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White Cloud

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  1. FS Sadowsky metro HPJ Price drop

    There are P basses, and then there are P basses. This is a beauty!
  2. NBD '86 Peavey Foundation

    Sweet bass, those old foundations are excellent.
  3. Original Graphite Steinburger Basses

    Just for some context a brand new Wal at that point retailed for £500. The Steinbergers were (are) brilliant instruments - I loved the tone and portability...not to mention the obvious fashionable ergonomics. It was the 80's after all!
  4. Fender Road Worn Jazz 3TSB 2011 *SOLD*

    Lovely grain on that board indeed...lovely looking bass
  5. Merlos Custom 5

    Lovely bass...super looking instrument!
  6. Vigier Passion 1984 Rom 1000€ *****Sold*****

    These Vigiers were very special basses...
  7. NBD Peavey Cirrus BXP

    Beautiful bass, love peaveys
  8. Ash or Alder

    I prefer Alder or Ash! In all seriousness I am of the opinion that the neck, and in particular the fingerboard wood makes the biggest overall contribution to the dynamic of the instrument.
  9. Anyone feeling flush?

    I've got to admit I've always loved the look of Carl Thompson basses. I've never had the chance to play one though.
  10. Convertible Fretted to Fretless Bass

    Amazing concept and seemingly well executed. I'm impressed...but it'll never catch on
  11. *SOLD* 'Fodera Style' Handmade Bass

    Stunning bass, as are the others that you have for sale. Lovely collection. I wish you good luck.
  12. Precisions

    The real question here is why, when you love your Jazzes and Stingrays so much do you think you must get on with a Precision when you obviously just don't? Some things are just not meant to be for whatever reason.
  13. ....well...actually, ...I know that it's not the same thing, but it kind of is. I have an old MIM Fender deluxe PJ from 1996, and despite being constantly told that it can't be good because it's a MIM, it really is a great bass in every way. If that bass is doing it for you then then why buy an expensive imitation?
  14. Shuker Bass - Jazz 4 Sunburst/Maple

    Very handmade and very high quality