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  1. White Cloud

    Jaydee Basses

    I owned a Jaydee Supernatural (2 x pickups MK lookalike) back in the 80's. Sadly, it didn't go well as the neck quickly developed a terminal back-bow of epic proportions. This was apparently due to a rogue batch of mahogany... I would however be unwilling to detract from the brand just because of my bad luck. These things can happen to any bass. I've always considered Jaydee basses amongst the most beautiful looking instruments.
  2. White Cloud

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    The recent documentary only reiterated what has been said many times before, the unseen but obvious. Hence, it wouldn't meaningfully impact in any way upon my opinion on all of this. I wouldn't play Jackson covers before and wouldn't play them now. It's that simple for me.
  3. White Cloud

    Whatever happened to??

    The Ibanez SR range are decent factory produced instruments... but their 80's predecessors (musician etc) were much nicer imo. The headstock was much nicer too.
  4. White Cloud

    NBD: 1993 USA G&L SB-2

    Very, very nice basses. Congrats!
  5. White Cloud

    Maybe I'm a passive guy.

    Of course. You are quite right, there is no absolute right or wrong. All things are subjective. I had a MM Stingray back in the 80s that was just THE BOMB... recorded like a dream, spat fire live. For the life of me I cannot remember what happened to it ...
  6. White Cloud

    Maybe I'm a passive guy.

    I think that the MM Stingrays are the best 'plug in and play' basses for an instant, great sound. This goes for live and studio environments. Leo almost got it right with the P and J - he then nailed it with MM and G&L imo.
  7. White Cloud

    Maybe I'm a passive guy.

    I find it a tad ironic, but active basses do take more effort live. For me, I think it's well worth it though.
  8. White Cloud

    Barneyg42, RIP

    Sincere condolences to Colins family ... have a good gig in the sky Colin!
  9. Wow! It's hard to beat the old Smiths ... and this one is special.
  10. White Cloud

    (READ IF YOU HAVE A) Fender '61 Flea Bass (Woes)

    Get it done yourself... at their cost. Fender can afford it. I had a Lakland Skyline neck issue - the neck developed an inch long deep crack behind the third fret. Within two weeks I had the new neck ... and they footed the bill for a local luthier to fit it and cut the nut. All without a hint of push back or any quibbles on their part. Big shout out to Lakland here!
  11. White Cloud

    (READ IF YOU HAVE A) Fender '61 Flea Bass (Woes)

    I've been told that such was the sudden dramatic demand for these instruments at the time (Mark Kings fault!) that production escalated rapidly and new staff were taken on. For the same reason larger quantities of materials were required toot-sweet. A classic case of becoming a victim of your own success. I was mightily whizzed off at the time, but over a period of thirty years or so, I am admitedly beginning to get over it!
  12. White Cloud

    (READ IF YOU HAVE A) Fender '61 Flea Bass (Woes)

    This is all a bit of a downer for the OP, I hope Fender get their finger out and sort this matter to his satisfaction. There's nothing worse than a nice instrument developing a neck failure. I bought an expensive Jaydee Supernatural brand new back in the 80's in a vain bid to become Mark King - a few months later the neck had developed the sort of extreme and irreparable back bow that would have made Robin Hood proud! Apparantly JD had purchased a batch of 'rogue' Mahogany (why build instruments from it then? ... just saying!) I have a Fender Flea. Thankfully the neck is perfect, has only required a gentle tweak ... and adjusted perfectly.
  13. White Cloud

    Today would have been Chris Squire's 71st birthday

    Totally agree. In fact, I love the entire Swiss choir album.
  14. White Cloud

    ACG Fretless 5

    Well, at risk of being controversial around these here parts, my ACG makes my old Fender Jazz bass (which I was previously madly in love with) feel like an old plank of wood with old chrome bits screwed together...