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  1. Looking for a project to play bass in, I am pretty experienced, got plenty (too much) gear. I live just north of Ripon on the A1, don’t want anything too serious, I’m 40 now, I don’t think I’ll be playing Leeds festival, or a pub in Aylesbury. Might consider covers, as long as it’s cool ones! Would rather avoid fast and heavy metal nowadays. Looking for people or a band that ideally are around the same age, and aren’t beginners, but also realise bands are the not top priority in life (missed the not out originally!) Loads of influences - from Stevie Wonder to Rage Against the Machine. However I would rather stab myself in the eye with a fork then play the music of (or music similar to) bands like Oasis, Happy Mondays etc. This is very old, over 10 years ago (and much thinner), but gives an example of playing (wait for the bass to be turned up!)…. Also, again, old, but… https://m.soundcloud.com/fosker/01-furious-nations-first-mix
  2. Yeah, I definitely cannot remember most the buyers, even if they collected etc and I met them!
  3. Does anyone else look at their sales feedback thread on here and not remember half of the things they have owned/sold?!
  4. I had one of these! Cirrus was around at the same time, but just expensive! I’m sure mine was neck thru though.
  5. Yeah, that is a good price, even if you don't get on with it after a year, you can sell it on again easily.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Can you send me some pictures of the green one if you are looking at selling that?? Danke!
  8. Just moved house end of last week and got this cheap stand for my guitars, finally found them all and put them on, 4 jazz....
  9. The bass is with me, and freezing! Letting it warm up a bit, brand new Japanese Tokai AJB118, quite rare! It's really light weight, much lighter than my Sandberg, and probably the same as the basswood Fender. I need to get some strings on it that I can handle as I am a wimp, but it sounds good so far.
  10. I’m not even left handed and I’m tempted.
  11. Boo, it's only just reached the UK, so I won't get it til Monday! This has made me wonder what wood my Sandberg is now, my 64 is alder, and my Jap Fender is basswood.
  12. It looks very much like the Oregon Ash picture they have on their site.
  13. Good old bass chat! What difference does anything make? That was in a jokey way by the way, I am actually more in the I don't care what the wood is when it comes to sound camp. I am more just curious what the wood is, because I want to know. Either way, I had bought the bass before I posted that picture.
  14. Good good, to be honest, I am wanting it to be Ash! And the more elaborate grain made me think it was. It will be here later today anyway, all the way from Barcelona to Kippax in Yorkshire.
  15. It’s a jap Tokai, they’ve made Alder and Ash basses, so it’s more about the grain. All the others of this model I’ve found say Ash, but they are natural finishes.
  16. So is this Ash or Alder? I think from the photo Ash, but the spec says Alder?
  17. The Bajo bit confused me on one of their listings, I thought it was a cool limited edition before realising its just Spanish for bass, haha. I ordered a Tokai from them though, I wasn't even wanting a bass really, ended up on that site after googling about Jap ESPs.
  18. Fanatic Guitars in Spain has some good deals, including this Jazz... https://www.fanaticguitars.com/producto/fender-bajo-jazz-bass-classic-70s-3ts/ Even with shipping that’s a good price.
  19. I saw an awesome deal on a 70s Fender, did you want the link? Vintera that is.
  20. On google it says these are MIJ, is that right? As they seem good value for less than £800! EDIT - ignore this, managed to zoom into the back of a headstock and saw they are made in China.
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