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  1. Claimed to be a genuine Warwick accessory, which it might well be - possibly originally built for shops or trade shows maybe? Warwick bass headstock... mirror
  2. I think that is a master volume control, so you have individual volume for each pickup plus a master volume.
  3. Good shout to look carefully at the multi pin connectors if your amp has them - they are not the best solution to connecting boards in an environment which will likely experience a lot of vibration...
  4. Late to the party I know, but I've also experienced the effect loop tarnishing issue on both TE and Laney amps, presumably because they are unused for years by some owners (including me). But posting because I'm sure I've also read that the pre-shape and graphic in/out switches on some models of TE amp could be problematic, and that replacing them had been known to resolve some intermittent issues... Could be useful info for someone.
  5. I've got a set of the licensed version and they don't have that allen screw. Nice tuners and made a small but positive difference to balance of the bass I switched them onto compared to the no-brand ones that were there before.
  6. I'm not normally a Stingray guy, but this (and the red one posted at the weekend) are making me look twice... maybe I'm going through a change? GLWTS though - it's glorious!
  7. I still gig the one I bought from you from you five or so years ago Paul - easily a match for anyone else's "reasonably priced" P-bass copy.
  8. Farida are definitely in the category of 'really good basses for the money'. If you want a Jazz bass and aren't sniffy about the logo on the headstock you're onto a winner with this. GLWTS
  9. I should add that I like relics - as long as they are not 'fakes' being used to charge vintage money for knock-offs.
  10. It's hard to be sure from these pictures, but for me they both fall down where a lot of relics do, which is the front of the neck. Apart from some of the dot markers looking a bit brown that fretboard doesn't look like it belongs on a guitar that has lived the life that Rory's did, it looks like what it is - new.
  11. Sellers a comedian... one of his other listings: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1980s-Vintage-Air-Guitar/264451163959
  12. Brought a Precision with upgraded pickup and hard case from Keith. It was a totally smooth transaction and the bass was, if anything, in even better condition than I expected. Keith's communication and packing were first class - wouldn't hesitate to recommend!
  13. Thank goodness - this is a nice thing but mercifully not my bag... There are two things I covet most in bass-land, which are maple boarded Precisions and TE amps (don't know why, I just do)... and this is neither. Anyone reading this in the future will have no idea why I'm wittering on about such things, and that pleases me 🙂 Mr. yorks5stringer sir, all is forgiven - but know that most of the views on that Player series P are me...
  14. Look, I know we've never met, and from the way you write your descriptions you seem like a really nice chap... but please stop putting basses I (really) like up for sale, or we are going to fall out! (Good luck btw)!
  15. Like... plus it's my birthday next week... someone buy this before I find myself in a divorce court!
  16. I'm not usually a big fan of Jazz basses, but that one could change my mind. GLWTS!
  17. Wow - not to mention some of the other overpriced sh*te he's selling... a crappy practice amp for more than a new one that comes with a guarantee, plus £20 postage. Do these people have no shame?
  18. Are you suggesting that there is a choice? Prefer maple boards myself, but I bet this sounds as good as it looks, and it looks very good for that kind of money. GLWTS!
  19. So good. That finish would add a whole load of 'strut' to any glam rock bassists gig!
  20. The reality is that it's too heavy and too expensive (for me)... but I so would!
  21. Bought a pedal from Alin last week - a really nice guy and the easiest of deals. Pedal came securely boxed/wrapped and I'm one very happy customer!
  22. Good idea - and then you can sell the left over neck to get some cash with which you can get the damaged body fixed! All you need to do then is buy another £30 Squier to obtain a neck for it at a decent price... and then the left over body is all profit 🙂 </irony> This is probably how how he should not be named got started... Anyhoo - somehow this has reached over £70 with 10 hours to go... what am I missing, apart from a pathological desire to throw away money?
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