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  1. The release notes for the firmware state: Added OutputVP that takes over the volume setting when switching patches Does anyone have any idea what this actually means?
  2. My main bass for the past 12 years has been a MIM Jazz. It's currently equipped with Fender CS 60's pickups and Rotosound flats. I love it, and no matter what else I try, this is what I keep going back to. I also own a MIM P that I really want to like, but I struggle to get a decent tone from it live - although I do like the feel of it. I find the tone quite harsh at the high end, and just a bit non-descript otherwise. The output is significantly louder than all my other basses, which I find strange given the DC resistance of the pickups is only about 4.7k. It's currently strung with Fender roundwounds, though I tried flats and didn't like them at all. I'm considering changing the pickups. I have a gift voucher for Amazon that would cover the cost of a set of Toneriders (£35). Has anyone tried them? A good investment, or would I be better with something mainstream like Fender vintage or Seymour Duncans? (Obviously a little more expensive!) I'm looking for a traditional, general tone, something that would work well in my covers band. Think Pino! The plan would be to use this instead of my Jazz at some gigs, or for longer sets switch between both. Opinions? George
  3. geoham

    Tonerider pickups - any good?

    Sorry for the slow reply on thIs one! The P was rehomed a few months ago, it wasn’t getting enough use. However, it did get plenty of use for a while and I was always happy with the results. I played in a 2 guitar, loud drums and electric violin Celtic rock band, and found it sat naturally in the mix with little tweaking. To me, the sound was very close to the vintage pickups used in US Fenders. You can hear it recorded on Spotify (etc) - lookup Scarlets, Little Rumours. (Rotosound flats, Zoom B3 Ampeg sim, otherwise untouched)
  4. geoham

    Anybody bought from Rubadub in Glasgow?

    I normally pass it when out shopping with the wife. She’ll be in the St Enoch Centre and I’ll head along to Kenny’s Music for a browse, passing Rub A Dub. Like you, I’ve never been in myself.
  5. geoham

    Anybody bought from Rubadub in Glasgow?

    I’ve never used them myself - I’ve always thought of them as a DJ / dance music producer type place. However, they are long established - their shop has been there for as long as I can remember, perhaps 20 years. George
  6. geoham

    Seminal 'bass' albums

    I love some of the suggestions above, but I’ll put something forward that’s a bit more modern - Side Pony, by Lake Street Dive. There’s not been much made in years that’s excited me from a bass perspective, but I love what Bridget Kearney does with a double bass on this record. A distinctive sound and great playing that suits the songs. George
  7. geoham

    Feedback for tommyk

    Purchased a Squier Jazz from Tom. Arrived very well packaged and in full working order. Good communications, no concerns whatsoever.
  8. Hi guys, I'm currently deciding whether to buy a new Sire or Squier fretless bass, and wonder if anyone has one used that they want to shift, or perhaps something a bit better for similar money. Here are my requirements:- Jazz style preferred, or at least something with a bridge pickup. Max budget of £450, though I'd gladly consider any cheaper bass! Need to be able to ship me the bass, or possibly meet locally (Central Scotland) Thanks, George
  9. geoham

    Players that don't warrant a signature bass

    I just tried scanning the barcode in to the Amazon app and it didn’t find anything. I don’t know how ‘official’ it is. It’s released by ‘Picture Music International’ and has a wee bit of German on the back of it. I think I got it on EBay about ten years ago.
  10. geoham

    Players that don't warrant a signature bass

    I have it on DVD! Think I bought it while waiting on Pulse being released. I’ve not watched it for years though.
  11. geoham

    Players that don't warrant a signature bass

    Status do a Guy Pratt signature, the Vintage GP. The only time I’ve seen his use it was with Roxy Music (or may have been Bryan Ferry) - never seen him use it with Gilmour. He does a tonne of studio work, so who knows how much he actually uses one. I’m surprised that Fender haven’t made a clone of ‘Betsy’ - I’m sure it would sell plenty!
  12. geoham

    Players that don't warrant a signature bass

    I also had no idea who Sarzo was until a couple of years ago, when a band I was playing with got a support slot with his band Gunzo. (My bandmates were disappointed in me!) He’s a great player and seemed very humble too. Though I think he played a Warwick all night!
  13. geoham

    Tc Bh250 amp problem

    Good chance it’s nothing to do with your fault, but there was a recall on these a while back...may be worth getting in touch with them. http://www.tcelectronic.com/bh250/bh250-product-recall/
  14. geoham

    Sire v7 puzzle

    [quote name='YouMa' timestamp='1508098952' post='3389775'] It seems pretty good through the amp. I have noticed i seem to be getting some sort of natural compression aswell which is weird cos i wasnt using the compressors on the b3. [/quote] I wonder if there is a limiter being applied when headphones are attached or something like that? Have you tried the Active / Passive switch on the B3? Maybe it’ll work better if you set to active, since it should reduce the level of the input signal - and may reduce the compression effect you are getting. Good luck! George
  15. geoham

    Sire v7 puzzle

    How does it sound with the B3 through the amp? I’ve always found my B3 to be pretty transparent sounding, never sucking tone (with no effects enabled at least).
  16. geoham

    Budget fretless?

    I'm considering asking Santa for a fretless this year. It may end up getting used on a maximum of two songs on a two hour set, so I guess it'll mainly be a house toy! I want a Jazz style bass, though it doesn't need to look like the Bass of Doom. From what I can see, I can drop ~£300 on a Squier or Vintage, or alternatively spent half that on a Harley Benton. I know the Harley Benton stuff is well regarded 'for the money', but has anyone done a comparison between any of these? Any other cheapies I'm missing? Thanks George
  17. geoham

    Budget fretless?

