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  1. Yeah, I did attend a few before Covid became a thing. It would be great to get another Midlands Bash setup once the guidelines allow.
  2. I think it was SubDrop but might of included an underscore or dash.
  3. Deal. What could possibly go wrong!
  4. I don't mind all the backlash, feedback and responses. It's actually quite good to see that some people took it light heartedly and others went full scale 'attack'. The youtube video is meant as a joke with some educational benefit for bass players who don't have much gigging experience. I didn't create a profile just to post my annoying youtube video though, I've been a member of Basschat for a long time but unfortunately couldn't remember my login details, so i created a new account. There are youtube videos coming soon that are purely education but maybe Basschat isn't the place to post that either. I however, will be using this site like I used too so I'm not going anywhere.
  5. Strangely enough, that is something i've already covered and will be releasing in the future.
  6. Nothing wrong with a good old shuffle. We all bounce and bop to the music.
  7. When you can move, shuffle and bounce to the music without thinking about it.
  8. Each to their own. Opinion is opinion and you sir are valid in your opinion.
  9. I am not. I believe it's important to move, smile, actually look like you're enjoying yourself or at least playing the part e.g. in a metal band headbanging or acting up to the audience on stage.
  10. Are YOU a Boring Bass Player? Find out by watching the video below and see if you tick the box of being a BORING Bass Player? Don't worry, there's an easy solution to make you a more engaging and entertainment musician.
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