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  1. Alright La! Welcome to the forum from an Expatriate Scouser now living Down South. Friendly bunch on here (even the Mancs! 😉) and you can learn a heck of a lot from all sorts of people. Unfortunately, you will also develop bad habits about "needing" more/better gear from seeing what other people on here have....that's the trade-off I'm afraid. Worth it though. Oh and another Red on here can only be good.
  2. First set of bass strings I ever bought were Picato flats. In 1975 they were £4.95 and the cheapest things out there. Because I was still at school, I couldn't afford anything else. They were a major component in the worst bass sound ever known to humanity - the other elements being an Eko violin bass, a cheap distortion box, an Impact 60 valve amp...…. and me. Ask @Scoop - he was at the only gig that I ever played with that set-up!! As soon as I got a Saturday job and could afford better - I did. Maybe they've improved since then. I won't be looking to find out any time soon.
  3. Exactly. I'm supposed to be seeing Chick Corea (with Christian Mc Bride on bass) at the Barbican on Monday - but given that their first concert in that tour is in Luxemburg on Saturday, and also that there are 9 or 10 dates after that in Continental Europe...I'm not holding out much hope that it's going to happen.
  4. Hey ZBD, welcome to the forum. Good people on here.... Just turned 60? No problem. I started bass again at 58 and am now just so far into it If you're used to playing cello...you haven't been a guitarist....and you want to play big band jazz...have you thought about an electric upright bass? Nice compromise between bass guitar and double bass. Easy to amplify and cart around. This is mine, which I use in a workshop big band: (photo by Silvia Bluejay, from the last South-East Bass Bash), (One thing that we are VERY good at on here is trying to spend other people's money for them. You'll see lots of that...)
  5. Coincidentally, the basses on which I was going to pull the trigger were : (fretted) white/maple, (fretless) 'burst/rosewood. Got it in one.
  6. ...plus once the Country has survived the Coronavirus scare, there will be all sorts of gigs aplenty again. And you'll be glad that you held onto those basses....
  7. I was going to get a couple of 5'er P7s, this time last year. I wanted two basses the same rather than batting about between active fretted and passive fretless from different manufacturers, and stepping up to a couple of these was within the budget. So it was just a matter of going over to Anderton's and checking them out. Noice, as they say. Really good basses. I had found a fretted and a fretless in colours I liked. I had them in my hands and was looking for an assistant, with the credit card in hand & ready to go. Whilst I was waiting, I noodled around on the fretless on a tune that's a bass feature in my band; it involves me playing the intro melody above the octave.....and I ran out of notes. The neck only goes up to a Fender-ish 20 frets, and I wanted at least 1 more. I put them back on their respective hangers, and Mrs. Mango and I went back to the car for the journey home. A week later, we went up to Bass Direct and came home with 2 Spector 5'ers. Which have 2-octave necks. Sorted. I would have had the P7's, though, if not for that.
  8. Hmmmm….what a difference a year makes. Actually tried one of these yesterday and came away with the aforementioned smile on my face. Sounded bright and modern (great for schlappin' da bayuss), easy to play, looked better "in the flesh" than in pics/videos and lots of (dare I say it)…..fun. Maybe I need to try out one of the 5'ers.....
  9. Yes, S-locks for me, on each of my Spectors. On my Bass Collection, however, I have a genius piece of kit which is a strap with locking plastic - a bit like this one: https://www.stringsdirect.co.uk/parts-c4/strap-buttons-strap-locks-c115/ernie-ball-4056-2-wide-polylock-black-strap-for-guitar-bass-p10551?gclid=CjwKCAiA44LzBRB-EiwA-jJipJXTdx11qr6ruU-5F01F-L_RiRksSDcz6SytShNevmUWHIttUE5ILBoCiwYQAvD_BwE#fo_c=1949&fo_k=ddb9e24f70bf500dc154a1aab09a42fb&fo_s=gplauk?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term= Fits any of my basses or guitars and is remarkably durable - I've had it a decade and it's never let me down. As a relatively inexpensive and versatile option, it's not a bad shout.
  10. Just seen this - absolutely hilarious. Apart from the idiocy of referring to the 3-piece as "the classic Genesis line-up " (you know nothin', Jon Snow!), they then post a picture of Tom Petty and label it as Mike Rutherford. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/entertainment/music/genesis-set-to-reform-after-fans-spot-clue-released-online/ar-BB10HNz8?ocid=ientp The Telegraph. Serious feckwittery.
  11. Nice playing - I'm hearing Lester Young in there, maybe some Stan Getz?
  12. I have this issue at the moment and hope that it's just a sprain. Had been playing a lot of EUB with the workshop band, plus guitar with one group and bass with another...and at the end of a bass group rehearsal, I could feel a distinct twinge at the base of the back of my hand where it joins the wrist. It aches now. Hasn't gone away at all. Have tried rest,painkillers (not ibuprofen because that swears with other medication that I'm taking), elevated the hand, put ice on it, self-massage (careful now!), the lot. Still not sorted a couple of weeks later. When playing, I have shortened my strap to be able to raise hand position, so the back of hand position is flatter, which has helped. Other than that, not sure what to do but since the question has been asked by mattbass6, I'm piggybacking on this thread as I'm open to any thoughts that anyone has to offer. Desperately hoping that it's not arthritis/rheumatism as I'm soon to retire and playing bass was to form a serious part of what I laughingly call my intended "retirement plan", so...….
  13. I remember being at a jazz jam once where the leader was my music teacher, who had encouraged me to try to get involved in that sort of thing. All was going OK, until this girl singer got up and handed out charts of a standard in the key of D. Nice etiquette - copies for the horn players in their respective keys, and off we went. Except that as soon as she started singing. all of the harmony sounded wrong. All became clear when my teacher walked around the band, playing trumpet in one hand and holding his other hand with two fingers pointing at the floor. Two down = Bb (2 flats). Instantly reach for the iPad and hit the transpose button...all good thereafter, except for those horn players having to transpose in their heads on the fly. Moral of the story = iReal Pro on your phone (iPad) will get you out of an awful lot of difficult situations when you're starting off...….
  14. Thanks Silvia! Cue lots of blokes replying, half of whom are in "oh look that's my bass" mode after seeing the photo's; the rest of them (us, if I'm honest!!) are a bit more "Oh look that's so-and-so's bass - I really, really want one of those...."
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