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  1. White Cloud

    Chas Hodges

    I'm really sad to hear this news!
  2. White Cloud

    Fender '61 Flea Bass Woes

    Wow. Epic truss rod fail. Be prepared ...Fender may well compound this situation by replacing it!
  3. White Cloud

    Fender '61 Flea Bass Woes

    Apologies for being "that guy" but personally this just doesn't work for me aesthetically at all. That's just my tuppence worth though. I'll bet however that it is extremely functional. All the very best with it!
  4. White Cloud

    G&L L2000 Tribute

    The grain on the body is particularly nice. Leo asserted that G&L were the very best of his bass designs ... I tend to agree. Good luck!
  5. White Cloud

    Fender '61 Flea Bass Woes

    This is a tragic story and evokes strong memories for me from the 1980's when my brand new Jaydee Supernatural bass rapidly developed a back bow of equal but opposite proportions. It was terminal. I also had a problem like the OP with my Lakland Skyline a few years ago - they shipped me a new neck immediately and paid for a luthier to fit it out and set it up. Great service! The truss rod is THE most important component of any guitar in my experience. I find it incredible that many people buy used instruments without even inquiring as to it's functionality. Broken truss rod = goosed guitar! Funnily enough I also currently own a Fender Flea 61 ... I love that bass.
  6. Nobody gives good reason to avoid Ricks quit like Dave lol.
  7. White Cloud

    Jack Bruce

    Big love for Jack Bruce... the man!
  8. White Cloud

    Favourite basses and back pain.

    My Shuker 5 string is a shade over 8lbs - it has helped my back greatly. I have also just purchased a Fender Flea roadworn jazz and that is in the same weight region (that's apparently light for one of those bad boys). It all makes for a pain free playing experience.
  9. White Cloud


    Very wise strategy ... the T Birds are on the left field side of niche. You're going to love it or hate it.
  10. White Cloud


    IMO you are quite correct to tread carefully. I adore the aesthetics of the Thunderbird - and they sound just great - but as much as I tried (and try I surely did) I simply just could not get on with them for the reasons outlined elsewhere on this thread (size/unwieldy etc.) Also, a word to the wise, avoid models with the 3 point bridge like the plague if at all possible; it is the single WORST piece of bass guitar hardware EVER conceived! If you really need to scratch the T Bird itch then my advice is opt for the neck thru Epi with Gibson pickups.
  11. White Cloud

    Tried a Rickenbacker...

    I have a bit of a soft spot for them and owned two 4001's during the Eighties. I found them to be one trick ponies ... but it was a good trick (fresh Rotosounds, a touch of overdrive and YEAH BABY!) I recall one occasion whereupon a really talented Fender player looked my Ric up and down and sneered, "Why don't you get a real bass!" I actually never quite understood what he meant at the time ... but now understand. They are not exactly user friendly to set up nor necessarily easy to use. I am also nonplussed as to the sky high pricing. Just my two bobs worth.
  12. White Cloud

    British built custom bass

    Look no further than Jon Shuker - right up his street. For a wildcard option though have a look at Doug Wilkes - daft as a brush but what a luthier he is!!!
  13. White Cloud

    US made super jazzes

    Imperious attention to detail, fit finish ... and Jon will invest as much time as you need in advising you (face to face or vicariously) how to achieve the sound that you have in your head. Brilliant builder, a gentleman and in my opinion he undercharges. Give him a call.
  14. White Cloud

    US made super jazzes

    Jon Shuker ... British and brilliant.