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  1. so I use a markbass 121h combo and matching cab I have the amp set flat and my bass controls the sound,from my overwaters and its absolutely awesome I do use a compressor in my pedal board but only used on a few bits and bobs,
  2. So I have just weighed my overwater 4 and it’s 3.79kg against my carbon status at 3.91 kg, also just did the same with my 5string overwater at 3.98 kg against my status 5 string at 4.12 kg the five string status is wood with the carbon inserts in the neck so in the greater scheme of thing not overly heavy cheers stef
  3. normally from 11/12 till late afternoon, there is no charge for entry, phil man will be there all day along with Chris and Kirsty the owners, mo foster usually turns up a few of the players from theatre land etc i will be coming up from Hastings my wife needs no excuse to go shopping while I go to the joint,need to probably discuss a fretless it is usually pretty cool,just never know who you will bump into cheers hope you find this of interest stef
  4. so I own both a 4 string and 5 string custom jazzes stunning in every respect weight wise my four is lighter than my status and the five is not much more they by far give me all I need,for me they are just fantastic basses well made and a fantastic range of sounds chris and Kirsty from overwater are always just at the end of the phone if needed, there is a overwater get together this sunday at the joint at kings cross,chris and Kirsty will both be there and there will be a few basses for people to try finally my overwaters are my go to basses aboveall else
  5. to all my fellow bass chatters I wish you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year cheers stef
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  7. close to the edge mr squire at his best
  8. this is a great idea, I was victim of this a few years ago,they got my trace amp and two cabinets out side the Thomas a becket on the old kent road while I walked inside tocollect my basses and cables bag, no internet beck then either,police not interested,couldnt afford to replace for six weeks
  9. john martyn some people from grace and danger easy to learn and super expressive
  10. some but I prefer alan Thompson the player from empty ceiling gigs
  11. started off with some people,nice sliding harmonics, then one world and john wayne, finishing with johny too bad from the live empty ceiling gig off you tube, nice call and response with the keyboard player foster patterson
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