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  1. White Cloud

    Ibanez BTB33 ('Volo') 33" scale, 5-string E-C. Great condition!

    The nicest BTB in the Ibanez stable in my humble opinion. Glwts
  2. It exceeded my expectations and I even found it strangely emotional. The live aid section took me back. I remember watching it live on the TV and being blown away. Loved it.
  3. I think that the guitars look incredible and a bass version would be most welcome. I'd buy one.
  4. White Cloud

    Vigier Arpege II 4 strings (1987)

    Fabulous basses.
  5. White Cloud

    Best Female Bass Player

    There are no female bass players, there are no male bass players. There are bass players! 😤
  6. White Cloud

    *SOLD* Vigier Arpege II Walnut

    Stunning basses, I owned a beautiful example during the 80's - still my favourite bass!
  7. White Cloud

    NBD! Smith BT5

    There are basses and then there are Smith basses. Gorgeous ... and from what was the best era IMO. Congrats!
  8. White Cloud

    Fender new V's Fender old

    As has been said already Fender basses in all of their guises are good, bad, indifferent ... or all and none of the aforementioned! The best thing for me about them is that (unlike many other brands designs) they are quite 'industrial' in that they are designed to be infinitely easy to adjust and maintain. If the truss rod works properly then in theory you can make what initially feels like 'a bad un' feel like a pretty 'good un' ...
  9. White Cloud

    Chas Hodges

    I'm really sad to hear this news!
  10. White Cloud

    Fender '61 Flea Bass Woes

    Wow. Epic truss rod fail. Be prepared ...Fender may well compound this situation by replacing it!
  11. White Cloud

    Fender '61 Flea Bass Woes

    Apologies for being "that guy" but personally this just doesn't work for me aesthetically at all. That's just my tuppence worth though. I'll bet however that it is extremely functional. All the very best with it!
  12. White Cloud

    G&L L2000 Tribute - SOLD

    The grain on the body is particularly nice. Leo asserted that G&L were the very best of his bass designs ... I tend to agree. Good luck!
  13. White Cloud

    Sandberg SL Superlight now available for order. 6.6lb!!

    That looks great!
  14. White Cloud

    Fender '61 Flea Bass Woes

    This is a tragic story and evokes strong memories for me from the 1980's when my brand new Jaydee Supernatural bass rapidly developed a back bow of equal but opposite proportions. It was terminal. I also had a problem like the OP with my Lakland Skyline a few years ago - they shipped me a new neck immediately and paid for a luthier to fit it out and set it up. Great service! The truss rod is THE most important component of any guitar in my experience. I find it incredible that many people buy used instruments without even inquiring as to it's functionality. Broken truss rod = goosed guitar! Funnily enough I also currently own a Fender Flea 61 ... I love that bass.