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  1. TRB5

    Matsumoku basses

    Hi, Not sure if this adds much to the thread but here is the story . I bought this Pearl precision bass many years ago, advertised in the local paper "express and echo" where I bought most of my things back then; cars from budleigh salterton ( because it's a retirement town and they never went anywhere), furniture from topsham (posh), hifi from all over the place... Anyway, this bass was advertised by Norman, a local guitar hero and I loved it. Then I couldn't get on with it. Took the frets out...na. Added a rear pickup (from my steinburger q5) and cut a hole in the back for a battery, ....Na, decided to re finish the body, sandpaper or a blow torch wouldn't touch it, so my mate Malcolm took the finish off with a belt sander. I Finished it with tung oil. Wow, a revelation, like playing with its straight jacket off. Then a mate (joe) offered me a jazz neck he had bought but didn't like the feel, so I fitted this, plus the old machines, lovely. Then I thought BEAD tuning. No bottom end. Oh well Next, after building a lap steel with lollar pickups, decided to fit a pair of his jazz pickups. Needed a custom scratch cover to hide all my previous holes and channels...filled in the old screw holes with match sticks, snapped off. Back to standard tuning. Then tried a set of flats. Bingo I've arrived. It's a total mess but it's the bass I picked up most over lockdown. Not worth much but wouldn't sell it, and bits of it are old. I've messed up a few basses over the years, and sold too many, too cheap. Oh well.
  2. Hi, Is the RPM pre amp still for sale please. thanks, rick
  3. Bank holiday weekend, just in case bump.
  4. A nice Easter bump image, following a clean with WD40 to make it look and smell good
  5. Hi, Had this pre amp for probably 25/30 years or so, always lived in a flight case and gigged regularly at weekends. Now for sale as i have decided to downsize. Please excuse the rather pose ridden photo, seemed like a good idea at the time. I will post other pictures if required. Condition is good, a few minor marks on the case and slight "smoothing" of the paint around the knobs. Actually looks worse in the picture than it is. Seems that a mobile phone camera feels the need to enhance everything. Collection from Devon or i can arrange shipping at cost. Thanks, rick
  6. Hi, where are you please for a collection Cheers, rick
  7. Really useful BMC Pedal for sale, Unmarked condition, few months old. Just bought a new preamp with its own parametric EQ. so this is redundant. From their blurb "A small but powerful pedal that provides frequency control adjustments between 120Hz ~ 3kHz. When using 2-band EQ or passive bass, the Frequency control provides excellent manipulation of the mid frequencies, while the Boost/Cut gives you boosting or cutting capabilities of up to + / - 12dB. " Photo pinched from the net, i can send actual photos if required. £95.00 incl UK postage.
  8. Monday Morning nudge.
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