarist. But no, you had to go and explain it! Sometimes you're so dense, light bends around you!
  9. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit @BreadBin. Except maybe peewit, f*ckwit, and dips*it.
  10. Is that because you possess massive & unwieldy thumbs?
  11. I've got no idea what any of this badges shîte is, but I've just been informed that I'm now a 'Mentor'. Please note, BassChat HR dept. - I've met me, and being nominated a 'Mentor' is just plain stupid. I am far too irresponsible to be a 'Mentor', so respectfully request a more appropriate rank - I would accept 'Grand Vizier', 'First Admiral of BassChat', or at a pinch 'His Emminence'. Thanks in advance.
  12. - The key - this I can accept, as it's usually (not always though) to suit the singer; - Often the structure; - The intonation - I learn the song from the recording, play it in rehearsal as per the original, but it doesn't fit due to drummer excessive fills / wrong accents, guitar strumming patterns etc. The real reason is that they don't listen to the original songs, and we don't practice enough to do our own versions of the songs competently.
  13. Because they're awkward båstards. Talentless, awkward båstards.
  14. I suggested to my covers band that we might try playing the songs the same as the original versions. No success.
  15. They should've sent lead guitarists to do the research.
  16. What, you can change strings?!?! Who knew! (Before you criticise, remember Bernard Edwards)
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