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  1. The End of Days haz arrived.

    Teeblet-boy arrived in the World yesterday.

    Be afraid, be very afraid!


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    2. Teebs


      And if any of youz tell me I should play a Rickenbacker or a fiver, youz'll get a bunch of fivez!



    3. Merton


      Congratulations :)

    4. TheGreek



      Your name will soon be "Dad, can I have..."

  2. What makes a bad bass player? I defer to an expert.
  3. Hello BassChat effects experts Does anyone have any theories as to the effects combination in the bass intro to Twisted (Everyday Hurts) played by Cass of Skunk Anansie? Skunk Anansie - Twisted (Everyday Hurts) - YouTube I'm thinking maybe Synth -> Wah? Or Fuzz -> Ocatver -> Wah maybe? Ideas gratefully received.
  4. @Skinnyman is far worse though. He overplays using a Rickenbacker.
  5. "Beer can" That's Jamaican for "bacon". True dat.
  6. Teebs

    Synth Decision

    Ps. The soon to be born Teeblet was bomping about like a mad 'un when I was playing with the SY-1 apparently! Foetus seal of approval achieved!
  7. Teebs

    Synth Decision

    Purchased the SY-1 today & had a right good broddle about with it. Very impressed! Some crazy stuff, but it seems usable for originals and covers. Not too difficult to tame the beast to achieve some nice sounds. Thanks peoples 👍🏻
  8. Or "Now where did I put that new bloody fuse?"
  9. My playing is a weapon I use to inflict pain upon my enemies. Collateral damage is only to be expected.
  10. Hiya again Phaedrus
  11. Teebs


    Hiya Andy
  12. Teebs

    Synth Decision

    I did the same - it does look (& sound) pretty good 👍🏻
  13. Not strictly a quote from a musician, nor particularly inspirational: Hi, we live on Dorset Avenue (2 streets away), and if this noise continues, we're going to call Environmental Health. We just thought we'd mention it as a courtesy. One of my first band rehearsals at the singer's parent's house, rural Manchester circa 1997. Everyone's an effing critic.
  14. Mancunian liking gravy pea, 6 foot, bad player & proud!
  15. Bad player and a shortarse!
  16. Teebs

    Synth Decision

    Isn't the SY-1 a guitar *spits* pedal? Does it work okay with bass @stewblack ? What do people think about the SYB-5? Ta
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