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  1. FWIW, Jaco had a full blown affair with Joni which ended his marriage. I think Joni is a musical genius btw!
  2. Yup, find other like-minded people to play with is my estimation!
  3. Along with Enfield this is another incredible UK bass innovator lost. Tragic. All the very best to Rob and wishing him a speedy recovery! Thanks for everything...
  4. Loved this back in the day❤️
  5. Really fabulous instruments... The preamp is one of my favourites. Personally, I'd never trade down from one of these to a Musicman (great but factory produced) but, hey, we like what we like!
  6. No regrets. It's all just stuff after all...
  7. 1990 Vigier Passion III. Just the bees pyjamas.
  8. Hm, have done both but probably best to abstain for me. Interestingly, I met Allan Holdsworth before a gig and he was putting them away. Apparently helped him with his stage fright. When show time arrived he was staggeringly good...
  9. For me the prettiest basses there are! Owned a Supernatural in the 80's and loved it, however the neck developed a terminal back bow. The only bass I've cried over 😞
  10. Used to boil them back in the 80's when I was dirt poor and it worked reasonably well. Now that I'm just poor I put up with dull strings until I can replace them 😉
  11. That looks fantastic...
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