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  1. That is James Finnegan. I bought his Vigier Arpege from him back in the day: oddly enough, he bought a nice vintage Fender Jazz from me!
  2. I own a featherweight ACG & a lightweight Fender Jazz: I usually avoid any bass over 8.5lbs however, the Overwater just sounds and plays so wonderfully that I've decided that it is worth the weight... strengthening my shoulders could be a left-field (as in unexpected) but very useful idea!
  3. Some really good suggestions; thank you all!
  4. Fellow Baschatters I've recently been lucky enough to acquire an Overwater Progress 3 deluxe - absolutely gorgeous looks, playability and tone: the only downside is that it is a bit of a heavyweight (and my shoulder is feeling it after an hour or two). Can any of you recommend a wide and well padded strap that would assist ease the weight? Thanks in advance!
  5. Beauty! I much prefer this era of Ibanez to the post 90s reworking of their model shapes.
  6. I think this describes my own sentiments on bass playing perfectly.
  7. Superb! Well written and personally evocative for me because it echoed much of my own experiences regarding my own musical influences (Genesis, Yes, Brand X) - and subsequent 'sell everything to buy a Wal' purchase - around the same era. My Wal was fretted - and long gone - but not disimilar from yours. Thanks for sharing this.
  8. There is something very special about early Smith's.. this one is an absolute corker!
  9. Maximise your options by going used; this opens up instruments like G&L Tributes, Ibanez's and Sires etc.
  10. Can you share a pic with us? Sounds great, would love a gander!
  11. I read an interview with Norman many years ago where he revealed that he bought his two Alembic seires 1 basses from a Brazilian musician (for a snip).
  12. Brilliant P basses at a bargain price point.
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