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  1. Off topic, but while I haven't yet found anything on Google about the clip on ponytail for the 80's gent wishing to fast-track his mullet, I have just discovered that the clip-on man-bun is a thing.
  2. And for the full toilet wall effect... Sp*nk, Anus, and W*nkerman.
  3. Love it! Can I tweak it to 'Stocky, Aching, and Water Retention'? Lyrics in Lycra
  4. Choose Live Moonworkers Moog Traders (except most people will pronounce it wrong!) We Told You Synths Wouldn't Replace Us
  5. Not at all- I need to stick to 'if in doubt- don't'!
  6. Sorry- I wondered how that would come across. The video of her 'Blah Blah Blah' speech reminded me of her 'How dare you' speech! I intended a novelty paraphrasing of her words, for humorous effect, but I wasn't confident it would work in text. 😉
  7. You post a video of a young person, who should be back at school on the other side of the ocean, mocking world leaders? HOW DARE YOU?!
  8. This is another subject where there is no value in trying to establish arbitrary rights or wrongs; there are just ways of making sound. I've loved my various analogue boards, I use an HX Stomp, and I still use my Zoom MS60-B. Sometimes that little Zoom gives me a tuner, HPF, compressor, amp/cab sim and switchable overdrive in the space of one boss pedal. Sometimes I'm in the mood (and have the time and space) to bring a valve rig with a little string of pedals. Neither is fully better or fully worse, and both sound great. There are no morals, and no 'saints' whose pedal habits we can follow to be sure we are allowed into sonic heaven when we die. As I think I said on another thread, we live in a time of many great sounding options- choosing what suits us and learning how best to use it is useful. Dividing up, and picking sides isn't.
  9. I'm told that, in certain circumstances, the extra 3.175mm can make all the difference to sweating over it.
  10. A HPF on a comp will likely be on the sidechain, so it won't affect the low end content of the output signal, but is there to reduce the low end energy crossing the threshold. It makes them easier to set up on bass heavy material.
  11. There's no sense in taking sides on the matter- IEMs come with benefits and conveniences, with some drawbacks. Amps come with benefits and conveniences, with some drawbacks. A great PA with easy IE mix options and someone out front to make it sound right is a great thing, as is rocking up with a snare drum and less than 80 watts between us, and being ready to sound great 20mins from arrival- and a myriad of situations in between. We live in a time of multiple, great options; understanding which is most appropriate for a situation and how to get the best out of them is deeply worthwhile. I'm not sure that dividing them into ostensible right and wrong does anyone much good.
  12. Well, that's me thinking of Stannah every time I see one of these!
  13. Jus Lukin


    As per the request, I shan't be involving myself in this thread in any way whatsoever.
  14. I think there will be a strong consensus here! A Rick kicks out a hell of a punk tone but is very expensive and an acquired taste to play. A P can be had very easily and makes a very suitable noise- rounds with the tone up gives a good throaty clank, and rolled back for more of a pummeling pump, Dee Dee style! The 70's sound is often quite lo-fi, too; quite mid-focused, and I find that a sealed cab without a horn tends to shape the voice in an appropriate way for the mix. EQ can be used to roll off highs and deep lows while emphasising the mid range of course. Certainly, ultra-deep sub bass tends to detract from the punky punchiness.
  15. Most of my social club gigs have been fine, although I think by nature of being private there is a tendancy towards a bit of an atmosphere in them. One which did get thrown was when the organiser wanted to introduce us after the first song. Bit weird, but he's the host, so he gets what he wants, which, it turns out, was to speak for about 15 minutes about his charity for terminally ill children. He'd obviously given it a lot of thought, as he dramatically waxed lyrical about the constant, inevitable deaths, the brevity of those little lives, the despair of young families, and his pièce de résistance- that so many came to them for care, but none of them ever got to leave. A worthy cause, but a tough seque between bouncy rock'n'roll numbers! We were left in the quandary that the show had to go on, but his speech was so heavy we couldn't just carry on as if it hadn't happened. A cheesy 50's comedy and dance party isn't an easy vibe to carry off whilst bearing in mind the little innocents who won't make it to the end of the month. We never did quite find the correct gear for that particular incline.
  16. I agree that it is worth having the DI checked- it ought to be a good full-range sound. In the meantime the line-out is fine as a solution. Mic and instrument level signals really benefit from balancing to cancel out noise picked up along the cable, but line level is a much stronger signal, so will usually have a much better signal to noise ratio. Unless you have very long cable runs to deal with, the line out shouldn't present any issue compared to a balanced DI out in normal conditions.
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