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  1. I’m feeling a bit guilty/dirty tbh… experimented with a John East preamp and Aguilar pickup and it sounds blooming amazing 😁
  2. It’s a tough one because they were hand made then, so IME (which is quite a bit) the necks mostly differ.
  3. Not sure pal, where as some CS basses have a year, or years, mentioned this one says Vintage Split Single-Coil Precision Bass , might find out more on a Google search.
  4. Never understood why there isn’t a 60s Mex rosewood P available. Bonkers.
  5. All those years of play making that ‘61 neck feel like a week worn bannister! Would of had a nice wide nut too. ’61 is a such a great period IMO, great wood and a nice slab of rosewood 👍
  6. Yes, I had a couple of sets on before. I like an easy tension, but not floppy. These were great for me. Nice smooth feel too
  7. Had it on this morning, inspired by this thread - and original line up together for first time on an album, it’s killer IMO 👍
  8. Given that Chili is in my user name, it’s pretty clear how I feel about the band and all their tunes, including all the B sides, especially I’m Beside You, the companion album to IWT. And given some of the earlier comments (think what you like of course) I wonder if this is what the band think about them and their life’s musical work? 😂😝😉
  9. I have 3 sets 1 set left of these for sale - I’ve switched the bass I have rounds on and it sounds better with Stainless. £25 a set posted. My feedback - https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/216739-feeback-for-chiliwailer/page/3/
  10. I felt the same, but some scratches I needed to get out kind of forced my hand though - game changer though, for me it’s way better, I’m chuffed.
  11. Funny seeing that quote of mine you quoted - I’ve gone right off Chromes, but they still sounded great when i put them on a Ray for a mate recently. TI’s are proper marmite. 2 Rays is logic, I got rounds on one and flats on the other. Just depends if that Ray & flats tone does it for you?
  12. Know exactly what you mean, love my Smoothie with flats, amazing tone. I settled on EB Group IV after trying a fair few other flats and gauges, still amazes me the difference the ‘right string for you’ can make. BTW, smoothed off the lacquer on the back of the neck too, now it’s even smoothier 😂
  13. Original 2EQ EBMM StingRay preamp, made in 2010 in the USA. Still has the ends of the wires attached to the circuit, so that’ll make soldering easier if you’re not used to soldering onto the fragile circuit boards. I can throw in some metal knobs if needed, but they are not original MM ones. My feedback -
  14. Love these pickups, almost makes me want to buy another P just to buy them back and put them in… Lozz is a top man, and these pickups do smooth vintage better than Swiss Toni down the bingo.
  15. I suppose sometimes we just get the right fit early on, but experimenting and finding other loves takes us away for a while? My full circle of going back to Stingrays as a first choice was really complete when I recently got back one I first bought 25 years ago! Still amazed and feeling blessed I got it back after making some tough choices 12 years ago.
  16. I’m in a similar position here @AndyTravis. Although it’s been fun buying and trying, I feel like I’m near saturation and have come full circle, which is actually nice and reaffirming.
  17. Bought new by me in Sept 2018. Good condition, well looked after, and just minor signs of use over 3 years - nothing nasty. The case has marks on the front from tight storage. Weighs 8.64lbs (3.92kg).. Some of these go up to 9.5lbs or more, so this one is a good weight for a HH Special. Back in 2018 the bodies were listed as swamp ash, now it’s just ambiguously stated as ‘select hardwood’.... Has a neck to die for, is roasted maple and a great shape. The tones are plentiful with the HH and the new revoiced EQ which is incredibly versatile and useable across the full sweeps. This is far and beyond the most ergonomic Ray they have released, very comfy to hold. No trades please, I’ve just cathartically sold 2 other high end instruments and am feeling like my bass chi is back to optimum 😁 My feedback - https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/216739-feeback-for-chiliwailer/
  18. @adamg67sold me a pedal - real pleasure to deal with and perfect sale all round. Thanks Adam.
  19. £100 collected. Postage extra at cost, only a one’er in my pocket will persuade me to sell 😉 My favourite pickups, I just don’t have a spare P Bass to install it in, and no plans to buy one. Regular version, not overwound. My feedback - https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/216739-feeback-for-chiliwailer/page/3/ As Swiss Toni says… “playing a bass with a Fralin pickup is like making love to a beautiful woman…”
  20. Yes please if still going. PM’d.
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