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  1. But again, the suggestion is they're trying to bypass people who they see as undesirable. Giving them a heads up negates that entirely.
  2. By putting that last bit in, they are literally targetting people not reading the ad properly and helping them apply. Its self defeating.
  3. Nope, no chance. All they had to do was silently have that rule and only respond to those who emailed. So theyve defeated the point of their vetting by helping people who may have gone ahead and not read it properly. Morons.
  4. Bargain! Had one made for me a couple months ago and it’s a beautiful strap, and cost more than double this price!
  5. Nothing too much to say about this one. Brilliant interface, latest generation with USB C. Just does the job perfectly. Only selling as I’ve recently purchased a Quad Cortex which has one built-in. Great condition, still has protective film over the front and back plates. Had it attached to a board so velcro on the bottom. Think I remember there may be a small scratch/scuff under the velcro. Comes with box/cable etc. Cheers.
  6. Matte guard fitted and looks the part!
  7. Just sold a nifty PSU to Mr Bunion after inadvertently ignoring his PM for a few days, easy transaction thereafter, cheers buddy!
  8. What other word would you use? If the email address is still live and he hasn't set an auto reply to say he's currently away from emails or the business is no more, it doesn't matter what the reason is, he's ignoring them.
  9. Darkglass X Ultra up for grabs! Really great distortion from Darkglass. Quite different to the others, splits the low and high frequencies and only applies distortion to the highs. Results in a HUGE sound, particularly when utilising the Low Compression effectively. Headphones, AUX in, IR loaded DI, perfect all in one tool. In excellent condition with little wear, just a cosmetic mark here and there. Couple of years old, always lived on the pedalboard in a case, no issues. Comes with box. Selling due to a move to digital processing. £280 ONO, will include shipping. £399 new 👍🏻👍🏻 I’ll add some more pics when I get a second, but there’s not a lot to show. Cheers
  10. They don't make the cabs either, but I remember threads about those too 🙃
  11. Darkglass don't make the bags, so I assume its the company they used, plus their usual merch overrider %? I'll be gutted if Darkglass release a "cheap" product. It wouldn't be the same without a thread on Basschat complaining about how expensive the new Darkglass is...
  12. 14 years late! How did you find this thread? 😂
  13. Anyone know of anywhere that has 3 x Cioks 8800 adapters in stock??

    1. RhysP


      GAK have them listed as "In Stock", doesn't say how many they've got though.

    2. Kev


      Two, sadly.  Which would be fine, but I don’t fancy paying a £5 odd delivery charge more than once!

  14. You did! Sorry, just replied now. Cheers. Sold.
  15. Out of interest, how long did you have to wait to receive a response to an order request? Nothing back yet…
  16. Oh yes, you've sold me completely there. I'll get a quote, website seems a bit of a toughie to navigate, did you go for regular thickness Colour 36: Matte Black Single Layer .090"?
  17. Yeah it's in great shape, hasn't been played much I don't think! I think it would really suite a matte black pick guard rather than regular black, so i'll be on the hunt for one of those. All recommendations gratefully received!
  18. So, couldn't find a Starry Night, so went for a Charcoal Sparkle Special instead Love the black hardware with the finish, it's a beaut! It's been a while since I played a regular Stingray, but the specials feel really good. Neck seems slimmer and faster than I remember? And forearm contour feels very comfortable.
  19. Nice, I nearly went for this one myself, it was the NE one on Facebook. Ended up spending a lot more on a Stingray Special 🙃 Edit* Just realised a) You're in Bristol and the guy wasn't prepared to leave the NE, and b) that was a H model! Really lovely
  20. Cheers buddy, yup super high quality unit, absolutely silent stable power, couldn’t want any more really 👍🏻
  21. This is a Strymon Ojai R30 power supply kit, full details here:- https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/guitar-pedals/pedal-power-supplies/strymon-ojai-r30-effect-pedal-psu Tiny unit, imagine will fit under any pedalboard, power supply unit being separate really helps! Think the only thing smaller than these are some of the Cioks units, but they cost an awful lot more! Each outlet pumps out 500ma at 9V and two of the outputs can be switched to 12v or 18v too. No box for this one, but comes with both units, 5 cables and a kettle lead. I’ll throw in a couple spare cables with it too. Cool feature of these units are you can buy just the Ojai bit separately (expansion kit) and link them all together using one PSU. Great modular system. Selling along with the rest of the pedalboard, preparing for the incoming Quad Cortex, wish me luck! SOLD Cheers
  22. Kev

    Demon FX D7K

    They haven’t even typed their own description, it’s just copied directly from the Darkglass website?
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