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  1. Yup, not sure what music he listens to as rhythm guitar is very noticeable in funk, disco, metal, soul, certain types of jazz e.g. gypsy and reggae. In fact, in a band context, most of the guitar playing is rhythm with lead usually limited to 20-40 seconds. I've not beef with auto-tune. After all, find me an electric guitarist who only plays clean with no effects. That would be the equivalent of a singer without any studio help
  2. Back on a 80s indie/post punk tip. As a teen Peelie's show was essential listening for me, the only place I could really hear indie rock that never got daytime airplay. Here are top tunes from three of my fave (woefully underrated/overlooked) finds
  3. Thing about the AD/DC vs SQ thing going on here is that AC/DC are estimated to have sold 200 million albums worldwide with BiB doing 25 million alone in the US. SQ have hadn't any album go platinum in the UK while they're virtually unheard of in the US. Both bands have gone 40 years plus without ever breaking their formula yet one is one of the biggest selling acts in music history and the other is some way off that. Odd that.
  4. What's that vid doing in a thread about SQ? I'm confused. I looked at it for a couple of mins and that was 1 minute 58 seconds too long. Back to Quo, seems with the original line-up they were more interesting live while I've heard several of their studio efforts but to my ears the sound is limp. The Live album's pretty good with tracks like 45 Hundred Times, Roll Over Lay Down, Backwater/Just Take Me and Big Fat Mama being well superior to the studio versions. Dunno how they managed to morph into a Butlins cabaret act after the original rhythm section left. As for worshipping them, ermm!
  5. One of the few bands I've been listening to regularly since I heard Upside Down on Peel. Plenty about them back in the 80s to upset music purists, grannies, pets etc. Here's the great Never Understand
  6. Ha, I'm also getting on a bit but finding myself increasingly drawn towards the sonic assault of twin guitars crunching out riffs in drop D. I enjoy metal more now than when I was a yoot, maybe because in the 21st century there's been little of all that demons and wizards tosh. Outside of electronica and downtempo it's the only current sub-genre of rock I bother with.
  7. Having to work this morning so I generally have ambient/downtempo electronica type stuff on, this currently spinning around
  8. Yeah, I can't abide that either. Just sounds ragged and messy.
  9. At one end of the sound spectrum I'm magnetically drawn to the heavy, bowel shaking riffage from the likes of Rammstein, Slipknot and Lamb of God. On the other I'm a sucker for funky rhythm guitar as arguably heard best in Chic and also the classic chickin pickin on the Telecaster from the likes of Albert Lee, Brent Mason, Vince Gill etc. On the other hand the jangly Rickenbacker type sound you hear in Tom Petty ATH, The Byrds, Smiths, Stone Roses, REM etc is a big turn-off. Probably a key reason I don't like these groups along with the vocals with the exception of the Byrds. I actually do like their vocals.
  10. Oddly enough my fave electric guitar players generally make music I'm not a fan of and don't even own any of their albums. I listen to their songs online just to focus on the guitar work e.g. Billy Gibbons, Dave Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, Steve Morse and Eric Johnson. Conversely, my fave rock bands make great guitar noises but the guitarists aren't among my go tos e.g Clutch, Rammstein, Slipknot, Gojira, Jane's Addiction, Alice in Chains and Lamb of God.
  11. That 'song' is utter bilge. I was thinking her voice is so-so, not the worst I've heard by any stretch but then an unlistenable grime type rap 'solo' comes in. There's much to dislike about modern pop but the rap spot in otherwise OK songs is the pits. I'm well into late 80s - mid 90s east coast and west coast hip hop but from what I've heard from Brit rappers I get why it's one-way traffic between the US and UK.
  12. Huh, that I did not know. Filter's stuff would've sounded good in that film
  13. You got any love for Motley Crue by any chance? I don't have much time for the rest of the Hair scene but the Crue had a good run in the 80s
  14. I've must've be nurturing my inner Goth for 30+ years then as I still play albums by these geezers 😁. Spinning Round by RLYL is one of my go to tunes for putting pedal to the metal .
  15. Since lockdown #1 and with time to spare I've 'discovered' a few fave bands -all US - who've actually been around for at least 20 years or have disbanded. It's a minor regret I'll never see them live or that I overlooked them when they were at festivals I went to. White Zombie and Filter are two such. Dunno how I missed them as I was well into other American alt-rock stuff in the 90s. Only came across Filter via one of producer /musician Rick Beato's vids on YT. If you don't know his YT channel I 100% recommend it. over to you 👉
  16. These days among footy fans / amateur players I'd have thought they're more like to say 'I'm no Messi / Ronaldo' . Anyway pedantry aside, I can't think of any guitarist, let alone bass player, whose name would trip off the tongue of the average person in the street. I mean, even Hendrix means next to nothing to millennials and non-rock fans
  17. Give me an easily recognisable player anyday over these interchangeable hyper-technical plankspankers. Any lurve here for Billy Gibbons and Brian May fr'instance. Also don't know why Edge gets so much shyte, mostly it seems from nerdy teens holed up in their bedrooms judging from posts on YT and various guitar/music fora
  18. I live not far from a well known specialist bass store and have tried out a Ken Smith, vintage Fender Jazz, Fodera, Sadowsky and others over £1k. They're all great and if I made a living as a musician or was stinking rich I'd get a few. But I'm not and for my needs sub £500 models are totally fine.I
  19. Damn right! I love playing bass but it doesn't give me that level of catharsis I get from pounding the skins along to Ace of Spades
  20. A key reason I like playing bass, particularly funk/slap - and the much despised (on BC anyway😁) Mark King style - is because it's like a portable and convenient way of drumming when you haven't got the time or space to set up a full kit to practice on. Since divorce #3 I don't live in a home large enough to have a kit permanently set-up so since then I've been playing a lot more bass and practising on a muted snare but now have acute non-drumming withdrawal symptoms, made more so by lockdowns. Any other drummist chomping at the bit to get back behind a kit?
  21. 'Best' for many people voting in any kind of poll equates with what they know and like the most. Objectivity doesn't even come into it.
  22. IMO to be considered a truly great guitarist you'd need to be versatile and highly proficient in several genres or at least capable of playing well in a range of styles if demanded. Could prince play chickin pickin country style, do Travis picking on an acoustic, flamenco, jazz? I don't know for sure but none of his albums feature these. Players who were/are top notch in several styles include Eric Johnson, Danny Gatton, John Jourgensen, Steve Morse, Buckethead, John McLaughlin, Tommy Emmanuel and Guthrie Govan. I've heard nothing done by Prince (including that tribute to George Harrison) that's on the same level as these guys.
  23. I've still got the first three on CD but haven't played them in at least 10 years. This reminds me to dig them out and give a spin. Zenyatta is 50% good but quite a bit of filler IMO. Never really cared much for Synchronicity.
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