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  1. His YouTube videos with Carl are hilarious and really give a good flavour of the man and his work. His builds look fantastic.
  2. Ooft, killer bass right there👌
  3. Very nice indeed. I'm still looking for a Pangborn ... It's been a long wait 😯
  4. Same! Long time Roto user too, however their B strings are awful.
  5. Be still my beating heart. These are amongst the best basses ever built imho.
  6. Hope the seller doesn't mind me jumping in... It's a bolt on.
  7. Yup, been keeping a needy eye open for one for the last couple of decades without much success!
  8. An absolute steal at this price however, collection renders it impossible.
  9. Peavey Palaedium ... a rare as rocking horse poo!
  10. I bought mine used for a silly price on eBay about 14 years ago now. It had an EMG preamp fitted and I never returned it to passive mode, however it played like a dream.
  11. Having previously owned the Dean iteration of Jeffs signature bass I too have always been intrigued by these. The Dean was insanely playable and similarly specced however, the super thin neck was in constant need of truss-rod adjustment. The Corts look great.
  12. I've always found them extremely easy and hassle free to deal with.
  13. I would also be willing to vouch for the attention to detail and skill of Jimmy Moon. I wouldn't go to anyone else.
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