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  1. How do you find the compressor at the start of your pedal chain? My board is set up pretty much in the exact reverse order to yours. chous > distortion > compression > boost. For eq I have on my base, and on my amp so I feel like I’m covered.
  2. Does your amp have an effects loop? If so, why not pick up a second hand rack EQ? With digital desks taking over, quality outboard gear is going cheap.
  3. Looks like I’ve gotta man up and take what’s coming. Just so he doesn’t g hurt the wrong person, here’s a pic.
  4. My take on this is that we are moving electricity around from the pickups to the speakers. I guess subtle differences in tube design (e.g. a slightly better quality of metal) will alter the flow of electricity, maybe add a little distortion etc. Sometimes it sounds better, sometimes worse.
  5. I’m a little paranoid, I’ll confess, but I see a mute button as a marker of gear intended for professional use. When something goes horribly wrong in the noise department, I want to be able to shut it down before it destroys my speaker drivers, ears, expensive PA, and professional image.
  6. Have you tried using a decent mic? That might help... Back on topic: I haven’t needed my backup amp in 10 years of gigs. I still carry at least a DI box, and often a Trace Elliot Elf which is about the size of DI box anyway. For out of town gigs I take my 1x10 frankenamp combo and a spare bass if there is room in the van.
  7. I’m relying on my geographic isolation to keep my face intact 😊
  8. I thought that I was paranoid carrying three extra strings that hardly get used. And then I see this! 😎
  9. Wow!, kinda up there with how many angels fit on the head of a pin. But if I had to go down to only one, it would be my Ibanez G104: weird to look at, beautiful to play.
  10. Maybe GHS Brite flats would work?
  11. Gave my JC a run at band practice tonight. Sounds great, although not the best choice for reggae. Difficult ergonomics, plays better with a short strap. And it was 30 degrees C here this evening, so lacquered guitars get sticky! Rest of the band loved the look.
  12. Yep, the silverburst appealed. Gives it a bit of visual pop.
  13. When you look this pretty, you don't have to sound good Plenty of output from the pickup, and a completely different sound to my solid body basses. The Jack's glossy finish makes my Schecter look like agricultural equipment in comparison. The Ibanez looks like it was dropped while a baby, but cannot be beat for tone, playability, and ergonomics. The Cort just sounds gutless next to the others, but is quite nice to look at.
  14. So, this little beauty was dangled in front of me recently and I couldn’t resist 😃
  15. Looks like doubling up on your current cabinet is the way to go.
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