    [quote name='Hellzero' timestamp='1507804057' post='3388030'] http://basschat.co.uk/topic/313371-fenix-by-young-chang-jazz-bass-fretless-for-peanuts-again-i-know/ [/quote] Looks great... forwarding to the wife..
  18. geoham

    Budget fretless?

    [quote name='Raslee' timestamp='1507388933' post='3385159'] I think the weak spot of the HB’s are the electrics (pots). I soldered up some old CTS pots I had lying around yesterday and the difference really surprised me. [/quote] I genuinely find this really interesting. I’d always had the view that a pot (particularly when fully open) had a negligible impact to tone. I never tested it, I just can’t understand why it would. Could you describe how it was different? I do know that better quality pots would last longer, have a more consistent and quieter sweep and just feel a bit more sturdy - so I’d never consider upgrading as wasteful.
  19. geoham

    Budget fretless?

    [quote name='JohnFitzgerald' timestamp='1507316164' post='3384782'] I have a Harley Benton JB40-FL, the poor man's bass of doom I call it. It makes 'that' sound, now I have the right rounds on it and the action just nice. Havign previously a MIM Jazz, I wouldn't ever swap back and I wouldn't play or sound any better with any other bass. (I bought mine S/H for £60). [/quote] £60! I never find bargains like that!
  20. geoham

    Budget fretless?

    [quote name='Grangur' timestamp='1507234439' post='3384183'] How about this one: http://basschat.co.uk/topic/312781-buy-one-get-one-free-2-bitsas-j-and-p-trades-welcome/page__p__3383442__hl__free__fromsearch__1#entry3383442 [/quote] Collection from London kind of kills this one dead for me. Looks a good enough deal though!
  21. geoham

    Budget fretless?

    [quote name='dannybuoy' timestamp='1507230918' post='3384151'] I’m going to be downsizing my collection soon if you fancy a good deal on a Yamaha RBX270F... [/quote] Could be interested... for me an IM with details and I may suggest it to the wife!
  22. geoham

    Budget fretless?

    [quote name='Raslee' timestamp='1507229928' post='3384137'] Really rate the Harley Benton jazz fretless. I got one recently - may be the 'Emprorers New Clothes' but it feels more enjoyable than the past VM Squires I've owned - can't go wrong for the money and very resonant [/quote] I think this is the kind of response I was hoping for! The Squier VM gets a lot of love, but I can’t help but feel it isn’t worth double the HB. Then again... it always is a game of diminishing returns with music gear!
  23. geoham

    A cheap envelope filter

    It was this type of situation that prompted me to buy a Zoom B3. I was buying pedals to use in one song, and sometimes we’d drop the song! (For example I bought a chorus for Don’t Stop Believing and it got old pretty quickly!) I know some folk just don’t like multi effects, but think of this as three interchangeable stomp boxes and you’ll do just fine!
  24. geoham

    Minimal, decent multieffects?

    I have both the B1on and B3. Some pros and cons of each as I see it! B3 Pros Can basically be treated as three separate stomp boxes. (Though I do use a couple of sets of them) Easy to edit on the fly Very sturdy DI out Works as a USB audio interface Can edit patches via USB too Cons Only three effects at a time (i.e, ‘always on’ effects like a noise gate or compressor take up a slot) B1on Pros Fits in my gig bag (good when rehearsing straight after work - one less thing to take on the train) Five effects at once Sounds identical to B3 Cons Need build a patch for each sound you want. Computer connectivity limited to updating firmware Difficult to edit parameters in a live situation Not as sturdy as B3 I’ve been favouring the B1on lately. I created a base ‘clean’ patch, with a mild compressor, preamp and noise gate - then copied to other slots and added effects to it. I have about 5 patches I use in total.
  25. geoham

    Good Amp for pub sized gigs.

    I've gigged with a variety of amps at different price ranges and configurations over the years, so I'll share my thoughts on how I got on with them. My overall view is that I prefer the sound of modern 12" speakers, and portability is a huge deal. I find that I can't properly hear a 15 in a pub setting, since I need to stand quite close to it. Regarding portability, some might say old and heavy is fine - but if you need to park half a mile away from a city centre pub to then get your amp down a narrow stair case, then the reality is very different! [list] [*]Laney 1x15 combo (can't remember model) - heavy and awkwardly shaped, but did sound quite good (in a vintage sort of way!). Didn't have a car and quite difficult to get in boot of friends' cars or taxis. [*]Behringer BX1200 1x12 combo - wedge shaped. Again, quit awkwardly shaped, but a bit smaller and did sound 'tighter' than the 1x15. [*]Ashdown Mag 300w head + 2x10 cab. My expectation was that a modular setup would be easier to transport and I could extend it. The reality was this was still difficult to move around - the cab weighed a tonne. The tone was quite wooly - which I liked at the time. It was also good to take my own head to rehearsal rooms. [*]TC Electronic BH500 + 2 BC210 cabs. Much lighter than Ashdown and overall a clearer sound. Still fairly bulky though. Often used just one cab, and eventually replaced the head with the tiny BH550, then one cab with an RS112. [*]TC Electronic BH550 + 2 RS112 cabs. I eventually rid myself of the 2nd BC210 and replaced it with another RS112. It's a really versatile setup. A single cab is often enough, and when I have to park a distance from a venue I can move my gear in single trip. A bag with effects and the head, a bass on my back and a cab I can easily carry with one hand. The tone is fantastic - really clear, loud and punchy, though I can make it sound wooly with EQ or amp-sim effects. The opposite is rarely possible! [/list] I play in pubs most weekends now, so small and light is important to me. If you are gigging less often - a heavy 1x15 may not be a problem to you. Definitely look at used gear - if it doesn't work out, you won't lose too much if you sell it. Happy shopping, and enjoy the gigging life! George