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  1. gerryc

    It's plec not pick

    derrière or donkey Profanity filter strikes again
  2. gerryc

    I'm A Man

    Needs more cowbell........................TAXI
  3. gerryc

    feedback for Deedee

    Just done a deal with Dan and it couldn't have gone better. Lucky that my mate was up in his neck of the woods, contacted Dan about 4pm Monday deal done and in my mates possession by 8pm same day. Arrived in Dorset this AM all tickety boo. Great guy to do business with, cheers Dan.
  4. gerryc

    Band names - how did you come up with yours?

    I used to be in a band called "The Above average weight band" because we were all fat bastards
  5. gerryc

    Feedback for KiOgon

    Another of Johns superb P bass wiring kits to go into my bitsa that I am cobbling together.
  6. gerryc

    Feedback for KiOgon

    Just replaced my P bass wiring with a kit from John, it really is the dogs dingly dangly bits and John is a good guy to deal with.
  7. gerryc

    Feedback for Pow 22

    Bought some DR Flatwounds from Paul, top guy to deal with. Cheers Paul
  8. gerryc


    Bought a USB mixer from Simon, came as advertised and very well packaged, good comms, deal with confidence. Cheers
  9. gerryc


    Freddie bought my RS212, met halfway to exchange cab and monies, nice easy transaction, nice guy and a pleasure to do business with. Cheers Freddie
  10. gerryc

    Feedback for hubrad.

    Really easy trouble free deal,excellent comms nice chap to deal with
  11. gerryc

    Zoom B1XON Sold

    [quote name='PaulWarning' timestamp='1460208522' post='3023652'] trouble is you can get a brand new one with all the warranty for £45 posted, someone might be tempted at £35, I've got one, good bit of kit, use the bassdrive setting all the time [/quote] Thanks for the heads up on price, wasn't aware of that, I paid just South of £60 from Amazon. No wonder I've had no takers, well I've got no use for it so £30
  12. gerryc

    Zoom B1XON Sold

    Bump for a price drop
  13. gerryc

    Zoom B1XON Sold

    Zoom B1XON for sale, new condition, out of its' box for testing only £40 posted to you. Thought there was a lot of love for these on here so here is a £35 posted to you bump.
  14. gerryc

    feedback for v8bass

    Gary answered my wanted ad and from then on everything was tickety boo. Totally hassle free transaction once the couriers sorted themselves out. Thanks Gary
  15. gerryc

    Fender Mustang SOLD

    Based in Weymouth Dorset, yes to posting hopefully sold pending usual