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  1. Really good day. As ever, I got to make the acquaintance of some smashing people who have mildly foolish board names but also amazingly brilliant bass kit. Nice long chats with BassAce and I got to try his Eminence EUB, also MacDaddy’s Rob Allen Mouse, some astonishingly fab basses from the remarkably modest Jabba, and huge thanks to Cetera for letting me play the winner of the Mangotango “THIS is the bass I most want to nick today” Award, for that wonderful Spectorbird. People had a go on my Aria EUB, some of them making it sound much better than I do (bah!☺️) and then we had a good talk filled with interesting stuff, from today’s guest Pete Stroud.👍👍 OK, it wasn’t a perfect day - nobody bought any of my Gear For Sale, dagnabbit; the traffic on the way home was a bit [email protected], and annoyingly Liv’pewl failed to beat That Scummy Lot; but bass-wise, it was pretty darned fine. Huge praise to all who organised the event, and as ever to Hamster for MC’ing raffle proceedings so we’ll.
  2. Compare the weights, if you regard that as a factor...having owned BC basses, given the Power Bass a go and also tried Sires before today, I can't help thinking that the BC's will be muuuuch lighter....
  3. This. Cheap and easy. Folds up and goes into the back of the car neatly. If it's a long session, add a cushion.
  4. What he said. Great Idea, but hopefully it was just bad timing for some people and shouldn't be regarded as a reason not to try again another time.
  5. mangotango


    Congrats on making A Good Choice.
  6. Last night, Tom Harrell at Ronnie Scott's (or as one of the graduates at my work asked, "Who's Rodney Scott?" No-one laughed, honest..... Anyway, the Tom Harrell Quartet. Spoiler - no massive bass content, though Ugonna Okegwo played some fine upright bass, stationed between the piano and drums. No, this was a truly great concert for very different reasons from the usual. Tom Harrell plays trumpet & flugelhorn (not at the same time, obviously). He is a soloist of rare talent. He has suffered from paranoid schizophrenia since his University days. He's now 73 and has, against all odds, carved a career in playing jazz. Without his medication, he can start to hear voices that tell him anything from "You suck, you shouldn't be in the music business", right up to instructing him to walk through window. When he goes on stage, he shuffles on, with his head held low and face to the floor so as not to make eye contact with the audience. When onstage, but not actually playing, he stands off to the side, eyes tightly closed, counting, awaiting his cue. He hardly talks to the audience, except to announce the band members after they've played, struggling to speak. Oh, and he counts off the tunes. That's about it as far as verbal communication goes. But when he's playing....he stands upright, close to the mike-stand, with the bell of his horn right up to the microphone, as though to ensure that every single note of what he's playing flows through to the audience. You hear 100% of what he's doing. There's no Cat Anderson-style upper register acrobatics to his playing; he finds the horn's sweet spot and sticks there, like a boxer delivering punch after punch. Faster tunes have a fierce beauty to them; slow ballads resonate with a tender warmth. You won't hear any comfortable entertainment clichés going on. Even when he duets with just the bass on "Embraceable You", he picks apart the melody of this old warhorse of a standard and tiptoes his way through the changes, improvising with a watchmaker's delicate touch. And the tone of the trumpet isn't harsh and bright, like so many jazz guys have. No, it's full and round and warm; that of the flugelhorn even more so. And yet, Harrell looks so fragile, as though a gentle breeze might blow him over, as if his instrumental link to the audience is all that's holding him up. The band are smartly dressed, sharp even, just like you'd expect from cool jazz dudes. Harrell looks like he's just stepped in off the street. He managed to spellbind a pretty much full house at Ronnie's for two sets. Many of us left at the end with our jaws still dropped, overwhelmed by the music he produced and probably even more by the struggle that's he'd overcome just to be there.
  7. http://www.basscentre.com/bass-collection-jive-bass/bass-collection-jive-bass-purple-haze.html Bet they'll adapt one of these and put Mr. Pratt's name next to it. Looks good though.
  8. OK, I lied about the price. It's actually £395 for the basic model with the vintage bridge - the extra £100 is for a Babicz. http://www.basscentre.com/british-bass-masters/the-bass-centre-lizzy-bass.html For that, I just don't see how you can go wrong.
  9. At the same show, I tried out their Phil Lynott Power Bass - black P with mirror scratchplate. Nice neck, lightweight bass, lovely growl to it. Full sound, lively feel. £499 I believe. Had I been I somewhat more flush, the Power Bass (though probably not the Lynott!) would have been the bass that I'd have bought.
  10. If available on the date, I could bring a couple of Spectors, Genz Benz Amplification, maybe even the Aria EUB. I might also bring @Stingray5 if he's not too busy!!
  11. That's exactly what I did! I have one for bass, one for (whisper it) guitar....that way I didn't have to listen to guitarists going WHEEEEWIDDLYWIDDLYWIDDLYWHEEEE!! at top volume, or other bassists going SLAP SLAPPITY TAPPY SLAPPY TAP all day. I thought the show was OK. I thought that there were too few exhibitors, I didn't think much of the idea of sticking the luthier's talks over in one corner of the main exhibition area rather than in a room of their own. The bass I would like to have walked out with was the blue Willcock Mullarkey n the picture. The one that I nearly did walk out with was the Phil Lynott-stylee Bass Collection Power Bass. To be honest, despite a pleasant chat with the bloke at the Spector stand, Shergold's guy passing on the welcome news that they will return to selling basses next Spring, and bumping into @Jean-Luc Pickguard, it was for a long while more than a little ho-hum. But, after having my brain bashed by Nik Preston with Music Theory at a workshop on improvisation, then meeting up with @Silvia Bluejay at a presentation by Alex Claber of Barefaced, things were looking up. And then I went to the Patitucci performance. When I sat down, I noticed on the stage a Nord keyboard as well as that 6-string bass of his, so at least it wasn't going to be like Gary Willis last year, playing along with tracks off his laptop. I was remarkably pleased when JP came on and brought with him Gwilym Simcock, one of Britain's best jazz pianists IMHO. They played a set for which I would happily have paid ten times the price of my £5 entrance fee to the Auditorium, had it been at Ronnie Scott's, Pizza Express Soho, or the like. It was definitely one of the best performances that I have EVER seen at one of these kind of shows. Once that was over, I tried to hang around for a little while to talk to Gwilym, whom I know a bit from Impossible Gentlemen gigs; however, the organisers were moving people out. Just as well really, because as a result, I was able to sneak into the back stalls at @Steve Lawson's workshop on Fretlessness - sadly on at the same time as Mr. Patitucci's performance, but I managed to catch the overlap. Best bit was yet to come, though - as I went down to the main exhibition hall again, out past me walked Messrs. Simcock & Patitucci, so I said hello to Gwilym as he walked by, and then got introduced to JP, and then Shez Raja turned up and talked to me, and all of a sudden I was surrounded by top class musicians, me in the middle, chatting away like I belonged....... old age fanboy or what? Anyway, it turned a reasonable but relatively ordinary show into something worth remembering for me. If the organisers could arrange a similar experience for next year, I'd buy my ticket now! 🤣🤣 .DS_Store
  12. That's it you blokes, don't sell me anything, or it'll cost you in the long run!!😁 Nice to know it's my fault again that you've ended up with a particularly choice bass. 😕 For both of us, mate.....😖
  13. Yeh, they do tend to "re-cycle" stuff......however, second time I went, there was enough different material to make it worthwhile.
  14. Ain't gonna talk with you no more!
  15. Entwhistle PBX. http://www.entwistlepickups.com/pickup.php?puid=PBX Good, inexpensive...what's not to like?
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