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  1. Cheers peeps. Some interesting stories here and I certainly get how music has profoundly impacted on your lives. I spent a lot of my early 20s trying to make it in music but it never amounted to much other then earning extra dosh depping and doing function gigs. If anything it distracted me at a time when I should've been focusing on other things like the falling apart of my first marriage. So maybe it did have an impact on my life in a way.
  2. changed their lives, what do they mean? I'm not judging anyone. It's just that, sure, I have fave bands, albums and songs that remind me of the good times when I was younger but beyond that I can't say music has had any great impact on my life. This also leads me to ask what people mean when they say 'music/football/whatever else is my life', unless literally it is this what pays the bills etc
  3. Stop Making Sense -Talking Heads The Name of This Band is Talking Heads - have a guess Everything Everything -Underworld It's Alive - Ramones Unplugged - Alice in Chains At Budokan - Cheap Trick What do you want from live -The Tubes err...that's it
  4. What if they're better at political rants than making music? Also, what if some artists use music primarily as a way for getting messages across to the unwashed masses rather than standing on a box at Speakers Corner or whatever equivalent they have in the US?
  5. Best band to come out of the last decade IMO. Great stuff. As it happens at the mo' I'm listening to similarish stuff from Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk while I work
  6. The 80s were my formative era too and arguably the first the time the bass came to the fore in the mainstream what with slap and fretless hitting a peak especially with the likes of Level 42, Paul Simon's Graceland, Japan, Thriller the album, Sade, Duran, Bow Wow Wow, Kajagoogoo, Heaven 17's Penthouse & Pavement, FGTH and The Associates. At the time I didn't generally know the names of the players but the playing definitely got me interested in playing
  7. Yep, that succession from E&D through to NGD is one of the best 4 album runs in rock IMO. BTW I'm counting Sister Feelings Call as a separate album, to Sons & Fascination, which is also very much bass driven to whit..
  8. I've been on a Talking Heads bender this last week, for my money one of the 5 best American bands of all time, if not top 3. That's in no small part to Tina Weymouth who came up with some cracking lines, especially on the first 4 albums. Incidentally another of those 5 is Pixies whose first 4 albums are all 5 star in my book. After Kim Deal left, something was lost. Not flash no but her lines were integral to their sound.
  9. That song Turbo is infinitely better than Thriller with Corey Wong's guitar much more audible, some nice tight drumming and best of all a bang on the money brass section allowed to shine
  10. I did actually give it a second go and all I can say is I hope they don't post any covers of any other tracks off Thriller ..and Off The Wall for that matter. Those two are seminal albums and no cover can better any of the tracks therein.
  11. Nay, nay, thrice nay to sunburst finishes. I now only go for natural finishes or cherry burst at a push i.e. if it's a fave model like a 335.
  12. Never said it was. I said 70s funk had swing/groove. Thriller isn't a funk tune by any stretch
  13. Sorry but I like the original too much to give this much more than one viewing. Even though it's well executed the constant smugness/smirking irritates the feck out of me. I've watched a few other Dirty Loops vids before out of curiosity and the bass player is always smirking. Moreover, like all other contemporary funk, while the playing is tight lacks the swing/groove of the 70s funk bands that made them so badass.
  14. 'Genius' is probably the most abused word in the English language and not one I'd apply to anyone in music or sport. I'm no fan of Rush but in the rock world I'd admit Geddy Lee is probably among the best bassists though for playing demanding lines and singing at the same time no one does it better than Mark King and Larry Graham.
  15. He doesn't rule out over 50s and slightly balding so I'm in 👌. On the other hand he calls himself a 'composer', so that gets me running at 50 mph in the opposite direction.
  16. Actually Paramore are better than I remembered. Think I tended to confuse them with Evanescence. She's got great pipes anyway. The more I play this the more I like it.
  17. Never a huge fan of Paramore but I always thought Hayley Williams was pretty fit. I like the change of direction with nice grooves going here too and the bass playing is nae bad either
  18. I only came across him for the first time within the last year which is surprising as I'm a big fan of slap based funk. Yet he's no spring chicken so I guess I should've
  19. Anderton's are the sole stockists of the Sire range though.
  20. Me 21 beootiful Thai girl not ladyboy. Me lookin for rich Eenglis man. Maybe I'm in wrong place here
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