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  1. I'm not normally a Stingray guy, but this (and the red one posted at the weekend) are making me look twice... maybe I'm going through a change? GLWTS though - it's glorious!
  2. I still gig the one I bought from you from you five or so years ago Paul - easily a match for anyone else's "reasonably priced" P-bass copy.
  3. Weight 4.3 kg... aah 🙂
  4. Weight 16.55 LB... oof!
  5. Farida are definitely in the category of 'really good basses for the money'. If you want a Jazz bass and aren't sniffy about the logo on the headstock you're onto a winner with this. GLWTS
  6. I should add that I like relics - as long as they are not 'fakes' being used to charge vintage money for knock-offs.
  7. It's hard to be sure from these pictures, but for me they both fall down where a lot of relics do, which is the front of the neck. Apart from some of the dot markers looking a bit brown that fretboard doesn't look like it belongs on a guitar that has lived the life that Rory's did, it looks like what it is - new.
  8. Sellers a comedian... one of his other listings: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1980s-Vintage-Air-Guitar/264451163959
  9. Brought a Precision with upgraded pickup and hard case from Keith. It was a totally smooth transaction and the bass was, if anything, in even better condition than I expected. Keith's communication and packing were first class - wouldn't hesitate to recommend!
  10. Thank goodness - this is a nice thing but mercifully not my bag... There are two things I covet most in bass-land, which are maple boarded Precisions and TE amps (don't know why, I just do)... and this is neither. Anyone reading this in the future will have no idea why I'm wittering on about such things, and that pleases me 🙂 Mr. yorks5stringer sir, all is forgiven - but know that most of the views on that Player series P are me...
  11. Look, I know we've never met, and from the way you write your descriptions you seem like a really nice chap... but please stop putting basses I (really) like up for sale, or we are going to fall out! (Good luck btw)!
  12. Like... plus it's my birthday next week... someone buy this before I find myself in a divorce court!
  13. I'm not usually a big fan of Jazz basses, but that one could change my mind. GLWTS!
  14. Wow - not to mention some of the other overpriced sh*te he's selling... a crappy practice amp for more than a new one that comes with a guarantee, plus £20 postage. Do these people have no shame?
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