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  1. Vintage to me means 50's to 70's and prices reflect that. If looking for value a good 'used' Fender Precision 2008 to recent would be my recommendation. Might as well also give new Pro II a listen and feel.
  2. A used Markbass CMD 121P will handle small gig's easily and do medium sized clubs also for about 450-500 for mint one. [30lbs] If you prefer 2x10 the CMD 102P used should be similar priced at 38lbs
  3. I see string manufacturers are selling BEAD string sets GHS Boomers has a set with 3 gauge sizes. I have seen a few others also names escape me now.
  4. Flat can be tricky; in my experience when amps are set at at noon on all EQ controls it is sound/tone designer wanted using various popular Basses and speakers including their own. There are outlier's whom have 2-10-2 as flat so when you have controls at noon you get Scooped sound a pleasing tone when used solo like in shops when auditioning and controversial for live full band use. When auditioning amps for me I like to find an amp with balanced overall frequency [to my ears] with good clarity[articulate] and coherence with a tone I like set flat per manufacture with my Bass. That also is accurate enough to let you hear the difference in Speakers and Bass's. I then mostly keep controls Flat and mainly use Technique and small adjustments on my Bass EQ or tone control to adjust tone preference for song's and subtle adjustments for room. [can use pedals also] Not fond of drastic baked in sound that makes all basses and speakers sound similar with dominant baked sound even if it's a pleasing one. Also important is an amp that can keep its overall balanced sound at Gig volumes; many change their character drastically when pushed.
  5. I just bought one of these for my CMD 121P, on it's way; https://reverb.com/item/19910861-markbass-leather-amp-handle?utm_campaign=BundledCheckoutMailer%23notify_buyer_purchase_complete&utm_source=sendgrid&utm_medium=email
  6. If you want a Sadowsky Bass get one with a headstock that looks like this; There are 5 B Stocks of Metroexpress on Reverb already.
  7. Bless your Heart. My feelings/opinion are based on my Experience and how 'I' perceive the Idea. I hear you but you seem to be making an 'Assertion'. assertion - opinion dressed up as a fact PS; Eliminating those whom have sold a multitude of Records; I know many of the busiest Bassist Live and Studio in my area whom use Fender Americans, EBMM and Sadowsky's. So What.
  8. You may[it's subjective] consider a Pro Bass one that is carefully designed, built and with competent QC; using 'A' level Woods, hardware and electronics; durable with excellent tone. But a "Pro Bass" does not make a Pro Player [I am my own evidence😀] But it may be safe to say a Pro Player will sound like a Pro Player with most any Bass. IMHO American Fender, G&L, Yamaha BB, Ibanez Premium and similar are entry level "Pro" with Ibanez Prestige, EBMM, Lakland maybe a tad of a step up in overall quality then we get into Sadowsky NYC, Fondera, Wal and the like. Back in 70's [and up to now] many "Pro Players" got their Basses of the Wall at Sam Ash like the rest of us, my guess looking for better they spawned things like Fender Custom Shop and many of Boutique builders we see now [Sadowsky NYC etc.]
  9. Maybe if they put 'Sadowsky' were Metroexpress is now and Logo on Back of headstock?
  10. Posted to talkbass recently; "When I bought my Ultra Precision that came with 7250M my thoughts were what strings I would replace them with. But the overall sound was excellent with Fenders on Bass; so I kept them on. After breakin they were great. Kept them 10 months stayed in tune and intonation never budged and still sounded fine [just a tad dull] before I changed just 2 weeks ago to Markbass Ultimate 45-105 [I have been willing lately to be Guinea Pig hence Bass and strings] Bass has been a winner will see with strings soon [so far smoother feel, warmer tone out of package]" If Markbass strings don't workout I will be buying another 7250M Set. Yes there are most likely great strings from many manufactures available but this time I will go with 'What I Know'
  11. Gruvgear has some nice straps; I bought the FABRK, comfortable, contemporary and easy to adjust
  12. Fender 7250M [45-105] Age well, stay in tune/keep intonation, inexpensive and sound excellent. IME
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