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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. close to the edge mr squire at his best
  3. this is a great idea, I was victim of this a few years ago,they got my trace amp and two cabinets out side the Thomas a becket on the old kent road while I walked inside tocollect my basses and cables bag, no internet beck then either,police not interested,couldnt afford to replace for six weeks
  4. john martyn some people from grace and danger easy to learn and super expressive
  5. some but I prefer alan Thompson the player from empty ceiling gigs
  6. started off with some people,nice sliding harmonics, then one world and john wayne, finishing with johny too bad from the live empty ceiling gig off you tube, nice call and response with the keyboard player foster patterson
  7. good evening chaps, update went to rehearsal tonight,did not take any gear and was the last to arrive, normally I am first as I like to have a noodle just to get myself up and running, so when I walked in they all just looked oh dear, anyway,I said I need a few minutes from everyone and they all stopped, after explaining myself for a few minutes saying exactly how I feel and all the other things I said on here, everyone to be fair listened to all my points and agreed things were wrong,and that it would change,the guitarist got a bit arsey until he realised that the guys agreed with me,at which point he backed down and said he was sorry and had everyones best interests at heart, then said we need to speak more as a band regards all aspects of the music, how would I want to go forward,to which I said they need to have a conversation with me not there to discuss all my points, at that point I left and came home, picked up the fretless and played some john martyn nice thankyou all again for the advice it did help
  8. perhaps I didn't explain myself properly, its a age thing I do work them out and play as is, he wants to control sound,how its played and there are no added chops or notes, but he wants to have a free hand and add solos in songs that have none ect
  9. no we discuss and chat about what we are doing, but the guitarist wants to perhaps control is too strong but lead us in a rockier vein which he has been told we do not want to go,but he persists also whilst I realise there are two sides to every story, I have been as honest and realistic as I can and my recollection of events are spot on, further to say I have found writing this a cathartic experience so thank you all
  10. thankyou all for the comments, so let me explain further, no he is not the band leader or even the longest member, but he does like to analize the smallest detail, we are a pub covers band, a few weeks ago he put forward a song to add to the set list,afier a discussion with the band we all said it would not go with what we do although we all liked the song it is just not us, he spat the dummy out so this week we started rehearsing a suggestion from the drummer,it was all going ok until he started explaining the chord sequence in the middle eight which we had all played through a couple of times and all was well, until he said I think you should continue that line for the solo, when I said hold on the keyboard player was trying to explain something to us all,he flipped big time to which I said there is no solo in this song and I thought we all agreed to play this as is because its so popular, yeh yeh but there is space for a solo, oh and I don't think we need that chorus on, but he did not realize the threshold was turned off it was only showing the red light but the effect was off, I knew he would say some thing if he thought it was on,the placebo effect and it worked, so when we finished the rehearsal I was feeling angry,fustrated and getting ready for a argument but I left and stewed for a couple of days, I have had no contact with anyone,so will go to the rehearsal on wed and see what decision I will make. dependant on the result of a chat,
  11. so I play a covers band, when we chat about new material the guitarist works out everyones part, and recently even down to the sound and effects that are used, after 47 years of playing it has started to get me down so it is becoming a bind, but we will change a song to accommodate a guitar solo or two,but he wants me to stick to script and any little accents are now frowned upon, oh dear I think I know the answer
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