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    Mourning the passing of GAS

    It’s actually not the worst idea... one P can sound modern and bright, another can have a more smooth, dark vintage tone. You may want to have ‘twins’ and string one with flats, or perhaps have one in BEAD tuning. And that’s before you even get in to how they look, fingerboard materials etc. Hopefully this will help cure your illness! George
  2. Here’s how I would approach the situation:- - List the songs you already know, and confirm you know them in the right key! - Categorise the rest based on difficulty. You might get lucky and have many songs with simple, repeating chord sequences where you can get away with root notes. - By focusing on the low hanging fruit to start with, you’ll probably end up with a far shorter list of songs you need to work on. Some other tips that have helped me in the past:- - Put all the songs on to a Spotify playlist (or similar), and listen to it while commuting, working or whatever. You may be surprised how much your brain takes in subconsciously. - Focus on what’s important in songs. Unless there is a recognisable bass part, then just playing the root of the chords could be enough to get you through until you learn a song properly. On the other hand, take the time to learn any important or recognisable riffs. - Don’t let getting the ‘right sound’ get in the way of learning a part. Playing the correct part with a clean P bass sound will normally go down better a badly played part with the right sound. - Keep an eye on your guitarist or keyboard players left hand if you get lost! More than anything, enjoy yourself. Good luck! George
  3. I had a Mag 300 head and matching 2x10 cab. I did really like the sound from it. Just straight in to the amp with no effects and it was easy enough to get a great sound. However, both components were heavy, far from ideal when playing in city centre pubs where you are lucky to get a parking space within half a mile! Also, I found I had to really crank it on occasion - like when auditioning with a really loud band who played covers in social clubs (not metal!). Anyway, I eventually replaced it with a TC Electronic rig. A BH550 head easily fits in the same bag as my cables and effects, and a single RS112 is enough to do the job pretty much everywhere I play. It’s about a third of the weight and at least as loud. However, I do miss ‘that’ tone, along with the Ashdown aesthetics. If I had a roadie, I’d definitely have a big Ashdown rig. While I’m shifting my own gear - the lighter the better.
  4. A Town Called Malice, but The Jam. I never get any complaints from the band, but I never feel like I can get the right feel and fluidity to it.
  5. geoham

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    One question from me. I will be attending with my guitarist friend. Will a bass ticket also get us access to the guitar event?
  6. geoham

    Zoom B3n annoyances

    I do love the sounds of the B3n, but there’s a few things that drive me a bit crazy. I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t need to buy something Helix-y! I’m keen to hear other people’s views. - Double-unit effects in stompbox mode. If I want to set up a patch like a mini-pedalboard, say noise-reduction > compressor > octave > Sansamp > chorus, I’d ideally like to have the last three visible and assigned to the foot switches. However, the double unit Sansamp takes up two footswitches, even though I’d never use the 2nd - making it pretty annoying to use live. It’d be useful to be able to hide the 2nd half of the pedal. - Poor expression pedal configuration. It’d be useful to be able to just the expression pedal as a master-volume, or be able to change parameters of effects like you could on the original B3. However, you need to add the expression pedal as an effects unit - again adding to the first issue above if you for example want to place it before a drive unit a a volume pedal to control the gain. I’ce found myself making a tonne of presets to overcome these issues - which has become quite a time consuming process to manage. Overall, there are definite improvements to the original B3, but it frustrates me as much as I love the sounds. Something like an external midi controller could help if someone could figure it out. Or Zoom could probably do it with a firmware update! George
  7. geoham

    Zoom B3n annoyances

    I reckon a solution like this would work well, it would totally transform how I use the pedal - really simplifing live usage.
  8. geoham

    Bands Named After Song Lyrics

    When I was a lad, I named my first band ‘The Eccentrics’, after the line in She’s Electric by Oasis. A great name I thought....we played a few school shows before going out separate ways.
  9. geoham

    Fender MIM player P Bass

    That may have been the problem with mine too!
  10. geoham

    Fender MIM player P Bass

    I bought a MIM P a few years back (maybe 6!), and I was pretty happy with the build quality. However, I found the pickup to be pretty harsh sounding and also much louder than my other basses at the time. A Tonerider was much smoother, warmer sound. Enough rambling.... what do the new ones sound like? Can anyone compare to any other Precisions? I don’t see a huge amount of difference in spec between those and the US made Performers, but a fair jump in price!
  11. geoham

    Relative values - the Gilmour auction

    It’s a good point. I was in a celtic rock band before, and our violinists day job was playing in orchestras. Her violin was worth as much as the estimate on Gilmour’s black Strat, but was owned by a trust who had loaned it to her. Side note... she didn’t use this for live work with us! Her electric violin was a much better fit!
  12. geoham

    Relative values - the Gilmour auction

    I wonder if this is his way of telling us that he’s finished with music? Or maybe he’ll just buy a Harley Benton, keep going and still sound like Gilmour! Anyway to me, those two Strats are among the most famous guitars in the world, the black one in particular is a proper piece of rock history. I imagine they will go for crazy money, probably never to played again.
  13. geoham

