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  1. Interesting thread - might try some of these recommendations. 👍🏼
  2. scotlandflag.gif

    Happy St. Andrew's Day to the Scottish ones



  3. Best wishes for a good recovery to your drummer. 👍🏼
  4. Very kind of the staff at BassChat HQ to deliver in person...
  5. It appears that @Frank Blank has solved the mystery of the missing BC straplocks... ...he's got them all! Well done Frank - here's a
  6. Teebs


    Hiya Fternolad
  7. This is mine: Yours looks right to me - nice!
  8. What a great way to approach the situation! I wish you every success & am sure you'll persevere and succeed. I look forward to reading your novel, or seeing some of your paintings on Basschat in the future. Best wishes
  9. Sorry Hz, was distracted! Regarding the problem, I agree with the right-honerable Hellzero - I had a problem similar, so after some research, I bought this: Mains conditioner - solved my problem. About £50, although you can spend loads on fancier gear if you are so inclined.
  10. Salut Bastien Your English is very good.
  11. I'm about halfway through - really enjoying it & laughing out loud!
  12. Teebs


    Hiya Alabaster
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