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  1. Beautiful example, could you share the scale length please? Thanks😃
  2. Same here, except I sold it 😣
  3. Stunning bass! Close to the ultimate symbiosis of bass guitar design, sound and feel (for me🙃)
  4. For me Steve Harris is beyond reproach given his achievements ... Love the guy!
  5. Maybe only recorded with it? Killer bass sounds from the filter Pre
  6. Lol, neither can I. I was a little surprised when Mr. Cringean shared that nugget of info
  7. My ACG Recurve is apparently ex Belle & Sebastian. The Vigier branded fitted hard case for my 5 string Vigier Passion is allegedly ex Alphonso Johnson and was used on a Santana tour amongst other things (according to the previous owner who had an email to this effect from Patrice Vigier).
  8. Percy Jones has a phenomenal plucking technique utilising his index, middle and ring fingers.
  9. I owned one a couple of years ago however, the preamp was faulty and one of the fingerboard inlays say quite proud and at an odd angle. I paid my money and took my chance as I bought it sight unseen online (never recommended). Had it not been for the issues it would have been a good bass for the price. I didn't get bent out of shape about it as I probably just got unlucky and moved it on fairly quickly. Based in my experience I thought them a tad overrated given some of the hype that was doing the rounds.
  10. I owned an unmarked fretless version during the 80's... killer bass!
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