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  1. Phew…. No bad news coming your way then 😀 Looks lovely 👍
  2. Have you been told it’s original finish? Edit - Also, here’s the pots that came on my old one. Note the neater soldering too, which is typical. I wonder if your pot is original and/or desoldered at some point. The lacquer line on the back of the neck looks far too neat too, perhaps the head was resprayed and had a new logo?
  3. It seems fine, I once had a near mint condition and 100% original 1966 Precision with a ? on the neck too.
  4. Sold a pedalboard to Gaf - easy deal and friendly comms. Cheers 👌
  5. Totally agree with Molan, plus around 68 was when the Fender execs started the real penny pinching stuff - my favourite being using up the old greens and yellow amplifier cloth wires on their instruments wiring. They just wanted all old or discontinued parts used up, and not to be ‘green’ I suppose… Great looking bass btw 👍
  6. Pedaltrain Metro 24, home use only. Comes with some Velcro for the pedals, and some cable ties (not pictured). The bag strap is also there.
  7. Moving on some pedals as I’m pretty much always on the HX Stomp with headphones, so will be good to free up some cash. All pedals are boxed and with instructions etc. All in great condition. All, aside from the Small Stone, have Velcro on the rear. Please note that prices do not include postage. Electro Harmonix Small Stone - awesome Phaser with tons of warmth - **SOLD’’ £40 Electro Harmonix Soul Food (& PSU) - transparent OD - **SOLD** £45 Fender Bubbler Chorus - analogue warm sounding, two settings available to switch between - **SOLD** £70 Fender The Bends Compressor - nice and easy to use - £60 Cheers
  8. Love these pups, and still have one in my “95 StingRay. This one can be used as normal (parallel), or in series or single coil too as I did a simple mod to use on the short scale EBMM StingRay I just sold. To use it as normal, just join the white wires together and the black wires together. Otherwise can be used with a switch for more tonal options. Comes with box - photos to follow.
  9. Sold a bass to Bernard, easy going sale with no issues. Cheers.
  10. I bought this beginning of 2020, occasional bedroom use only. It sounds beautiful, but I’m mostly playing through headphones and need to free up some cash. Though it’s the smaller version of the popular Blues Jr, I feel the tone on these is much purer. 15w Tube amp, with 10 inch Jenson speaker. Also comes with a cover, which was an extra £30….nuts price for a simple cover eh? Collection only.
  11. These are approx lemgths: E - 98cm total length / 8cm tapered section length. A - 102cm / 12cm D - 108cm / 16cm G - 101cm / 10cm
  12. £20 posted. EB Flatwound Cobolt, 45-95 light gauges, great tension. Approx 3 months use, been on and off a StingRay a couple of times, but can be used on a 2+2 headstock bass too. Photos to follow.
  13. 2 sets of short scale flatwounds - photo in post below. Both cut for 3+1 StingRay headstock, or can be used on a 2+2 headstock. - Thomastik JF324 - **SOLD** used for approx 4 months. Great condition £33 posted. - GHS Precision Flats - used for approx 1 month. Great condition £20 posted.
  14. Thanks pal, much appreciated, hopefully all will come good soon… then I can GAS for another one 😂
  15. I’ve just left my this week job due to health reasons, and need to sell a bass as I’ve not yet got another job lined up. I listed my Lull P Bass recently, but couldn’t go through with the sale - so I am now listing this, despite it being my most played bass this year, purely because my other basses are more irreplaceable to me. - USA EBMM Short Scale StingRay. - Weighs a lovely 7.5lbs. - Ash body, roasted maple fingerboard. - Neodymium pickup, passive, push/push volume boost, parallel/single/series switch, and tone pot. - Comes with original hard case & key. - Comes with case candy and original bar code sticker that usually goes on the rear of the body. - No dings, just some marks behind the bridge where stings have been changed and the ball end has hit the body, and very minor and hardly noticeable marks described below, and pictured. Disclosure - Although the bass is all original, I previously swapped out (and now replaced back) the pickup because I prefer Alnico pickups, that meant I needed to switch out the pots too as the values were wrong for Alnico, and more suited to Neodynium pickups, plus I wanted to be able to bypass all the pots completely. I’ve photographed some minor scratches, only visible when the light bounces off the body, which are likely to have come from when I was tinkering with the electronics. Will probably T Cut out, but I can’t find my bottle. No offers please (EBMM prices are now mental, and not going down),. No trades please.
  16. Sadly there’s a good chance I may need to sell this bass due to a change in my personal circumstances, I’m gutted to have to let a bass go, but this one was the ‘last one in’ and my others are more sentimental. Thought I’d put the word out here before doing an advert (I’m a supporting member so I hope that’s ok). Just PM please if interested. EDIT - advert now up in classifieds.
  17. Serial number dater - https://www.music-man.com/serial-number-database
  18. Great looking bass - doesn’t look like a 1993 though, the bridge and battery cover are later. GLWTS
  19. I’ve used these guys a few times, https://www.pickguardplanet.com they used to make the 90s matte MusicMan pickguards. Cost me about £40-50 inc. duty, depending on shape, they’ll give you a quote. Probably not the cheapest, but I really wanted that material.
  20. Sold or withdrawn due to sellers regret? 😂 Thanks brother, appreciated.
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