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  1. White Cloud

    Sire MM basses - owners reports please!

    No issues with mine ... and over the course of my ownership I have realised that it is my favourite jazz bass. That is inclusive of my 76 Fender and lakland Darryl Jones. I never expected that!
  2. White Cloud

    3 Bolt Necks vs. The Rest of The World

    The combination of a tight neck pocket and aligned three screw fixing is absolutely structurally sound.
  3. White Cloud

    New American Artist Flea Signature?

    Oh dear. That is all.
  4. White Cloud

    Gibson Thunderbird - 599gbp. Today only!

  5. White Cloud

    What gear exceeded expectations for you?

    Sure V5 ... above and beyond all expectations. It' my 'go to' bass and my least expensive
  6. White Cloud

    Unexpected NBD - BC Rich Pointiness !

    Ooooh, I lusted after the old handmade BC Rich's back in the day - seriously awesome instruments. I owned a NJ series Eagle during the late 80's and it was excellent. Congrats, this looks like a great buy (...as he slips away to begin an internet search for an Eagle)
  7. White Cloud

    sold- pending payment

    W O W ... Yew is as rare as rocking horse [email protected]#t Stunner
  8. White Cloud

    Ever find your cheapest bass has the best tone?

    Oh yes ... know this phenomenon all too well. Despite having owned some highly expensive boutique basses in my time I can't help but feel they are a bit 'Emperors new clothes'
  9. White Cloud

    NBD - Sire content!

    The tuner gearing seems to me to be absolutely fine - I read somewhere that the latest Sire's tuners have been upgraded from the originals? The stock bridge also seems to be reasonably good. I've always upgraded the bridge on my Fenders - but I just don't see the point in this instance. It sounds great, plays really well and looks the part.
  10. White Cloud

    So ... who are Sire Global?

    So, in answer to my original question it would appear that Sire are 'Dame' ... well, kind of! The Dame line of basses look excellent incidentally.
  11. White Cloud

    So ... who are Sire Global?

    Now this is what I'm talking about - information! Great post. Yes that Dame is a Sire and no doubt.
  12. White Cloud

    So ... who are Sire Global?

    Good post and thanks for sharing. What I would say however is that this is 'Sire' generated information ... information which purports something of a story, whilst concurrently lacking in any real detail at all. I hope BC'ers don't think that I'm having a cynical go at Sire in any way ... I just never think it's a bad thing to delve below the surface level marketing blurb.
  13. White Cloud

    So ... who are Sire Global?

    Apparently so - it would seem that the entire guitar building industry is one that is an extremely complex web of 'who owns who' and 'who builds who'. Don't get me wrong though, I'm no expert. It's ironic in this respect that so many players become hung up on 'brand' loyalty ... given that so many of them are intertwined. The name on the headstock is something of an illusion really once you start rummaging around a little.
  14. White Cloud

    So ... who are Sire Global?

    Well, mine isn't light ... but then again it's not a boat anchor either it weighs in the region of 9.6lbs. Great bass - very punchy and resonant unplugged, which is always a good sign. As I stated earlier, I would liken the build quality to that of a Lakland Skyline.
  15. White Cloud

    So ... who are Sire Global?

    You are right - the claim of having no OEM's is almost impossible to believe. You are also probably right insomuch as nobody will be able to provide a concrete answer - and there could be a reason for this. I agree with the other post re Samick - I suspect it is either them or Cort (or one of their other many affiliates). I really admire Marcus Miller's core value regarding the release of the Sire models ... however given that Cort 'could' be behind them leaves me a little cold considering how they treated their Korean employee's before closing those factory's. If so (and it is a BIG 'if') it would kind of blow MM's standpoint out of the water. Should we, as players even consciously care about this stuff? Personally, I love owning great gear at knock down prices ... but I think I still kinda do ...