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  1. Goodwood Rd is one block over. What a missed opportunity.
  2. I think it's a darn shame that they never became the Plectra Deflecta.
  3. Glad I'm not the only one! Language is ever shifting, and the important thing is that we can all express ourselves and understand each other- but the term is 'plectrum'. I use a plectrum when the sound and feel will suit the music- some bands just require fingers, some, particularly covers gigs, are a mix, and a few are plec all the way. I have many plectra, but the 1mm Dunlop Max Grip is the one which lives in my back pocket for instant access.
  4. Actually, I have an Epi Les Paul I keep meaning to list. It's a great guitar with Kent Armstrong pickups, but has some noticeable damage to the finish, so I was going to put it up for a couple of hundred. I can PM you details if you'd be interested, @SteveXFR?
  5. I didn't think I'd be able to watch this as I don't have a licence, but it appears to be on Youtube already so I'll have a nice legal look, after tomorrow's gigs, perhaps. I think that the 'Grunge' sound and look, however we define it, was a bit of a sea change in mainstream pop at the time in a similar fashion to punk, as production values had become very high and fashion very overwrought. The shift brought back a simpler sound of mic'ed up bands, and a look achievable by kids for very little outlay. Pop around that time began to take on darker sounds and themes, but I'm not sure it's aged all that well- all that moping and self-loathing was rather counter to the positivity and wonder most are seeking from a mainstream pop tune. It was all around me as a teen though; I was very taken with Nirvana and Pearl Jam, although nowadays Melvins and Mudhoney encapsulate that ethic more for me- 'I Like It Small' by Mudhoney seems a good manifesto for the independent garage band!
  6. Sounds like something to do with how the deliveries are organised in your area. I've had orders dispatched within hours of being placed, but the journey times can vary, especially when they get to this country. I can't see how Thomann would have anything to gain from, or much control over, a specific moment of delivery.
  7. Most fretless simulations act on the attack of the notes. The 'Autoswell' effect in the dynamics section will fade in the volume as each note is played- set to act quickly it can soften the front of the note enough to give the right impression. If you have much in the way of fret rattle in the sustain of the note, rolling off the tone, or having an EQ do something similar, can reduce that hint of metal-on-metal in the sound.
  8. Got a few too many in stock, have they? 😄 Perhaps they should just spread a rumour that there is an impending flatwound shortage- that'll shift 'em!
  9. I'm paraphrasing for my reply, but good post! I also don't understand the dissing- every medium has certain characteristics; which will be most appropriate to requirements or just plain most satisfying will vary from case to case. It's really not a competition to be won or lost- the psychological tendancy to divide and compete puzzles me, especially over something as almost universally enjoyed as chucking on some music! I still remember the downcast look on my friend's face when I informed him thusly! He has recently moved to a stone cottage in Yorkshire with all his fancy hi-fi and SACDs- he'll need to get some serious traps and absorbers up in that place if he wants to make the most of them!
  10. I'm not sure anyone is saying that vinyl can't sound nice. The problem, I believe, is with the term 'better'. It can mean many things, and it is accurate to say that vinyl can sound 'better' while actually being worse at the same time. It can be a better experience to listen to an LP, while the accuracy, dynamic range, and noise are unequivocally worse than a digital recording. It's only the same as valve amps for guitar; noisy, non-linear, low-headroom pre- and power- amps, drivers with wildly non-linear response in boxes with notable resonances. Early instrument amps are actually pretty terrible at their intended purpose, but conspire to create something profoundly compelling. Some of the 'best' guitar sounds are the sound of an amplifier doing everything badly! 😄 I think the problem is that it is easy to read a simple statement such 'vinyl sounds better' and assume that it is higher fidelity (I know I did!) but it just isn't that kind of better. Taken to its logical conclusion, it is an audiophile issue, and even then there are different goals. The most pleasurable listening experience may come from a turntable, valve amp, and a set of 'vintage' speakers with all that additional colour, but for those looking for the most accurate representation of the final master, that option would be throughly inadequate.
  11. The format is lower fidelity. The character which comes about on vinyl can be flattering to certain types of material, but even then it is less accurate to the source. It can be subjectively better in certain cases, but objectively speaking, it has lower headroom and frequency range, and is higher noise. Those may be likeable qualities in context, but technically they make the format worse sounding. You can't make a blanket statement, let alone an inaccurate one, and demand that no-one disagree. 😉
  12. Indeed- I think I have already learned everything I need to know about removing things from cardboard containers.
  13. Eau de P, a fragrance for the bass player in your life, exclusively by Fender. "Just a sprinkle does it"
  14. A heavy odour which will make you green around the gills.
  15. That is one visually coherant rig! Really looks sharp, and I don't doubt that it sounds impressive too. 👍
  16. From band whore to brand whore. It's only a matter of time before Fender come out with a 'fragrance', now.
  17. Ah, yes! And how could I have forgotton Phil Lesh's Guild modded/butchered by Alembic?
  18. Given that a lot of people don't like the way Bongos look, that may not be accurate! There was a white and gold one on here recently which was simultaneously stunning but also really upped the appearance of a bathroom fitting.
  19. I think the Mini HP Vong is just a single -12db/Oct filter, but the Vong-Filterung has the fixed -12db at 30hz plus variable from 30-140hz.
  20. Ooops! Still not quite used to the new forum!
  21. Bill Black's '56 Precision Marshall Grant's Epiphone Newport Billy Talbot's Precision with Telecaster bass neck. For some reason I'm much more excited by it when it was white than after he painted it red. Tommy Shannon's battered white Jazz Glen Benton's Red BC Rich Ironbird Davids Vincent's Hamer Tom Petersson and his Chandler Royale 12-string
  22. I felt out of breath after reading that! I think the stream of words tricked my brain into thinking it was low on oxygen.
  23. Sorry to hear the news- doesn't seem correct to say that you dodged a bullet, but at least the decision has been taken out of your hands. I was on tour for most of the 15 months of my Dad's illness, and got that phone call whilst loading out of a venue at the end of the night. I did get the chance to say a kind of goodbye while he was still compos mentis, and saw him briefly in the hospice when he was more diamorphine than man, but otherwise I was pretty disconnected from the process. Observing those little points along the trajectory were psychologically helpful to me, and as gruelling as it is to look after someone, I think our brains are better attuned to the inevitable outcome of a decline that to just lose someone out of the blue. Reading back I see that your parents are both still with you, so that isn't quite as relevant as I first thought, but during this time your own wellbeing is just as, if not more, important than usual. While it's natural to do all you can for your mum and dad, taking every opportunity to relax and care for yourself will help no end, in both the immediate and long term. All the best, Andy
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