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  1. I realise I'm very late to the party here... I have a Vintera 60's. It's a great bass, but the factory setup was without a doubt the worst I have seen on any bass I've ever purchased. I've had US Fender, Mex Fender, Lakland, Squier, Ibanez & Harley Benton... nothing has been as bad. Basically, it arrived with the strings tuned almost a perfect full tone flat and with zero tension in the truss rod and the action set as high as possible. It was compounded by the fact you have to remove the neck to adjust the truss rod. But stick with it and it's a great bass...
  2. I don't think I'd get a 63kg cab in the pubs play, never mind the half-mile or so trek from wherever I can get parked!
  3. I do agree with the sentiment here, and agree that society needs to change fundamentally. However, the pandemic has made this much worse in my view. Inequility has been made much worse. Those at the very top - Jeff Bezos springs to mind - have increased their wealth hugely. Those in low paid jobs, like retail or hospitality lucky enough to still have a job are largely furloughed. Furloughed workers earning above average wages are having a tough time too, given the 80% of £2500 before deductions cap. A take home of about £1660. Businesses of all sizes are going bust at an alarming rate. Many self-employed tradesmen, taxi-drivers etc are struggling to make a living. All while the biggest companies continue to operate, having been handed an effective monopoly in the name of social distancing. I can't buy my son a game for his Xbox at the local independent games shop, nor go clothes shopping. But I can get just about anything I need from Tesco or Amazon. George
  4. Some of those 'Recommended Configurations' seem rather excessive.... where do you need to be playing to need two 2x15 cabs and two 4x10 cabs? I suppose it's okay if you have a team of roadies and a stadium sized stage. It's quite interesting how it's all powered by a 400w head! I wonder how a modern class D with twice as many watts would compare?
  5. You should hear their version of Dark Side of the Moon. It takes a special kind of weird and wacky to cover a concept album that is regarded by many as one of the greatest records ever from start to finish!
  6. If you mean a mandated staggered closing time, then yes, I'd a agree - although limiting capacities should control this inside the pubs at least. However, if pubs close when it's right for them then it's less likely to be a problem. When a pub is closed at 8 or 10, then that's when the majority of folk will leave. Contrasting with my local (pre lockdown) for example, it opened until 1am at the weekend., but another pub along the road only open until midnight. You'd have a few coming in from the midnight pub, but it got gradually quieter from around 11 anyway. The other risk of early closing is that people have got in the mood to socialise and drink, and will be more likely to invite folk back afterwards. It's less likely to happen at say 1am, folk will be ready for bed. Mostly!
  7. I agree that the obsession with having the schools 100% open for the new term was at least partly to blame. I live near a secondary school, and you should have seen the local takeaways, parks etc at lunchtimes. I know younger folk don't suffer symptoms as much as the older generation, but surely that puts them at high risk of being asymptomatic spreaders. 50 teenagers crammed around the door of the local kebab shop (which only allowed in one at time!) is basically the same as 50 households mixing. A more blended approach would have made more sense, particularly for those old enough to do their schoolwork from home without parental supervision. I suspect primary schools were much safer anyway, since they are smaller and kids don't move around as much. However, I feel that universities is where the real problem came from. Students coming from every corner of the globe being crammed in to student accomodation - then being made to work remotely anyway. While those from some countries may have been required to isolate , it was basically unenforced. I do strongly believe that not having a proper quarantine process for those arriving from overseas was a huge mistake - have a a look at how New Zealand handled this.
  8. Any pubs allowing this type of thing should have been absolutely hammered. However, the governments need to take some responsibility for the crowded streets. Mandating that all pubs closed at 10, 8 or 6 forced everyone to the streets at once. The usual approach of pubs closing at different times, and many folk leaving well ahead of closing time would have made much more sense.
  9. I'm not sure I agree. The pubs and restaurants I visited (which admittedly were very few and in the afternoon) were very well managed and seemed low risk. You had to be sat at a table, and couldn't order from the bar - table service only. Tables were well spaced with plastic screens in some areas. It made it very difficult for those not giving a toss to cause problems. It was certainly more controlled than people having drinks at home instead - and while this may be technically banned, it's absolutely still going on. I firmly believe hospitality was used as a scapegoat. It's been effectively closed down in Scotland since October and infection rates have done nothing but continue to rise. To be clear - I'm not suggesting that pubs should be open now - the situation is far too serious at the moment. I'm stating that (in Scotland at least), hospitality was basically the key focus of the tier system and the October 'circuit breaker' with little evidence to support it. The awful death rates being reported now suggest they powers that be got it wrong.
