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  1. Looking on various dealers' websites, they advise 45-120 for the Legend 5's. By the way - is that Bill Bailey in the Crimson Guitars video?
  2. Entirely my fault? I couldn't possibly take all of the credit...... It's an honour and a privilege. My work here is done. Will weigh mine tonight and let you know. And, wish you well to play that new Legend. Go brass on the bridge, IMHO.
  3. Agreed. Nowadays, whenever I go, it's full of tourists and pished-up City types*. The Lahore Kebab House used to be a favourite, although I understand that too is nothing special nowadays. Which is a shame, really. So, never mind the Bass Bash - who's going to organise the BassChat Curry night? * no I'm not, hardly ever nowadays in fact.
  4. As previously discussed...if you fancy giving the Legend Custom a spin, I'd be happy to pop round with mine sometime. Plus there's the Spectorcore fretless....
  5. No, it's slightly more than 9" tall, but it has power for days..... and it's not often that I can employ that particular sentence to such great effect.
  6. Just taken a Squier Bass VI off Bas' hands.... super easy to deal with him and he's a top bloke. And since he and I aren't that far away from each other...it was good to pop round to his to collect, and incidentally shoot the bass breeze for a while. Oh and it's a smashing piece of kit. But you could probably have guessed that.
  7. I was doing so well with that up to a point, as lovely a thing as it is, but I was resisting the envy...and then you had to throw the 5'er into the mix, didn't you?
  8. When I first came back to the bass after many years away, I wasn't aware of the benefits of updated technology - I just knew that I saw people gigging locally with small combos. Jazz DB players in particular I saw using small GK combos. So that's the way my thinking went and I ended up with a TC BG250-112 combo. After a short while, however, I became aware that there were other options that technology had thrown up. If I'd done my research, I wouldn't have gone the combo route. What I now have is a great amp head (Genz-Benz Streamliner) and two cabinets for different applications. Barefaced Compact One 10 for rehearsals and small gigs, Genz-Benz 2-12 for bigger events. And I have the TC sitting round and doing very little, so will probably sell it. Oddly enough though, I like it very much for use with my EUB. It's very rare that I take just that bass to any event, however, so keeping the TC for those occasions seems a bit of an expensive luxury.....
  9. mangotango


    Thanks, that's very kind of you. We should set up an arrangement to trade gigs sometime - travel broadens both the mind and the fan-base!!
  10. There's a story there, that deals with both guitar and music stand, and allows us to get back to Billy Joel. #missingthepointguys That gig, for the trumpeter/band leader's company's Summer Event, was booked for the quartet - trumpet/keys/bass/drums, playing two sets of original funk/jazz music. On the morning of the gig, the keyboards player rang up injured and unable to walk around, let alone drive there. Worse, he was going to be bringing the drummer. Two down before we started. So either we cancelled, which would not look so good for Mr. Band Leader; or the remaining two of us played it as a guitar/trumpet duo gig - we'd done that format before, so we knew that it was feasible. Clearly we weren't going to be able to replicate a 4-piece band vis-à-vis the original material, so we ended up playing jazz standards. Since I don't, off the top of my head, know hundreds of standards in enough detail for playing chord-melody jazz guitar for two 30 minute sets with zero rehearsal, I used charts from a Realbook for those I couldn't recall . Everyone seemed happy with the arrangements, we saved face and moved on without losing ground. All good. Next time I'll just crop the photo for the benefit of the more sensitive among you...…
  11. I get Billy Joel sometimes. Sadly, it's Billy Joel now, at 70, not in his "I'm married to Christie Brinkley" phase. And yes, I know...it's a guitar.....
  12. I don't think that you'll be "quietly" anything at all. Loud and Proud is the way to go. Yep, I had GB recommended to me by my old mate @Scoop and he wasn't wrong. In fact, given that I acquired my BC 310 from him, he hasn't steered me wrong on anything bass-ish so far. However, he does keep going on about his lovely ACG basses and I'm not sure that Mrs. Mango or the Bank Manager will approve....
  13. Nah, "Little" refers to the overall physical size, not the wattage. So the Big Rig pairs the same amp with a GenzBenz 2-12, a chunky pedalboard and these babies....plus maybe the EUB too, depending on the music/gig. You're right though - the Streamliner is a top quality amp. Need to look around for a spare in case of issues.....
  14. Spector Sofa.....
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