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  1. Oh, I was hoping they'd be entangled on a quantum level- if I wiggle the mouse in one, the pointer moves in the other!
  2. There is! Are there two of these threads or am I slipping back and forth between alternate dimensions?
  3. When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie,
  4. I don't know- The Neepheid Jack Casady Les Paul Bass has quite a snappy ring to it.
  5. 'Musicians' is a four letter word!
  6. Thanks- it's a great thing, and so flexible. I've recorded some clips with the rounds, but I'd like to do them with the half-rounds too. My procrastination has really kicked in with making a thread on it, but it's been out earning its keep!
  7. Not sigs, but I have a couple of fantasy basses in my possession. The first is a multi-purpose Fender type, made from a modded Squier VM Precision TB. It currently has rounds on it, but is overdue a set of halves. Second is my Swift Triple, beautifully made by @Andyjr1515. It currently has rounds on it, but is overdue putting back on the original halves, along with a NBD! I was with Markbass for a time, but the closest I came to a deal with a bass manufacturer was Gibson, of whom I am a fan. If were able to wangle a signature model with them it would be the LP Jr DC in Worn Brown with no scratchplate, and either a single neck 'bucker, or with neck pickup, TB+ as on the standard, and a mini humbucker at the bridge.
  8. The one I have on my fridge door is coming along very nicely, @Happy Jack.
  9. I think these things need to be taken on a case by case basis. I've been hired for shows with nothing more than a list of songs to be played as the record, a time, and a venue. The band set up, say hello to each other for the first time, and then count off the first track. Those kind of shows will be booked from players who can slot in seamlessly, but it can be done. I've also turned up for a month of Tuesday night rehearsals for bands who still couldn't get it together on the gig! The important thing, @aDx, is that you looked at the situation and made a call which was right for you. You are now free to keep an eye out for a band with an ethic which is better aligned with your own!
  10. Looking at the manual, the minimum load is 4 Ohms, so both cabs would need to be 8 Ohms. It will do 1x8, 2x8, or 1x4. It doesn't make any difference whether it's an Orange cab or not, but when mixing cabs one needs to be aware that they may or may not work well together, for various reasons. A 15" may well not create more low end, though. A single 15 is actually likely to reach its limits before a 4x10.
  11. Who needs to hold their willy when they have a full-size Cali76? Super cool pedal!
  12. Brilliant! That'll be Roger and Liam in the rhythm section. They're both local to me, Roger used to dep for me when I ran a function band, and I still play with Liam occasionally, usually with The Geoff Everrett Band! I've never seen them play together, but I imagine they're a pretty formidable pairing.
  13. They're great looking things! Dingwall are Canadian aren't they? The only problem with the name is that it makes me think of J-Roc, n'ahm sayin', muh fuggas?
  14. All Right Now; turns out to be a prophetic song about internet fora!
  15. Tarantino has some classic spots- Little Green Bag and Stuck In The Middle With You in Reservoir Dogs were great, and You Never Can Tell in Pulp Fiction, too. Loads of blaxploitation stuff as well- Shaft, Super Fly, etc.
  16. Oooh, ooh, ooh- I've never used this doodah before...
  17. I had one of those too- I tried it in the shop almost for a laugh, but was blown away by the slinky setup and clear sound. That inlay though- and the fact that it leached orange oil into my shirt when I sweated!
  18. Actually, the Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff looks like it would be great for bass. I'd like to try one.
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