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  1. Thanks for the interest. My luggage scales put it at 4.76kg so a little under 10.5 lb.
  2. No trades sorry. I'm after cash at the moment.
  3. I was waiting for that to be pointed out - honest! 😉 That was me after I removed the neck to photo the Momose stamps..
  4. Bass Collection JZ series Made in Japan for Bass Collection by Momose. Momose come under the Deviser umbrella who make some serious high end gear under a few different names - Bacchus, Headway etc.. People rave about Bass Collection SB series basses but this is something else. Excellent condition. Natural finish. Back of neck feels like that of a Stingray so I guess it's oiled. Ebony fingerboard. I believe hardware is all Gotoh. 2 band EQ. I had this professionally set up a couple of years ago with a really low action and it was great. I haven't used it for a while and now I would say the action is too low as it is buzzing a bit. I'm sure any new owner would want it it set up to suit their personal taste anyway. There is one tiny ding on the back which I am struggling to photograph. Any other marks you may spot on the back are part of the grain and are actually flat to the touch, ie no damage. Full asking price will include mainland UK shipping in a really good hard case. I'll obviously move on that price if you can collect it with your own case.
  5. Just sold on Ebay. Please close.
  6. Will take £160 plus postage if sold quickly as I have my eye on something else and need to boost the fund! Bass Collection SGC Nanyo in Pearl White. Made in Japan. All working as it should and sounds great. In really excellent condition cosmetically. There is one small drink on back edge of neck which you can't feel when playing, see pic with 5p piece for context. Strings have been on a good while so it could probably do with new strings and a set up but I guess one would do that to any new bass. UK postage via parcelforce will be £25.
  7. Payment received so now sold. 🙂
  8. And for anyone familiar with the Tanglewood Elf
  9. Here it next to a regular Precision.
  10. Yep. Very cute. Would probably fit in a Christmas stocking. 😉
  11. Thanks. Have had some interest and hopefully there's a deal on the way.
  12. Stradi Mini Bass - Made in Poland Now £350 including postage to UK I bought this on here last year but I have not really used it. Original ad from then is still visible on here. Amazing build quality, materials and hardware. Very small. 600mm x 220mm. Delano quad pickup, hipshot tuners. Controls: Volume, pickup toggle Standard EADG but up an octave. Fantastic condition and comes in nice ukulele case. My camera has shown it slightly darker than it really is. It is pretty pale.
  13. Is this tuned to standard pitch and do regular length strings work ok?
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