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  1. Hopefully someone here can assist in locating this instrument. My eyes shall be peeled!!
  2. It was long gone lol. Crazy low price.
  3. Just sent a PM to the seller... Thanks for the heads up!
  4. Thanks for your excellent wisdom and kind words. I still have the Vigier. It's a stunning bass. There's a danger that when you own instruments of such calibre you start to take them for granted but I love it. You don't see many pop up on the used market, especially 5 strings! It's mostly sat in its case since March because of Covid 🙄
  5. Yup, 5 strings and I'd have it ... 1 string too much. Gorgeous and a bargain at this price. Good luck!
  6. I think this is a very good point. I've owned Wal, Alembic, Vigier, Overwater, ACG and Jaydee basses (along with many more) and the same applied. I used 2 or 3 settings all the time. I love innovative tech such as graphite and versatile electrics, however, having listened to the clips earlier in this thread I've got to admit to being a little underwhelmed. The Enfield's admitedly sound good but the tone seems very generic.
  7. Thanks gents. I'm particularly keen on the graphite weave necked lionheart models ...
  8. White Cloud


    Fellow bass chatters, Enfield basses have recently caught my eye and given the 'Walesque' looks, specs, hardware and electrics I'm seriously giving a purchase consideration however, I've never even been in the same room as one let alone play them! Can any members she some light? It's quite a lot of dosh after all!
  9. Stunning basses but I've yet to find one sub 10lbs... Which is bad news, for my shoulder and spine is also mainly comprised of glass!
  10. Great basses, rock solid. This is a bargain.
  11. For me, my Overwater Progress had the sound that I'd always had in my head and always been looking for. I only moved it on because the weight was killing my spine! It had Overwater's signature pups and pre but weighed in at 11lbs. Considering myself more of a player, I've got to admit I find the whole technical aspect of gear boring ... but I couldn't fault any aspect of my OW other than weight.
  12. Absolutely top quality handmade instruments. I owned a stunning fretless Progress (picked it up in a trade). The design, workmanship, playability and sound was sublime, however, at almost 11lbs I had to move it on in the end!
  13. Huge influence on me during the 80's. Great player!
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