  10. I'm absolutely convinced that closing pubs and banning booze in restaurants was all about optics rather than there being any proven risk. Simply, the government need to be seen to be doing something to combat the rising infection rates. Pubs were an easy target and an easy sell to the public. After all, they're a luxury. Some people won't follow social distancing etc when drinking, and even at the best of times some folk consider pubs a nuisence. Especially those who choose to live near them then complain about this noise! Regarding the actual data, when hospitality in Scotland was closed for two weeks in October (still ongoing!), the evidence document provided stated something like 20% of all people testing positive had visited a pub, restaurant or cafe in the seven days preceeding the test. This was presented by many as hospitality being responsible for one in five cases. Clearly a bit of a leap. I'd have been interested in the percentage of the general population who visited a hospitality venue in the same time period. I suspect it would be something like 20%...
  11. I'd cause all sorts of confusion signalling one-up for Sweet Home Alabama!
  12. My band would need a few lessons on music theory first!
  13. Looking at other folk's pictures and comments relating to the use of band-saws, I assume you are cutting blocks of wood. Which slightly terrifies me!
  14. I'll try and find that B&B and check it out. We're not entirely sure on accomodation yet, but we'll definitely need something as we're coming from Glasgow. We may stay at one of the Landal resorts - I think there's two within a 30 minute drive. These are basically detached lodges with hot-tubs, with a restaurant, bar etc on site. The thinking is that if there are still some restrictions in place, then our partners have somewhere spacious where they can relax during the day and we can all enjoy in the evening. Although it is a tad expensive. George
  15. Yes, with a definite focus on the experience rather than the finished bass.
  16. That's an awesome looking bass, love the finish. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have no experience of routers or bandsaws.... sure it'll be fun learning!
  17. Amex is certainly a bit of an enigma. (Apologies for the slight tangent...) My understanding is that they can charge higher fees as they avoid regulation of interchange fees due to them acting as both the issuer and aquirer. I use one of their cashback cards, and am due around £160 in cashback in the next few weeks, earned over the course of a year. I've paid no fees or interest for this. So presumably this is all passed on to retailers via higher fees - which I guess is the reason why plenty of businesses don't accept it. This even goes for some larger businesses like Game and TK Maxx. They've run a 'Shop Small' promotion a few times, where if you spend £10 at a small business, you get £5 back. I originally thought the small business would be eating this cost - but after chatting to a friend who runs a business, they just pay their usual fees. I found it quite surprising - it seems like a genuine attempt to support smaller businesses. (Although the cynic in me would suggust they are trying to increase their penetration in the small business market) Anyway.. back on topic now. It seems this is a reputatble business, and I hope the OP enjoys his new purchase!
  18. I know nothing about the company, but as others have alluded to - I suspect the reason is that the reason is that card fees for a small business can be expensive. However, I'd personally be reluctant to pay for anything of value via bank transfer and always prefer a credit card due to the added protections it offers. Bless American Express for refunding about £700 worth of cancelled flights that Ryanair said they'd could only do once COVID was over!
  19. I'm planning ahead, in the hope that the COVID restrictions will be relaxed enough to allow this - and for bars, restaurants etc to be open. Otherwise, we'll wait until this is the case.
  20. That looks a great bass indeed, an unusual pickup combination but I bet it's versatile. Appreciate the advice too.
  21. Ordinarily I'd agree, but my guitarist friend is very keen to attend too - and we normally go a few weekends away each year with our better halves, which has obviously been impossible lately. Hopefully the situation improves by summer and we can at least get away in the UK this year, I reckon it'll be towards the end of the year before I even consider a foreign break.
  22. There is a more expensive 1 on 1 course (about £1700) where you build whatever you like.
  23. Hi guys, Has anyone ever gone on one of Shuker's guitar/bass building courses? Considering booking it along with a friend as a bit of a staycation once restrictions allow... Plan so far is to book some nice local accomodation and bring the families along too. It'll give us something more constructive to do during the day than continually pour booze down our necks! Anyway, to the matter at hand... if you've done the course, how was it? What about the end result? I'm looking at the three person, £1000 to build a P or J course. I realise I could buy a quality P bass for £1000, but I quite like the idea of building my own, and learning some skills along the way. I've got zero woodworking skills, but I do understand the electronics side of things pretty well, and I can set up a bass too.
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