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  1. Not me though. I've always had one foot in the mainstream ever since the 80s days of synth pop, New romantics and pop funk with slap bass etc. As for rock and metal, I don't think there needs to be any at Glastonbury as there are plenty of other festivals offering all that.
  2. I checked out this vid out of curiosity but errm ...yeah. I'm a fan of Ice T's late 80s/early 90s hip hop but never cared for his ventures into rock/metal, either with Bodycount or as a guest. Metal and rap/hip hop are two genres that should've never been merged.
  3. I think quite a lot of those in RB's 'What makes this ...' would be better featured on this channel instead
  4. I quite enjoy some of his 'What makes this song great?' though I don't care for his interviews with guitar shredders operating in micro-niches with maybe a couple of thousand fans. Sure others will but of his 3 million subscribers I bet most won't. I like the way he can appreciate current pop songs and not just blanket write them off because they're mainstream popular.
  5. YT reaction vids are the music version of Gogglebox. They are also strong evidence that free speech is a menace to society and should be cracked down upon and that we should adopt the Victorian adage of 'children should be seen and not heard'. ☺️
  6. This evening while working I've had volume 5 of Future Sound of London's ace From the archives series. Here's another tasty tidbit of experimental electronica for you to gloss over 😁
  7. Ha ha one man's poison n all that but I love Lemon Jelly. Going back to to those I mentioned viz the Clash, all one needs is The Clash Hits Back which pretty much contains all their best tracks. With the best will in the world while LP sides 1 & 2 /CD 1 of London Calling is good , 3 & 4/CD2 why would anyone think sides 3 & 4/CD2 is owt but hastily cobbled together filler? But for Tommy Gun, Give 'em Enough Rope is pants and the less said about the next albums the better. The debut still holds up well though. As for Disintegration and Pornography, I've no idea why I ever bought them, the music equivalent of Eastenders.
  8. Heard this track a couple of days ago for the first time. I really like it. As you say, quite Chic-like but nowt wrong with that
  9. I was distracted by the bassist's mullet to pay much attention to the song. It's amazing to think there were people who thought the mullet was an attractive look. Apologies in advance to any BCers that might still sport one, or even a skullet a la a current Norman Watt Roy
  10. I'm big on looks whatever it is and particularly basses & guitars. That design is plain fugly. The tone isn't that great either but I dunno whether that's lack of ahem..wood related tone...or the cheesy new age noodling
  11. Au contraire, my main criticism concerns the booking of old lags who should've been pensioned off yonks ago; MacCartney, Diana Ross, Plant & Krauss, Noel Gallagher, Skunk Anansie, Pet Shop Boys, Crowded House..plus loads of over the hill indie type bands who've been around for years e.g. Libertines, Supergrass, Elbow, Jesus and Mary Chain (whose 80s stuff I still play), Primal Scream (who were always gash except when Andrew Weatherall produced their music), the Damned.... The acts that would interest me more are younger ones like Sam Fender and Sigrid (my personal fave).
  12. I try to keep abreast with nail fashion trends and generally go to my manicurist once a month, for trimming, buffing and varnishing, opting for either classic Sunset Red or Periwinkle finishes.
  13. Not just a big fat no from me but a clinically obese one at that. That design is as ugly as f***. To make it worse, that directionless, dull as ditchwater new age noodling doesn't sell it either.
  14. Nope you're quite right. The line-up across the board looks generally terrible. The line-ups each day for the Pyramid, Other and West Holts stages are the worst I've seen. I've been to Glastonbury several times over the last 30 years, and usually have been able to count on the dance/electronica line-ups. This year it's pretty flaccid stuff. Then again electronica has gone the way of rap and rock, down the pan and around the u-bend.
  15. I've been listening to quite a few albums with me mostly thinking 'why the f*** did I ever buy that?' e.g. The Clash's 'London Calling' and 'Give 'em enough rope' , 'Pornography' and 'Disintegration' by The Cure and 'The way of all flesh' by Gojira. They're all actually pretty bad with at most just a couple of fair tracks on each. A big pile is mounting which will be wending it's way to the local second hand music store
  16. In the UK we only have one season with a few minor variations from time to time
  17. True, I believe it's probably an industry term for 'cheap production line instruments made in Indonesia/China'. Even worse than musical instrument snobs are those car snobs / petrolheads who sneer at mass market models. So, your fancy xx can do 0-60 in 3 seconds and reach top speeds of 200 mph. Where are you going to taken that for drive then? the salt flats in Utah?
  18. Something that bugs me a bit is seeing retailers descriptions of x budget bass/guitar and then saying s*** like ' suitable for beginners and intermediate players' , insinuating that advanced players shouldn't bother considering it. Ballcocks. Any decent player worth his salt can make any instrument sound good. Give a s*** player an £8,000 Fodera and he'll make it sound like the [email protected]$t Kay.
  19. If Coldplay had been headlining I'd have gone ☺️. They're a really good live band. This year's line-up is about as poor as I've ever seen, esp the Pyramid. The only act I'd bother with is Sigrid, who's supporting ageing lags Primal Scream and the Jesus and Mary Chain on the John Peel stage. Don't get me wrong, JAMC have been long been among my fave rock bands but they're almost a decade older than me even and I'm no spring chicken. Mind you, Download doesn't look much cop either. I remember seeing the Deftones in the afternoon slot at Sonisphere 2014 but they're second billing to Iron Maiden despite being far from what they used to be.
  20. One of the albums that's rarely out of my CD player is the debut by the fantastic Sigrid. By rights she should become as big as Taylor Swift now or as Britney Spears was back in the day but she's better than either of them
  21. Quite few name guitarists who were known to play budget/cheap guitars. Derek Trucks plays a Silvertone Tuxedo and Randy California also played a Silvertone guitar. Not quite in the Kay league but still <£500. Prince had a Hohner Telecaster which was a bit of a fave by all accounts. As with my basses, my electric guitars are all sub-500 including an Epiphone Sheraton II, with the other two both under 300; an Ibanez RG421 and this beaut They all play lovely!
  22. Aye that's true. As with a lot of other British 60s-70s bands, were it not for success in US their overall sales would've been pretty poor. The Who did even worse in Europe than other big name Brit bands.
  23. Probably makes sense for established UK bands to just limit themselves to those countries where they're most popular and successful like Muse is in Italy. Similarly for up-and-coming acts it's probably best to the market research and work out which countries their music is most likely to do well in.
  24. I don't care much for the man and his general pro Brexit stance but I grudgingly accept Daltrey did at least later recant and signed the petition to the government to get paperwork-free travel in Europe for UK artists.
  25. Music probably attracts more snobbery than any other form of entertainment especially from fans of niche/obscure bands or genres that turn their noses up at any artist that's gone mainstream. Metallica anyone? As for instruments, in my 20s and 30s the only basses I gigged were an EB short scale copy and a slightly battered Aria Pro II Integra. One band asked me to stand at the back as they were embarrassed for me to be seen with them. I slung my hook straight after that gig. I wouldn't consider spending more than around £500 on a bass or guitar and am perfectly happy with an instrument made in Indonesia. I have two Sterlings and two Corts - all made there - and the quality is top notch.
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