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  1. That's actually pretty cool for a p1$$ed up jam!!!
  2. I think I'm getting closer! I used a MuTron model on the band-pass setting with quite a narrow Q at a 35% mix. It was still lacking. Just for shear morbid curiosity I popped on a sub octave at a 50/50 ratio and BOOM, closest I've ever got. Close enough for rock n roll anyway. So: -Jazz bass, bridge pickup, tone on about 50% -Digitech Drop with the dry+sub octave setting -Line 6 Pod Go with a real Big Muff in the FX loop, mixed at 60% -Mutron filter model, band pass setting, narrow Q, low mix I understand that I'll never recreate the proper tone without a full studio of goodies at my disposal, but it's definitely close enough to fool the casual observer.
  3. I use the "growler" model on my Skunk Anasie type tone in place of a Digitech, I wonder if that will get me close? Thank you!
  4. I did do a forum search before posting this - I promise - but no dice... I'm trying to get that Hysteria intro sound dialled in and I'm pretty close. I've got the right amount of nasty square wave distortion/fuzz, I've got the pickup balance just right and I've got the clean/dirt ratio about there. What I can't nail is that weird, warbly bit that's going on in the high-end range for the intro and ending. Is it a phaser? Is it a Bassballs? Is it some trickery not available to us mere mortals? I have a Pod Go, so a pretty wide range of things to try if anyone has any suggestions?
  5. Skip to 56 seconds to hear Jaon's Sadowsky in action:
  6. And I totally blame my laptop for the "bases" in the post title....
  7. I've played more than a few basses over the years, but I haven't even come close to playing ALL of the basses. I've always wanted a "shape" bass to help me overcompensate for my distinctly average playing. The trouble is, all of the shapes I've played seem determined to headbutt the floor and I end up gravitating back to my J-types like the old friends that they are. The only shape I've ever had that balanced well was my Sandberg Forty-Eight, but that was made of iron and concrete, so it was equally unsuitable for a 3 hour show, jut in a different way. Does a "shape" bass that balances well and doesn't weigh 6 tonnes even exist?7 Any recommendations?
  8. Sandberg, Sadowsky and Dingwall would all be top of my "must try" list! Jason Newstead's Sadowsky tone was one of the all-time great modern bass tones. It's just a shame you could never hear it on the records. Live, however, was something else! Dingwall is THE epitomy of modern bass. Like a Stingray on steroids, it loves grit and punches very hard indead. Possibly more "metal" than rock but definitely worth a look. Sandberg are just beautifully made. They aren't overly complex to drive and have pickup combinations to suit any occasion. Listen to some of the more recent Rammestein albums to hear what they can do.
  9. So, I'm in a pickle. I love the feel of flatwounds, but I prefer the bright attack of rounds. These Ernie Ball Cobalt Flats are touted to sit somewhere in the middle. Does anyone have any real world experience of them? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ernie-Ball-Flatwound-Electric-Strings/dp/B00S2VVTYK/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=ernie+ball+cobalt+flatwound&qid=1589112057&sr=8-2
  10. Hi all, I'm turning my J into a PJ and I wanted to ask your guys your collective opinion on a new pickup set. I'm using Cobalt Flats and sometimes use a bit of overdrive or light fuzz. I mix about 50/50 between pick and fingerstyle. I think I've narrowed my choices down to the Dimarzio Model P+J set, or the Fender Yosemite set. Any pros/cons to each?
  11. Well, it didn't go well. It started cutting volume about 30 minutes into the first set. I ended up having plug my board straight into the PA. It might just need a damn good clean out and service. It sounded great with loads of punch while it was working though!!
  12. Skybone - I didn't realise it was as simple as true bypass, not true bypass. I think the Neo and Nano are dirt cheap used so I might take a punt on one! Daz39 - if it's the same as the Mooer filter switch then it fixes the sweep of the flanger, making it sort of a cross between a flanger and a ring-mod. I guess that would explain the squeak! I have the Donner noise gate and it's built like a tank, really impressed with it.
  13. I picked up a 4x10" combo a couple of weeks ago for £30. I was staggered by how nice it sounds! I'm actually going to use it at tomorrow night's gig. I'm expecting to have to mic it up, but that's not big deal. I will report back!
  14. It's always done that, it seems to be one of the idiosyncratic "charms" of the Mistress. But sadly it's all I can hear now.
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