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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Joe bought my Purple Chili rig, lovely fellow (and his wife) to deal with. Good comms, prompt payment, met at an agreed halfway point but unfortunately he got held up by M4 closure. Would happily deal with Joe again and hope the rig serves him well.
  3. Thanks for that, most enjoyable
  4. I can confirm Mike did indeed build this (ser no MB001/11) and it is awesome and at £500 a steal. It is now on hold. To all those fellow Basschatters my age and older (and younger) offering words of encouragement I thank you but as I said in an earlier post I have not given up just changed direction by learning double bass.
  5. Head is hybrid, all valve pre amp 3x12ax7 hand wired by Denis Cornell of Cornell Pedals, class D power amp W 48 cms D 30 cms H 19 cms Weight 8.8 Kgs Power 450 watts at 4 ohms (assuming at 8 ohms approx 200 -300 watts, still very loud with just one cab ) Cabs W 52cms D 42 cms H 47 cms Weight 14 Kgs 8 ohms 300 watts All measurements and weights are approx, depending on accuracy of scales and my old eye sight
  6. It's still here at a bargain price and not as heavy as it looks, you know you want it
  7. Thanks Dave,couldn't agree more with that sentiment. I haven't given, up just changed course. During lockdown I acquired a double bass and I am now with three other old guys (two guitars and a uke) doing Western swing, Gypsy jazz and Country and some stuff I wouldn't know what to call it. We can't decide on a band name, front runners are the Del Wrinkles or the Elderly bros
  8. It is with great reluctance I am having to down size, so up for sale is my gigging rig. Band folded a few years ago and at 72 I don't think that another rock band is on the cards. Tolex on the cabs is a bit scruffy but to my eye it looks good. Sadly unwilling to post so collection from Weymouth or meet up within 50 miles. Bass guitar not included in sale (could be with some negotiation)
  9. Just done a deal with Jo totally hassle free, a real pleasure to deal with. Top man
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Many thanks to MoonBaseAlpha, that is what we were hoping ie use the R16 as a recorder and tweak (technical term) the individual tracks in garage band. Once again many thanks to MBA
  12. Totally new to the idea of home recording so this may seem like a stupid question. We have just started a small acoustic band consisting DB, uke and two guitars. We have done some recording straight to garageband playing as a band but that only gives us one track with all instruments and vocals. We were wondering if using a Zoom R16 to record playing as a band on say 6 tracks when transferred to garageband would it appear as six separate tracks allowing guitarist to edit tracks individually. Thanks in advance of any replies
  13. Bought a Gretsch six string acoustic guitar from Kris, great comms superbly packed top man to deal with
  14. They have got to know and he should be the one telling them. He should also do the decent thing and volunteer to step down.
  15. Just sold two basses to Andy I sadly due to shoulder injury can no longer play. Comms great payment prompt, top man to deal with
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