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  1. Hi folks, thanks for the ideas so far. Unfortunately it sounds like there’s no one commonly known easy fix. Damn. Anyway I couldn’t say if it’s the lacquer or what, definitely not residue. Think it’s likely UV exposure fading/darkening the wood or the finish from what I read, though I never gig this bass and it mostly sits in the dark. Might actually try taping it off and using a UV lamp on it. As if it wasn’t going to be hard enough to sell a lefty bass, now I gotta sort this first!
  2. So for whatever reason I decided to put this big Posada sticker on one of my basses. I kept checking under bits of it that fading was even etc but then sure enough I removed the whole thing today and there's a clear, brighter shape where the sticker was. I've seen luthiers work some magic over scratches with varnishes etc - anyone know if anything can be done about problems like this? It's a ply Strunal, if that makes a difference. And "go back in time and don't be an idiot" isn't helpful advice 😀 Cheers!
  3. I love my 3500 - in part because I know if it dies I can replace it for about £120. But it has been taking a beating on the road so was hoping to mount it in a gator 2u case I have. The rack ears I have are too wide, so does anyone know of a make of rack ears that would fit a Hartke 3500 into a standard 2u case? There are older threads here asking the same but they reference to the samsontech site and they're discontinued on there. Or anywhere that could cut and drill my existing rack ears to fit? Thanks folks!
  4. Just to perpetuate this massive thread and do justice to the LowLifes, I now actually really like them and have kept them on my bass after all. I'm finding some of my tricksy slappy stuff a bit difficult as I'm used to playing strings the width of a finger, but it'll come. Its quite exciting to have some sustain on notes after all these years. And now I have a brand new set of Prestos sat around for when I fancy a change...
  5. I played without anything on it for ages because I got so sick of trying things (one of those Wolf jobs that was too small, various rubber bits and bobs including nicking door stoppers from various places). Finally found a supply of walking stick ferrules that go on and stay on from Ebay. Can't understand why it had to be so damn hard to find something suitable for a fatter endpin when people are falling over themselves to overcharge you for any other bit of double bass related kit!
  6. Well, decided they’re not for me in the end (sounded great and worked great with the Schaller, but just cannot get on with the feel and gauge of steels) so they’ll be up on the for sale board soon with one more gig on the clock.
  7. I think I'm right in saying (unless he has another set) that Knicknack mustn't have had chance to update this post yet, as these strings are now happily installed on my bass I'm afraid
  8. So I bought knicknack’s strings and have just put them on today. Quite like them - was a bit worried they’d be like my old Jargar Dolces when i saw them in all their cheesewire glory but they’re nice and flexy, especially the D and G which I thought would be unusable for me. Slap nicely, sound good, all good so far. No basis for comparison vs other mag-friendly strings but they’ll do the job for me!
  9. I recently scored a schaller on EBay but given I might want to switch it between basses and I don’t like the idea of drilling holes in stuff, I took an idea from an old Talkbass thread of turning the schaller upside down and attaching it with the same monster velcro as the Krivo uses. Seems to have worked a treat - rock solid. For anyone expecting anything else, it sounds nothing like a double bass, but that’s the compromise, innit?
  10. Haha simultaneous posting! Sorry they didn’t impress. Maybe they lowered standards for us UK customers!
  11. Good to hear you managed to grab some Low Lifes in time - no problem for me as I’d already decided to go Presto 😁 That’s really good of you to offer me a try of the whole setup! Unfortunately between family, work, gigs etc I get so little time to play with set ups that I think I’ll just take the plunge and hope for the best. Really appreciate it though. Of course if you decide those spares are taking up too much cupboard space and want to sell strings or pickup just give me a holler 😉 Cheers all!
  12. You guys with your choice of basses and your reasonable budgets. Pity us poor left handers 😭😭😭
  13. Thanks mate - appreciate it. I reckon I’ll just get myself the remaining prestos and go with them as the cheapest option (now, thanks to Clarky) and as BC have already sold out if lowlifes. So anyone coincidentally selling a Presto A and D or a Krivo shout up 😁
  14. Got some Dolces I’m looking to move on. Can’t vouch for use or provenance as bought used from the US some time ago, very little use by me thereafter as I bought them for a short-lived foray into arco. Not sure what’s fair so I’ll start at £45 post paid in the UK.
  15. Just a quick follow up to this - Blast Cult now have these in stock within a day of my moaning about them not doing. Clearly I’m more influential than I thought 😁
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