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  1. Shame they don’t make them anymore 😩😩😩 what’s the balance like?
  2. No headstock could work indeed. I agree that this probably isn’t “the one” though.
  3. Aw that’s a shame about the headstock
  4. Yeah the strap button positions are positioned nicely. I see they did a PJ version for Rex Brown too. Worth a look I reckon!
  5. I’d rock that if it fits the briefing!!!
  6. Even 6-string guitar explorers have horrid neck dive so I can’t imagine a bass would be any better. Are these instruments you’ve owned and had good experience of?
  7. I do like my pointy and funny shaped 6-string guitars. Sadly I’ve always struggle to find a suitable bass version. I did have a Sandberg 48 that balanced nicely but it weighed as much as a large dog or small pony. So, my question is, does a well balanced AND lightweight pointy exist in the bass world? NB - bonus points for 5 strings. NNBB - please don’t mention wide straps or anything like that, I’m looking for something that fundamentally works well without needing hot fixes or workarounds. NNNBBB - please don’t just list pointy basses, I’m looking for real world experiences here 😊
  8. Does anybody know how much this weighs? To the nearest metric tonne?
  9. I’m very lazy and CBF to take a fretless bass to a gig for 2 songs. Has anyone managed to get anything even slightly close to a fretless sound from a Helix/HX?
  10. It ended up being £120 less, or roughly 68.8% of the price! Bargain!
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