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  1. Okay so I’m not 100% sure about this but putting this up this quick ad tentatively. A rare thru neck ACG. Headless Harlot 5 A1 Immiculate, as new condition. Not a single ding or scratch! This has been gigged by me twice and obmm once according to him when I collected it so a total of three nights played out. So a new ACG for half the price. We’re talking exotic wood for days here: sycamore, Asian ebony, Wenge, flamed maple and swamp ash. It has grub screws for use with normal strings if that’s what you want. The unusual low pass filter amp per pickup that is spec’d in a lot of Alan’s custom builds. Really cool feature is the resonance control. And of course the high boost circuit that runs parallel to the low pass filter adding some tops back in. That along with the switchable pickup config makes it very versatile tonally. I bought on here from the original owner obbm who commissioned the bass for I believe in the region of £3,000. Perfectly low action, fibre optic dots (which I found a lot better for use on a dark stage than the much brighter LEDs that are common) plays like a dream and has a very hi-if sound with plenty of punch. Using obbm’s original photos for now but will update with fresh ones unless I withdraw. I strongly believe that it’s underpriced at £1500 but in BC spirit it’s what I paid for it. It has double ball status that have lost one of their ‘zing’ but still have some there which is great for some but if you want that fresh string zing then you’ll want to grab some new ones. Haven’t used the grub screws before but got instructions on from Alan (the luthier) on how to use them to fit normal single ball strings. 34-inch scale Swamp Ash body core Asian Ebony top/veneer. Thru 5 piece flame maple/wenge neck Acrylic Flame Sycamore neck – no dots Dual Action trussrod Carbon neck rods Blue LED via fiber-optic side dots Black hardware Hipshot Ultralite Tuners. Hipshot Type A bridge - 18mm spacing ACG String anchor RFB humbucker bridge pick-up with coil switching RFB Single coil neck pick-up.
  2. Thanks man, I may do. I’m having a kind of battle in my head atm about what kind of bass I need vs ones I want! We’ll see 🙄 Whether it’s me or someone else I’m sure it’ll move in good time as it’s a lovely bass!
  3. Bumped for £70 price drop! Save some post Christmas cash and grab a bargain 👍🏼🎶
  4. Nice! Looks like great fun to play with the short scale and E-C setup 🤪
  5. Nice wicks! I wouldn’t say those prices are high as you stated but IMO people undervalue warwicks. That stage 2 looks like a great bass for the money. GLWTSs
  6. Yeah it’s got a really golden sparkle to it which catches the light 👍🏼
  7. My second ever bass (first I still have) was exactly this except a 5er. Same paint job and everything. Loved that thing. I know I’m sentimental but even with that aside: for under 200 nicka I don’t think you can go wrong with this! 👍🏼
  8. Probably a mixture of this point and the haze of long term memory lol. Would still love this thing even if it was a bit of a heffer!
  9. Man I miss that thing! ive got an Harlot 5 now which is lovely but that harlot right there is so light and playable its inbelievable! seems like you’re enjoying it and looking after it well
  10. Sold an epifani cab to Tony, all good no probs at all
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