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  1. Beautiful flame ash on the natural finish, never seen that before on a Vigier. Great basses!
  2. I know that Ian Waller and Pete the Fish at Wal insisted that the dense and heavier Mahogany core was a prerequisite for 'that sound'. I'm guessing Chris May is on the same page?
  3. Fantastic basses! I owned a progress 3 deluxe; sublime design and build quality, wonderful playability and KILLER tone. Alas, at 11lbs my spine couldn't take it, so I had to move it on.
  4. Thanks! It really is special in the flesh, very tactile. Funnily enough, when it arrived and I removed it from the packaging my confused wife stated, "It's bent!! Send it back" lol🤣
  5. I recently bought a brand new Spector Euro LX (Poplar Burl): Its my first ever Spector and I'm so impressed with it. Possibly the most beautiful bass I've ever owned (from a very long list). So much so it makes my ACG and Vigier look plain! I personally love 'that EMG sound' but, as others have said, the Tonepump is 'hot' on stock settings. I've just made the adjustment described elsewhere to turn it down (a nice feature). I was surprised at the reductionist control-cavity; very clean, precise and empty lol. To my ears, this bass sounds similar to the old Steinberger XL. Fat, burpy, well-rounded low-end. All in all: A beautifully designed and built instrument. Flawless in fact. Looks sublime, plays like a dream, well-balanced, relatively lightweight and sounds incredible. What else is there?
  6. Be still, my beating heart. Outstanding!
  7. Perseverance is often worthwhile... I found them really fantastic to deal with.
  8. I loved the Steinberger tone
  9. I've got to be honest, as good as they were, I wasnt particularly enamoured by Rush on that tour whilst, on the other hand Primus were on fire.
  10. Did Geddy play the Steinberger at Ingliston?
  11. Primus were particularly loud on that tour lol
  12. Same with 'Ghost Rider', Similar - but different personal tragedy ... he helped me carry on... Feel like part of me has died.
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