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  1. Original Post: I just installed [handbuilt] Markbass Ultimate Nickle Rounds 45-105 on my Fender Ultra Precision. [Had Fender 7250M from factory] First impression out of package; The soft touch claim is accurate and although being HEX core they are pliable and bend nicely with a well balanced tension. Slightly less than Fenders. Fresh; the overall sound is somewhat warmer than Fenders or other Nickle's I have used when new. They are very coherent and articulate; E string tone is deep, tight and focused all strings have a nice articulate grind and bite. I will see how they progress during break in but as of now I am pleased, are they worth more than twice the price as some excellent production strings [$40] ; maybe not looking at it that way but for $2-4 a month depending on how long they last I am fine with that; a small investment if it makes my playing experience a little better.
  2. I hear ya, If I was going to plug in for Gig's I would try some La Bella LTF. The tone with GHS Pressurewound Bronze is more than acceptable for me just noodling/practicing on couch mainly.
  3. Those older Trace Bass Heads sounded great and was an actual Trace Elliot; the Elf is a Peavey you already got one sort of😀
  4. SBMM now has HH versions with Roasted Maple neck; may be more versatile and also do that 'One Trick'
  5. Just got them on yesterday but my first impression aligns with GHS own copy; [would add they feel great also] from GHS website; "GHS Pressurewound Bronze strings are an exciting development. The final cover is run through precision rollers during the winding process, slightly flattening the wrap. This process results in the first phosphor bronze bass string that does not have harsh and abrasive overtones and finger noise, just a smooth mid-focused sound." PS; My broken in D'Addario Bronze had less of the negative effects described and sounded pretty good but unless you were careful string squeak was annoyingly loud and disruptive. The GHS have the good qualities [loud, bright, clear, easy to fret] but none of bad quality's.
  6. Here you go; https://www.musik-produktiv.com/gb/ampeg-heritage-50th-anniversary-svt.html Should get a few Quid for Aggie and Markbass to cover VAT and use Thunder Bass for home practice
  7. SWR 400S but I like my Italian class 'D' Markbass
  8. Or someone will buy one of those 'Expensive' Brands and tell every one how great they are, and You will shake your head, Smile indulgently and go on buying one of those 'Cheap' Brands😀 Of course everyone's opinion matters [including yours] to someone somewhere sometime.
  9. The SR2400 Retails for 1499us. I sold an amp to a very talented local Bass Player and he used SR2400 to check it out; The Bass sounded great also was finish and built seemed top notch in price range. So your offer seemed fair based on #1180 , you should be able to get minimum 25-30% off street price on any used piece of equipment no matter how 'Mint'; since patience's and/or good negotiating skill can get you 15-20% off Brand New on production equipment.
  10. Those would be my Number 1 and 1A had both; but now 35lbs max; at this time using Markbass CMD 121P [with NY 121 just in case. hasn't been needed yet] But getting the itch to try Barefaced or GRBASS Aerotech 25lbs for 2x12 or 33lbs for 4x10 worth a listen Barefaced Big Baby 2 from what I am told [by them😀] can compete with a 2x12 or 4x10 ; then there is always the Super Twin at 37lbs [cloth] Amp's to drive Cab'; Take a listen to Mesa D-800, Markbass Vintage D2, GK Legacy/Fusion, Ashdown ABM 600, GRBASS One 800, Fender Bassman 800HD, Orange OB1-500 to start😀 [CMD 121P and NY 121 should sell quickly.]
  11. If you plan on using amp your string options are wider. I asked this question to D'Addario and was told to be careful with tension, they recommended their light strings[40-95 I believe] as I have bridge pins on my Takamine. I use my AEB for noodling or practicing on couch and will never use plugged in. I have learned how to play with less string noise from Bronze D'Addarios that came with Bass plus they have aged some; BUT still annoying, so I ordered and just received GHS Pressurewound Bronze was told less string noise low tension [light gauge] and no loss of Acoustic volume; which in how I use is important. If I was plugging in I would check out LaBella LTF's should be no squeaks I have not put GHS on yet, I will get a local Luthier to do it first time; [and watch]The bridge pins and seating string ball properly scare the crap out of me😀
  12. Plug speakon to female 1/4 adaptor into spare amp then get 2/3ft Male 1/4 to female 1/4 speaker cable; Plug male end into adapter and plug male end coming out of 121p speaker into female end of speaker cable. If I read you right the spare amp is combo speaker out so you can just get speaker cable male/female ends. If you want 2 cabs get 1/4 Y-Adaptor and 2 speaker cables, There may be speakon to 1/4 Y adapter available? if you prefer Speakon
  13. New SBMM has HH versions but may only make single H LEFT HANDED https://sterlingbymusicman.com/collections/basses/products/ray4-hh
  14. Markbass CMD 101 [Marcus Miller Signature] has Headphone out and Aux in that may be useful. Can add another cab for small or lower volume gig's. LM 250 With Ashdown 10" will give you small/medium club gig ability by adding another cab. As long as you like the Cab sound as compared to MB.
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