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  1. 1990 Vigier Passion III. Just the bees pyjamas.
  2. Hm, have done both but probably best to abstain for me. Interestingly, I met Allan Holdsworth before a gig and he was putting them away. Apparently helped him with his stage fright. When show time arrived he was staggeringly good...
  3. For me the prettiest basses there are! Owned a Supernatural in the 80's and loved it, however the neck developed a terminal back bow. The only bass I've cried over 😞
  4. Used to boil them back in the 80's when I was dirt poor and it worked reasonably well. Now that I'm just poor I put up with dull strings until I can replace them 😉
  5. That looks fantastic...
  6. Personally I'd take this over the Wal all day long. Bass perfection!
  7. That was excellent, many thanks!
  8. I'm saddened to hear that. I adored her early music and basically adored her.
  9. Fair doos, I'll retract that.
  10. I gigged an SR1205 for 5 years and in fairness it really was a fantastic bass. I've never been keen on the headstock though. There were a few anomalies in the fit and finish that detracted slightly, and overall think the Japanese built Ibanez's were flawless. The Indonesian built instruments are still very good though.
  11. I've got to say I don't think Ibanez have ever been as on the money since the end of this era. I've always thought the SR's and BTB's were bang average and not in the same league.
  12. Congratulations, lovely purchase!
  13. I had an identical one, unmarked fretless... Superb bass.
  14. Rush: YYZ or La Villa Strangiato (monster breaks)
  15. Both superbly well built, both offer a wide variety of sounds, both likely to be heavy... Sounds a tad shallow, but for me the Aria SB has held its looks better.
  16. My favourite album... for me this release is incredible. I want it as the soundtrack at my funeral.
  17. Big Rush fan here, but just couldn't suffer the new stuff after Geddy's voice was shot. This is quite interesting but not for me. Good post though.
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