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  1. NDBD

    That's nice. What model?
  2. Right to left.

    Not really to do with the sound - the type of thing I play it doesn't make too much difference and the practicality of EUBs is a big plus, I just prefer the aesthetic and feel of the big chunk of wood, plus I move around a lot and I find them less stable because of being so light and stick-y. Not offering mine up for sale just now I'm afraid but happy to help with info as needed and if you don't win this EBay one but are still into the idea, you're welcome to try it if you pass Sheffield any time.
  3. Right to left.

    You want measurements or anything give me a shout. It's exactly the same bass, and my converted one plays nicely and sounds fine. Gigged it a few times (don't really like gigging eub) but generally bows well, slaps well, amplifies well, and cheap. whats not to like?
  4. Right to left.

    New holes go here...
  5. Right to left.

    I've got a Stagg eub switched right to left. I got a better man than myself to do it, but it cost very little and basically involved switching round the obvious bits then drilling a few new holes for the brackets. The bracket that pokes out into your midsection is the only one I'd say you need (is the only one I use anyway), stops it rotating away from you
  6. Beginner strings and set-up?

    A few suggestions based on my limited experience. Strings: Silver slaps (or golden slaps or rockabillys) will do you fine. They'll also save you £50+ against most string brands, yet theyre used by various pros, etc they're not a "budget" choice. Also if you decide you want to try bowing, they, unlike a lot of strings better suited to slap/pizz, can be bowed. Try and avoid the trap of thinking you need to buy a million strings to find the perfect set. Your first set will last you ages, just practice on those and get good. People just love to throw money at double bass for some reason. String height: If you're not sure what you want, I suggest string height of 8-10mm for each string at the end of the fingerboard. This is a rule of thumb used by a lot of people at the start. An adjustable bridge would be a good idea. Shims do work, not that I want to open that can of worms again, but the best option is to just have the right tool for the job. You should be able to learn anything you want with a height of 8-10mm, adjustment up or down will then just make it easier or sound better Slap: I always recommend The Ungentle Art and Slapology DVDs as the ones that best show the techniques. There's some good and some bad stuff on YouTube, but as there's no "right way" to do it, just watch stuff and try it out. Spend some time with someone who does it well if you can, that helps too (thanks again to Paul King and Adam Richards, their time helped me no end). Maybe you can find someone local on here, or at a double bass bash if that happens again, or just at a gig Hope that's some help. Double bass is a great instrument, stick at it and it'll pay off in all kinds of ways.
  7. Lost the motivation

    Here's my suggestion to learn slap: 1.buy/borrow The Ungentle Art and Slapology 2.practice lots. Practice the techniques first, then practice them along to stuff 3.when youre 90% happy but there's something you've seen/heard that you can't do, find a slap player who can do stuff the way you want to and cajole them into giving you an hour of their time to get some pointers 4.practice that stuff Done. Then when you realise there's nothing left to learn, convince yourself you don't sound good enough and spend ££££s trying to find the perfect set of strings
  8. I'm afraid I'm not near Cardiff, but I'd say good things about Gutalikes. I had the wrapped E and, for me, they have a really nice tension and feel. I've used them on my main gigging bass for 3 years or so now (same set). Great for slap, decent for pizz, just don't ever try to bow them.
  9. Anyone got a wing/clicky pickup to shift?

    Now sorted courtesy of Vic's Pickups. Cheers
  10. do you mute when slapping

    It's a lot less long and torturous than learning to bow though! I'd say it's not essential as (unless you're talking single slap in the sense of the string snapping back on the fingerboard) the slap in itself mutes the string. But the other hand muting the string just gives it a bit more control. The whole thing with slap is there's no "right way". There's no Simandl of slap. You just find what works for you and the sound you want, then do it lots.
  11. Hi, sorry I know this belongs in Wanted but DB stuff tends to get lost in there. I'm after a bridge wing pickup with clicky, like the K&K RAB etc. Anyone got an old but functional one they'd part with for a decent price? Thanks y'all
  12. Raising bridge height on the cheap

    Thanks guys - not least for not judging me for my desire to do this on the cheap! Shims sound like they're worth a try before I try my more Heath Robinson solution...appreciate the advice
  13. So I need to raise my bridge more than the adjusters allow (a luthier did a bit of a botch of the profile, then another lowered the height too much trying to even it out) and I don't have the cash for a new one. So...I have a plan. 1.Buy cheap bridge 2.cut off feet, leaving majority of bridge intact 3.drill holes for the existing adjusters to fit, meaning the bridge feet which are ok can still be used 4.file indents for the strings in the top bit myself. That should work, yeah? If not any other cheap, Macgyver-style fixes that don't exceed a budget of about £20? This is obviously for amped up ham-fisted slap and pizz, nothing delicate or where intricacies of tone matter. Thanks
  14. Have you bowed Innovation Silver Slaps?

    Golden Slaps were good enough for at one for me to get through a couple of ABRSM grades before I gave up, so it can be done if you're not looking for anything too intricate. Rub a little rosin on the bowing area of the string initially, over time it'll build up anyway,that should get enough traction. Steels will sound nicer, but I just don't like em for anything but arco
  15. I'm sure this has been asked before, but...

    When I was in this situation I bought myself a cheapo Stagg EUB which meant I could practice pizz or arco any time of day or night (hey if you're gonna be up at 3am might as well be productive). It's not the same as playing a "proper" db but it scratches the itch, and helps you get practice, and when your kid is a bit older you've still got your lovely double bass to go back to.