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  1. Apologies, I dont know what a stage 1 is! I'm not up to speed with Warwicks at all. Are the LX's worthy?
  2. Hmmm, the picture of the headstock says "LX"... confusing!
  3. Hi fellow bass-chatters. Guitar guitar have a nice looking used German Warwick GPS Streamer (Cherry/bubinga/wenge) for sale online @ £849... it's taken my fancy but due to 'geographic misalignment' I cant get hands on before pulling the trigger. In the spirit of this excellent site, are there any Warwick authorities here who could offer opinions on whether or not the price is right, and what I could expect from this model? I've only owned one Warwick before - a lovely Corvette (which I loved). Thanks in advance!
  4. Totally agree. Stunning bass but ugly headstock.
  5. Ooh, one of the light ones then... thanks for that. Need to think this over
  6. Oh dear, sorry to hear this. The curse of the skinny jazz bass strikes again! Lots of good advice here though.
  7. I'm wondering, for this price how good can a reissue Precision be?
  8. Jimmy Moon... no question. The best.
  9. Really glad it's on hold, I was contemplating the unthinkable...
  10. Is this beauty long scale? Looks fantastic... especially at this price!
  11. I totally get this: I was blown away by Jaco's chops when he broke through, and reverred his technical nous. 'Heavy Weather' is in my top 5 albums of all time however, for me, it was always Percy Jones. A total pioneer of explorative, expansive - sometimes left-field - fretless bass... and that right hand technique!!! In fairness, unsolicited, Jaco came upon Percy by chance and heard him playing in the flesh... he had the utmost respect for Percy and his approach.
  12. Is shipping completely out of the equation? ... tis a long drive from my neck of the woods!😥
  13. Absolutely stunning instrument ...and I'm another glad to see the return of GreenKing!
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