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  1. Love his YouTube videos (by Carl Morton)... hilarious banter!
  2. Love love LOVE Vigiers of this era. If it was fully functional it would be the Panacea (had one the same during the 80's)
  3. I've seen some bizarre stuff here over the years. However, this is right up there... The woodwork on ACG basses is breathtaking.
  4. I've been lucky enough to own both Shuker and ACG basses. For me they are both incredible builders - but the ACG was the better of the two. No slight upon Mr Shuker I might add ... it just exemplified the quality of ACG. If it were a choice between the two I'd go ACG.
  5. Crazy good player. A legend!
  6. I heard the same. A batch of rogue Mahogany as it happens, seemingly coinciding with an upsurge in demand by virtue of MK. Sadly my brand new Supernatural ended up with a terminal back bow #😔
  7. I thought that too. Although in fairness Mark is not a particularly sizeable fella! He did refer to the original as, 'The Old Girl' a couple of times in Glasgow.
  8. Wow! Looks like a Passion 2 from the mid 80's. Stunning basses. This is also priced to go quickly. Tempted but must resist... Have to say, I'm very passionate about these basses (no pun intended). For me, they are some of the best basses ever built. Stunning state of the art instruments. Big love.
  9. Lol, good point. To me, I'd say the MK Status basses are more 'polite' ... the Jaydee, more like someone that's gatecrashed your party with a six-pack of Carling and then proceeded to hoover up the buffet and quaff all the Champagne! (Not sure this helps🤣)
  10. Definitely more grunt to the Jaydee!
  11. Great gig and the Jaydee sounded excellent throughout!
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