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  1. First saw them on the 'World Piece' tour at Glasgow Apollo in 83... Awesome gig👍
  2. Personally, I think John Entwistle got it right... loud, punchy and aggressive. Turn it up or turn it off.
  3. Absolutely beautiful bass.
  4. I've said it before and I'll reiterate that in my opinion these are stunning, state of the art basses. Such a pity about the original pre however, I'll bet it still sounds ace. Good price too!
  5. Former Jaydee owner here. I actually swapped a Wal Custom for a beautiful Supernatural back in 87. I loved the legendary Wal pre but just couldn't live with the significant weight, playability and clunky ergonomics. I loved everything about the Jaydee apart from the weak output/pre. Sadly, I was one of the unlucky ones and in time the neck developed a terminal backbow which would have suited better as a weapon of Robin Hoods choice! Suffice to say I was gutted. I'm over it now, and as my favourite looking basses I often keep my eyes peeled for a 2nd hand one (rocking horse poo). That said, the new prices must make them one of the best custom bass build options available.
  6. Same. Spooky! Just wrong on every level ... Sound apart lol.
  7. Killer bass, these are superb.
  8. I've owned two 4003's over the years. Idiosyncratic, difficult to adjust intonation/action, feeble fretwire that my preffered Rotosound Swings eat alive, crazy twin truss rods, cheap feeling binding and chrome and one trick pony tonal characteristics... yet I still miss them! Go figure.
  9. An incredibly kind act, extremely generous and altruistic!
  10. Ooft, one string too much for me, but killer bass!!!
  11. Still the prettiest of basses!
  12. Another Vigier Passion player here. I've used mine for every style of music, including heavy rock. Comparisons are admittedly difficult to make, purely because there is nothing else like a Vigier out there. Having also owned a Arpege during the late 80's, for me, Vigier are the best basses on the market ... and I've owned almost everything from Wal to Alembic.
  13. His YouTube videos with Carl are hilarious and really give a good flavour of the man and his work. His builds look fantastic.
  14. Ooft, killer bass right there👌
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