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  1. Think I got 8/10 but where's the answers!?
  2. 6/10 Dipped out on # 81 84 86 89. Thanks OP, and nice playing. 👏
  3. IMHO no. No no non no no no no no. No. HTH
  4. Oh come on. That's too good!! 😃 (liked and subscribed) 👍
  5. Revolution and Vintage brand P basses worth a look as well?
  6. I reckon you'll fit in rather well around 'ere...
  7. That was nothing to do with me!! 😄
  8. Hope you can get it to shift. 🤞
  9. Standard procedure for a rounded out hex head in general mechanics. 👍
  10. Now that's how a sales thread should be played! 👏
  11. I think the temptation may be to take too much wood off, because visually, the proportions of the Telebass / early P headstock come partly from the wider 40mm nut... so I'd maybe just take the lower hump down a bit, but what do I know? (rhetorical).
  12. One of the 'dark arts', truss rods are, if you ask me. (don't ask me though)
  13. I don't own a smart palette knife like yours, Stew...
  14. Fab. I should be following your steps with my JHS Vintage maple neck that suffered a snapped TR. It's in a box here somewhere...
  15. I wonder if there's room to get a two way truss rod in there, or even if that would be a good idea. It's all fascinating to me...
  16. All of that, for this: 😄
  17. You could have been a producer. You wouldn't have to sing, and you could have changed the Detroit sound to something 'better' ... 😄
  18. Moloko. What a mess this was. The remix! Balance in the galaxy was restored...
  19. Good call on not trying to get another nut to fit on there. Its proper mangled. Hindsight a speciality. 👍
  20. Wow, what a finish! 😎 (said the actress to the bishop).
  21. (Yeah, it sounds happy enough. Reminds me of Haircut 100) (I can't actually remember one Prefab Sprout tune, from all their 10-odd albums and Mercury prizes)
  22. That was the same Aztec Camera song. 😄
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