    First Ever Fretwork

    I do my own setups - I learned when I could barely afford picks never mind paying someone to set up my bass! Now I could afford it, but still do it myself. I’ve also done loads of other work myself - changing pickups, bridges, neck shimming etc. However, I’ve always been terrified to touch my frets. My 17 year old Jazz Bass definitely needs a bit of fret work now, the first 7 or so frets are pretty worn where the strings contact. You may have inspired me to give it a go...
  14. I'd be interested in hearing how other folk deal with using more than one bass live, as it's giving me a bit of a headache! I typically alternate between my Fender Jazz and Lakland 5501 for the majority of my live work - just taking whichever one is current flavour of the month to gigs. I also sometimes take my a fretless SquierJazz a second bass. The three of them have fairly different output levels - with the fretless Squier being loudest, then the active Lakland, then the Fender. I use a Zoom B3n, mostly using patches with varying levels of dirt and EQ settings to suit the songs I'm playing (mixed covers). Where I'm having a problem is when I switch basses. For example, my 'just a little bit of dirt' patch sounds great on my Fender, but if I fancy using my Lakland at the following gig, the same patch sounds far more distorted, due to the higher output. My current solution is to just turn down the volume on the bass, which I suppose is fine on for the Lakland since it's active, but less than ideal on the passive Squier. I also forgot to do this a lot! I know I can create a duplicate set of patches with varying levels of gain on by B3n, but it seems like a pain. Another thing I'm thinking of is some kind of A/B pedal with a level control for each input - I assume such a device must exist! Or even just setting up my dis-used Zoom B1on with a patch per bass to give a consistent level and sticking this in front of the B3n. Anyway - I doubt I'm not the only one with this issue - how do the rest of you deal with it? Cheers George
  15. geoham

    Balancing levels of multiple basses

    Wow! I love the colour but what a price!
  16. geoham

    Classic ITV Theme Tunes

    Oh yes, I was watching an old episode the other day noticed how awesome the theme tune was!
  17. geoham

    Glasgow Venues - Help...!

    Try the guys at NHC? I'm sure I read about them getting their own venue. They're a great bunch of folk. https://www.newhellfireclub.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/NewHellfireClubGlasgow/
  18. geoham

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    The UK Guitar Show website is now showing a date - 21st & 22nd September, at the Business Design Centre in Islington. Can we assume the LBGS will also be the same weekend? I want to make the trip from Glasgow with my guitar playing mate, it'd be good to get a confirmed date so we can start booking hotels travel. Always cheaper in advance!
  19. Another Irish themed one.. kind of. I’ve played in O’Neil’s in Glasgow several times - being part of a bag chain, it’s really just a large pub with an Irish theme rather than a ‘proper’ Irish bar. However, on a Saturday night in Glasgow it does tend to bring out the worst in a few folk who like to think of themselves as Irish after a few shandies. Several times we’ve been asked to play ‘rebel’ songs - which would really fit in our set of classic rock covers! Once we had a guy literally screaming “play f-ing catholic songs - this is O’Neil’s”, getting progressively more agressive. Thankfully he was eventually removed by security!
  20. geoham

    New Cab incoming. HoffNine 15 inch 400watt.

    Out of interest, where’s the new place? My uncle’s workshop is in the wee industrial estate just off Rochsolloch Road, Airdrie.
  21. geoham

    New Cab incoming. HoffNine 15 inch 400watt.

    Looks great with plenty of character! I bought an guitar head from Tom a few years ago, seemed a nice guy. His workshop is next to my uncle’s, and he is always raving about the care and attention that Tom puts in to everything he does. Have fun with the new toy!
  22. Strange one coming up... It’s my work Christmas party on Wednesday, and I’m travelling from Glasgow to London for it. A few of us musical types had intended performing a few songs, and another bassist who lives down there was bringing a bass. Short version of events is that he no longer can. I’d need to book an extra seat ion the flight to bring one - and since it’s short notice they want more than I’ve paid for some basses for the privilege! So - here’s my ask... can anyone lend me a bass, or otherwise help me acquire the something? Any piece of junk would do the job! I don’t want to get in to ‘marketplace’ territory, but I could probably spend a small amount - say £50 ballpark. I’ll be around Kings X, and party is in Primrose Hill. Any help appreciated! Thanks, George
  23. The bass has allegedly made it back to Scotland safely. I’ll have it safely back in my possession on Monday when we are back in the office.
  24. Panic over! It appears I now have a solution, there's a colleague travelling by train who can take a bass for me. Now to decide which one... Thanks to everyone for their input and kind offers. George
  25. Hi Drax. Any help would be much appreciated! I get in to Stansted about lunchtime, and will make my way to our office at Kings X station, and I’ll hang around there until 530(ish!), after which we’ll be going to Primrose Hill for our party. On Thursday I’ll be hanging around Kings X until early afternoon, when I’ll be heading back to Stansted. I can hop on a tube or whatever to make things work. I can also enlist the help of others down in London. Thanks, George