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  1. How do you "accidentally" get a bass? That's not criticism, quite the opposite in fact; it's a serious enquiry so that I can do that myself sometime.....
  2. That looks absolutely wonderful. Not sure why people give the major manufacturers stick for trying something different from their usual lines...unless it's something hideous like a Gibson Corvus or the like. THEN you can beat them with something large and heavy.
  3. Saturday it is, then. See you there, chaps.
  4. Do you know what, I've been suffering from EXACTLY THIS and thought I needed new pillows!! Clearly I need to sort out some exercise and posture improvement - thanks to everyone for your valuable contributions to this thread. It's exactly this sort of thing that makes me so glad I joined this forum.....
  5. Yes. Yes it is. And I cannot tell you how long it took Captain Clumsy here to tee up that shot. Of course, "About 43 years" would be the comedy answer; but in all seriousness, I spent ages trying to get one that would show that young man in the best light possible, just before those Genesis blokes get in the way. I owe him that. And even that screenshot still isn't it, but hey ho, life's too short....as this whole scenario proves.
  6. On which subject... Taking A Little Trip Back With Father Tiresias. Being a serious Genesis fan in my youth (losing interest with the 3-piece pop group version, even though they named an album after me), after having followed this thread, I looked up SH with Nad Whatsit on YouTube, just so I could see what all the fuss was about. Not too much, from what I could see. Anyway, while I was there, I saw various other Genesis items on the YouTube sidebar; one of which was the live version of I Know What I Like from Bingley Hall. Now I actually did go to that show, so I thought that I'd check it out. Thing is, someone I know swore blind that he'd seen me in the film of that gig.......yeh, right. SO I watched it...... ...and there, at 45 seconds, as the crowd rises up when Phil Collins starts to sing, there's a young guy with glasses on who throws up his arms... ....and it's an 18 year-old Mangotango, (with both a hairline and a waistline, unlike now), and all of his life ahead of him....... hadn't seen that before last night and it made me want to weep for no known reason. Not for the Genesis track at all, I can assure you.
  7. Making arrangements to stay with my daughter in Liverpool so that I can drive over to Manchester for this.
  8. If you are willing to look at second-hand kit, you may get more for your money. For little more than the price of a new Stagg, I found an Aria SWB-03. It has both a magnetic pickup and bridge piezos, with separate volume controls for each source....and unlike the Stagg, it has a small semi-acoustic body which gives it a little more warmth and resonance, and also enables audible unamplified practice. As has been said, you need to find the right strings to match your bass; but overall I'm very pleased with my EUB, and several people at the recent Sarf-East Bass Bash also seemed to like it. No, it's not a DB, never will be; but in the mix with an amplified band and using your best DB technique, it more than does the job.
  9. ...who has been remarkably quiet since last Sunday's footie results.....
  10. I kind of just have, actually....though for guitar, not bass. Stupid thing is that I have 3 pedals on my proper board for the "guitar solo" moments; one is a clean boost, +20db lift without extra gain; the second is a Fat Shuga pedal, which gives the level boost, a bit of distortion and built-in preset-able reverb, which I use to pick lead lines out of the mix; and the third is a proper full-on distorto lead machine. However...I have 3 other overdrive/distortion/fuzz pedals which were the aftermath of idle experimentation, just sitting there doing nowt. Except that for a recent gig at a small venue, I set up a separate, "simple" spare board to use, rather than my usual "Mission Control" board; and used one of those 3 for soloing...which sounded better than I have in ages, using just that one all night, especially in conjunction with some/a bit/a lot of delay. I had previously tried that pedal on its own and found it wanting because of its apparently thin sound, so it never got as far as a band practice. Chucked in at the deep end at a gig on a whim, it performed like a champion. Weird. Moral of the story; throw nothing away. Fill your house with discarded stuff that might surprise you and actually come in useful one day. Or regret it once it's gone. Wait....that wasn't meant to be the moral at all, was it?
  11. Snarky Puppy, Royal Albert Hall, last night. Amazing gig. Who would envisage a 14-piece band, playing instrumental jazz/funk/world music/whatever, selling out a venue like that? (Of course, landlords will tell you that you'll never draw a crowd with that kind of thing - original music? no singer? - as an excuse for knocking you back for a gig....). Great compositions and ensemble playing, and some fine soloing, the pick of which came from Bob Reynolds on tenor sax and especially crowd favourite Shaun Martin on keyboards, but featured particularly on Moog synth played via a talkbox. A lot of the set was based, obviously, around the most recent album, Immigrance, which they've been touring for over 6 months. Bad Kids At The Back from that album gained the first big reaction of the night. Rightly so, as well - good tune, well played. Nice moment of audience participation too on Xavi, with the 5,000+ audience split into two by Michael League, Snarky bassist and bandleader (and what a fine description that is!! ), to clap a 4-over-3 rhythm, over which the band came in and grooved like monsters. Turns out that they were recording the gig for a live album...which. remarkably, was available as a double CD package a quarter-of-an-hour after the gig finished. Yes, really. I didn't queue for it, having a train to catch to get home; but it will be worth picking that up at some point...and not just because I'm in the crowd noise. Huge shout also for the support act, which was a trio comprising vocalist Lucy Woodward, Snarky percussionist Keita Ogawa on kit drums and the amazing Charlie Hunter on guitar/bass. Hunter's an interesting player - his instrument is a fan-fret 8-string Novax; the bottom 3 are bass strings, the top 5 being guitar strings. And he plays both roles at once, with a technique that's part like Chapman stick-style, part Travis-picking, but with a healthy dose of bluesy funk groove. At one point, on their cover of Terence Trent-Bridge Derby-County's "Wishing Well", he was playing a guitar solo whilst simultaneously holding down a descending bass line. Quite cool. Here's a video clip from a while back, that shows his playing - it's from a TV show hosted by jazz pianist Ramsay Lewis, who has clearly never heard of either Hunter or Nirvana.....
  12. You should check out Landmarq, featuring Basschat's very own @Stingray5…..
  13. The problem is that they're in short supply because you only get two per wolf.... More seriously....I was having real difficulty with the endpin of my EUB wearing through the rubber foot and then the whole thing sliding around all over the place on the tiled floor of the venue where I play with the Saturday Morning workshop band. The solution? Floor Mat from an old Ford Fiesta. Perfect size. End-pin one end of the mat, left foot the other end. Sorted.
  14. ...and you bumped into me, so it obviously wasn't a complete waste of time
  15. What about the new Ibanez 32" Mezzo bass? Nice compromise scale, P/J pups, not expensive.
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