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  1. So good. That finish would add a whole load of 'strut' to any glam rock bassists gig!
  2. The reality is that it's too heavy and too expensive (for me)... but I so would!
  3. Bought a pedal from Alin last week - a really nice guy and the easiest of deals. Pedal came securely boxed/wrapped and I'm one very happy customer!
  4. Good idea - and then you can sell the left over neck to get some cash with which you can get the damaged body fixed! All you need to do then is buy another £30 Squier to obtain a neck for it at a decent price... and then the left over body is all profit 🙂 </irony> This is probably how how he should not be named got started... Anyhoo - somehow this has reached over £70 with 10 hours to go... what am I missing, apart from a pathological desire to throw away money?
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Squier-Fender-Affinity-Precision-Bass-Guitar-With-Hard-Case/254411075405
  6. I've had a couple of these before - 4 & 5 string versions, well worth the money. Wish I was a bit closer or I'd have that! GLWTS
  7. I tend to get mine here - https://www.guitarstringsandthings.co.uk/search?search_query=picato+bass Free postage too
  8. I've used Picato strings on and off for ages, since being put onto them by another Basschatter - good value strings and seemingly consistent quality. I have found availability to be a bit hit and miss though - if they were more widely available more of the time they might have a better market share... just my 2p. Definitely worth a try though if you haven't used them before.
  9. Severe GAS attack here too... I've been saving for something else, but this is a real head turner. Oh wibble!
  10. I've had the same problem with with the licensed (not USA) Ultralites... perhaps unsurprisingly Hipshot actually sell bushes which allow you to fit their tuners to headstocks with too-large holes already drilled. I was going to buy some since they are only $4 each... but the cheapest postage option was over $50... no sale! I've used the masking tape 'fix' seemingly successfully, but it doesn't seem like an ideal way to make such critical components fit properly.
  11. That is a fine collection! They are still around in amazingly good condition if you keep your eyes open - and I might be imagining it but the prices seem to be firming up a just a little. Still stupid cheap for what they are but maybe the world at large is catching on to the worthiness of 'classic' TE gear. The (daft) notion that they are one-trick ponies might be one reason they have been so cheap for so long, but I think I'll always have one or two in my possession.
  12. I'm sure I asked on here once before if anyone could 3D-print these? Clearly it wasn't a go-er because I've still got a shortage! I'm sure that if they could be manufactured there are enough of us who would buy some (or one) to make it worth someone's time.
  13. You don't even see that many with all of the little slider ends in place... I've got four TE heads and only enough of those white bits to fully equip one of them at a time.
  14. First time customer of John's - and it won't be the last. He replied to my initial enquiry after an hour and then felt he should apologise for his tardiness... Transaction was completed on a Friday afternoon and the loom (nicely protected in a proper box) arrived the next day. Superb!
  15. Bought some straplock parts from Martyn last week - he was nice to deal with and they arrived quickly. Recommended!
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