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  1. The Fishman Platinum Pro EQ has a tuner and one knob comp in one standard 9v unit. It also has EQ with HPF, and a notch which is handy for feedback issues, and a variable boost, which may or may not be useful to you. I keep recommending these to people- it's about time I bought myself one, I think! 😄
  2. I had an OLP 5-string Stingray which was great. It would be nice to still have it, but I couldn't afford to buy new things without selling things I already had, back then.
  3. Seven and a half hours? I can easily sleep for ten and still be knackered in the morning.
  4. Thank you, that would be lovely if and when you get a chance.
  5. Ah, thanks- so, the ones with the small casings and single screw rather than open gear with a base plate?
  6. Sorry to hear of the injury- enjoy the opiates while you've got 'em! The bass looks really sharp in white, but I'm still looking forward to the astral plain version.
  7. Awesome. Look forward to seeing how it turns out! Perhaps it should be called The Pledge Bass.
  8. Were there Hipshots which were a direct drop-in replacement?
  9. I can't even give my fart-jars away.
  10. Well done lads- I didn't expect to be so relieved at that!
  11. Love it! I saw a picture of an original recently, really cool.
  12. It's a great song, but worth noting that there is every chance that the notion of today being the unhappiest one of the year came from a campaign to sell holidays. For the many who live a life of continual inexplicable emptiness and misery, there is certainly no need for a Depressive's Christmas, as it were.
  13. British moaning isn't what it was when I was a lad- back then we had something to moan about, not like these millemunals, whoever they think they are.
  14. I don't think one can assume anything from an act's name. I know some great artists and lovely people who go out under their own name, and have worked with some huge egos in bands. In fact, dominant behaviour can seem all the more manipulative and destructive when conducted under the auspices of a democratic, egalitarian band. To be honest, it's very hard to second guess how a group project is going to work out, especially a creative one.
  15. Must have had it tough at school, poor lad.
  16. I find all this most perplexing. I'm no expert on the law, but it does leave me wondering what the point in a suspended sentence is if the convicted offender is left free to continue offending, despite numerous reports to Action Fraud from victims showing that he is still an active criminal. I hope that all those on this and the other thread see some resolution soon.
  17. Well, not really. Emphasis of harmonic content is a side effect of clipping as the wave becomes more square. 'Failing' is quite a loaded term, but if it applies to either, it is clipping, as the component or circuit finds itself unable to amplify the signal any further. In compression, signal above the threshold in the side chain induces a reduction of gain (quite literally, turning down the volume) in the signal path.
  18. As is 'A Bunch Of Complete And Utter Country'.
  19. Sorry... it's like berthing a double decker tank engine in a single story railway shed! But it would be correct to say that a compressor is turning down the volume, which is exactly why it differs from clipping. There is a huge page somewhere with monkey analogies for audio processes, and for compression it is a monkey with a volume control. The threshold tells the monkey how loud the sound can get before he turns it down, the attack how long he waits before turning it down, the ratio how far he turns it down, and the release how long he waits to turn it back to where it was. Or she, naturally. I'm not too hot on the history of their invention, but compressors are basically an automatic version of having someone sat there with a finger on the fader, pulling it down for the loud parts and getting it back to the right spot for the quieter sections, for the sake of an even mix over time.
  20. The Valve Drive is very nice, in my opinion. I find it to have a lot of gain and always use the pad, so will probably make the valve substitution as suggested in the manual to bring the levels down. The odd 'flat' setting is because of the old-style passive EQ, very Fender Bassman, although versions were used in many early amps. I think it orignally came from an RCA electronics manual. The pedal is clearly aimed at overdrive, although my main intent with it is as a Blackface Fender preamp. The main drawback for me is that while the jack output has the option of on/bypass, the DI out is on/mute, so it can't be used as a straight DI. I like that it looks a bit weird, too. Part modern, part 60's, and with that 80's script font through the middle!
  21. Seems a bit 'damned if you do, damned if you don't'. Posters get told off for starting threads on subjects which have been discussed many times before, and mocked for re-starting old ones. It's all just people trying to share or learn, which is no bad thing.
  22. It could really do with a picture of it in-situ.
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