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White Cloud

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  1. Chris Squire, The Fish boxed set.

    Great album. I still can't believe he has gone...and am still a tad surprised at the lack of attention his death generally received.
  2. 10 Best Electric bass guitars.

    Oh dear, Warwick Corvette's are not good for playing jazz on - I'd better stop playing jazz on mine straight away
  3. Your Dream Bass.?

    Oh yes indeed...Mr Shuker certainly knows his stuff. Brilliant luthier.
  4. Your Dream Bass.?

    Everything is subjective, but for me the Vigier Passion (graphite through neck - ex Hue and Cry) just ticked all of my boxes; feel, tonal options, weight, balance and looks. Killer bass! The Wal was my dream bass and beautifully built, and the tone was sublime - but after a while I just couldn't live with the weight and quirky neck profile (quite an acquired taste). In the end I actually realised that I just found it difficult to play. The Alembic was also heavy, the filter pre-amp was sweet..but it just didn't work in my band and somehow felt out of place.
  5. Your Dream Bass.?

    I had them all at one point. In my personal experience they ranked; Vigier Wal Alembic
  6. P bass growl

    They all sound like a P bass (oddly enough) but the 77 sounds distinctly better to my ears.
  7. Blasius Basses

    Lovely instrument, great looks and killer tone. Oh, nice playing too! Sweet!
  8. Anyone seen and played Etherial basses?

    Not really my cup of tea at all, but it'd be boring if we all liked the same things. Interesting instruments though
  9. Musicman Bongo finally arrived today!

    Oh wow...well all I can say is that it was certainly worth the wait.
  10. Musicman Bongo finally arrived today!

    That looks fantastic...congrats! If you don't mind me asking why was there an 8 month wait?
  11. Sustain? Discuss.

    That looks killer!
  12. Merlos Custom 5

    Super nice combination of woods!
  13. Sustain? Discuss.

    I'll nail my colours to the mast on this one - I have always upgraded my Fender stock bridges to Badass. My latest Fender has an Omega which is essentially the same thing. To my ears it enhances the high end, alters the dynamic on the over-tone and slightly enhances the stability and sustain...and just makes a distinct improvement to the overall sound of the instrument. Detractors may insist that this is a confirmation bias on my part...but to me I like what I like and I like what I hear and that is good enough!
  14. Sustain? Discuss.

    I agree with this - but can also tap into and relate to the original query made by the OP. In my opinion I generally think that its much less relevant that a bass has exceptional sustain properties as opposed to those of our six string cousins...but it could still be a boon dependent on the musical circumstance.