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  1. Can't get enuff of ABC's 'Lexicon of Love' which I reckon is one of the very best albums of the 80s. It's chock full of great basslines as heard on e.g.
  2. All I'd need is a Stingray and a Fender Jazz or Overwater J Series in natural finish and any one of the Jaydee Supernaturals, I'm not fussed which one. Amp-wise I'm a convert to Phil Jones combos so summat like the BG 110 would be nice I did think I'd be happy with my 3 sub £500 Corts and Sterling but I've got that itch, for those ones above, that I can't scratch and get rid of even though commonsense tells me what I have do the job just fine.
  3. I've been wanting a 335 or a 355 for as long as I've been playing guitar, which is more than half a lifetime. I've got the Epi Sheraton II in natural finish, which is a beautiful and well made piece of gear but it's not cured my GAS for the real deal
  4. Still in Country land but shifting from chickin pickin guitar wizards to banjo maestros, which features some stellar players from the genre and Steve Martin no less
  5. Well I kinda did make that mistake when I was young but it's a long story and it doesn't go well. The foolhardiness of youth! 😁
  6. or one of these This model's now extinct so the only way I can get one is 2nd hand but there's nowt on EBay at the mo'. Anyone getting rid of one here by any chance?
  7. Last week I tried a Greek bouzouki and a cittern in Hobgoblin but still my fat fingers struggle with the tightly strung double strings
  8. Vowing to go minimalist I got rid of 4 basses and 2 electric guitars last year which left me with just two basses and 2 electrics but recently concluded this clearly isn't enough. Spent last tuesday scouring music shops in Brizzle trying 5 stringers and congratulated myself deciding they're not for me and coming away empty handed. The next day I was bimbling around Dursley and chanced upon Intersound which I never knew of. Went in there and 30 mins later came out with a Cort Action Deluxe AS. Now the floodgates are open and I know I won't be able to resist further temptation😊
  9. I've skimmed through the days' playlists for yesterday, sunday and saturday and IMO they support my blinkered summary of their output. There's very little in the way of, fr'instance; contemporary metal, 70s punk, 80s-90s UK Post Punk, industrial metal, 90s US 'alt rock'....
  10. Rolf Harris's voice has changed from his Tie Me Kangaroo Down period
  11. Take them to the pub and see who offers to get the first round
  12. As the station's called Planet Rock it suggests they might play anything from the whole gamut of rock styles from across the world not just the same old gash from 70s-90s US and UK mainstream rock bands. Anyway, this isn't just about PR but any music radio station where presenters have to play stuff they've heard countless times. That's a lot of time going spare.
  13. Last week I spent a blissful away from my partner's snarky teens on my boat. There I have a DAB radio and while I was doing various maintenance jobs I thought I'd tune into Planet Rock just to see if anything had changed. The answer is nada, just the usual suspects from CCR, Kiss, Foreigner, Doors, Floyd, Journey, Rush etc blah. Thing is, I like the presenters and enjoy the chat. It's just the music that spoils it for me. So, what I'd like to know is what do these guys and occasional gal get up to while they're having to play Alright Now or More Than A Feeling for the zillionth time. I guess during Freebird, In My Time of Dying, Child In Time etc or they can go to the pub for lunch. During Eruption they may fit in time for a quick wee or read the whole of The Sun. On Classic FM, there's time for them to go on holiday while Mahler's 9th is playing. Anyone got any insider info on this?
  14. Some of my go to basslines are the Stevie Wonder tunes already mentioned, Rhythm Stick, I Want You Back, Disco Inferno, Forget Me Nots, Dark Necessities (RHCP, even though I generally dislike most of their songs), Pump It Up, assorted Jamiroquai tunage, all Chic and Sister Sledge hits, ditto KC & the Sunshine Band and this version of Bowie's Secret Life of Arabia
  15. Looks/sex appeal wise there are quite a few but I guess this thread isn't about that. Don't really have a fave but there are a few I don't know much about but whose voices sound great on certain songs e.g.
  16. I'd stick with Disney. Kids tastes will change in their own good time or they may not even like music at all. My older two, now in their early 20s, have never shown any great interest in music though my son was into Fiddy Cent when he was younger but I never tried to put him off
  17. I have few scruples and would enter the competition just to win it and then auction it on EBay and hopefully 'earn' myself an obscene amount. I also regularly enter Planet Rock's competitions even though I never listen to the station. 😊
  18. I am listening to more music these days, mainly as a way of improving my playing on the guitar, bass, banjo and now on my new Greek bouzouki! Also in a house where there are two moody /arsey/ glum/ grim/snarky/demanding/self-centred teenage girls, listening to and playing music is a refuge. Eventually, once they've p1$$ed off for good, me and my good lady can then move abroad. A Greek island is my #1 choice so by that time I hope I can be a bouzouki wiz. In the meantime, luckily I have a narrowboat where I shall be escaping to next week for a break, where I can listen to whatever I like and as loud as I like, so long as I don't annoy the neighbours!
  19. Today I've been on a country music guitar binge and one thing I conclude is that every one of the 42 I've been listening too - from Merle Travis and Joe Maphis - to Danny Gatton and Albert Lee wipe the floor with any rock guitar player I've heard. This guy though might just be the best of the lot. The video quality isn't great but you can get the gist
  20. Hmm I wouldn't know as there aren't any left where i am
  21. I'll keep it between us as I have to confess bass is not my main instrument either. Drums and percussion are and then fingerstyle acoustic guitar and 5-string banjo. Mind you, bass comes ahead of electric guitar so there might be some salvation here. BC is a far better forum than those I've found covering drums or guitar 😀. There's some ace creeping if ever there was.
  22. Now that you remind me I think subconsciously I might've been thinking back to my childhood when I put up the OP. Up to the age of 13 I was prolific at drawing and painting and won competitions at school, but never had any lessons up to that point. Then I had art lessons and after a dozen or so I stopped and since then have never done another drawing or lifted a paint brush, other than to apply coats of emulsion.
  23. enjoying meself some country type virtuosity
  24. Came across a YT thread on how much music theory did The Beatles have. I don't know the answer to this but I've known several fine classically trained players who struggled at improvising or making up their own tunes although they could reel off a violin/piano concerto etc at the drop of a hat. I will say the most inventive stuff I've heard is by people who break the rules and possibly don't know a lot of theory. Any strongly worded opinions on the matter?😉
  25. I'm a sucker for the electric piano sound that was used on a lot of early 90s dance tunage.
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