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  1. Gigged with the B6 and it acquitted itself with honours! It's a keeper which leads on to a question... Has anyone got some suggestions for a bag/case that would suit it?
  2. I've lurked long enough - just ordered a B6 and it should arrive tomorrow. I know this may sound a bit sublime to the ridiculous but I've been pondering whether to go for a Quad Cortex or whether one of these might actually do the job for me (at a considerably reduced cost of course). I had a Helix LT (I mess with guitar at home) but got fed up of lugging it around in its flight case - we all play DI - and I have been using an Atomic Bassbox which is competent but not quite exciting enough for me. There is no destination - it's all journey.
  3. Hi Kev - I keep looking at these. I used to have a Helix LT but sold it as I found I was tending to use just the one patch and few effects. Moved to the Atomic Bassbox (I play in a band where everyone is straight in to the mixer) but am unconvinced by the tone and especially the overdrive. Considering the new Zoom B6 but keep wondering... Can I ask which amp models/captures you've tried and what you think of them vs other modellers?
  4. Looks like competition for the Markbass Vintage Preamp maybe (also valve-driven)? https://www.andertons.co.uk/brands/markbass/markbass-mark-vintage-pre-tube-preamp-pedal
  5. Thanks - that's an excellent summary!
  6. I used to have a Helix LT then got rid and bought an Atomic Bassbox in my quest to find something simple to use, portable, great-sounding and suitable for use in a band where I go straight into the mixer (along with the rest of the band) with an FRFR speaker as my monitor. Don't use pedals much if at all. I keep looking at the B6 as an alternative but am yet to be convinced. The question from me is - why would I buy a B6 over a Helix Stomp?
  7. You know that old saying about if it's too good to be true it probably isn't? It wasn't.
  8. Bass Direct advertising these at £280... over £100 less than Andertons!
  9. Surprised me at the time. No sign of the sax solo sadly.
  10. Tripehound

    How much?

    Sorry if this has been covered but maybe an update wouldn't hurt - if there's already a thread then grateful for a link! There's a perpetual argument in my band about how much we should be charging (coming mostly from those who don't get any of the bookings) with the assertion that - surprise, surprise - we should charge more than we do. Alongside the questions of "what's the meaning of Life?" and "is there a God?" you can add "what should a reasonably competent and established covers band charge for a pub/small club gig?". I guess there are a huge set of variables including, number in the band, location, size of the pub, competition from other, cheaper bands etc. but I'd be grateful for anybody's thoughts and the benefit of their experience. We're now fully booked for 2022 and have bookings for next year which is fuelling the argument. FWIW typically around the Notts/Derbys areas it seems to be between 2 and 3 hundred quid regardless of whether you're a power trio or the Band of the Grenadier Guards.
  11. Here we are at The Castle Inn in Castle Donington the other week. Playing a Dingwall SP4 through an Atomic Bassbox for the first time (replacing my Helix) straight into the PA. This is probably one of the few places where anyone would care about that information!
  12. They've got house monitors but I'll probably use one of our Alto TS212s which sounded better to my ears (considering whether to get a QSC K12 ATM) and playing my Dingwall SJ5. I'll take the ABB along and give it a go if the opportunity presents itself after setting up the Helix. Will report!
  13. Playing an LT straight into the PA with an Alto TS212 (the older 550w model) as floor monitor in my covers outfit that plays pop, R&B, rock and disco, everyone direct and electronic drums. It does the job. I've just joined a second (classic rock) band with 'proper' drums and one guitar-operator where at some point I'm going to need forward-facing amplification (hired rehearsal room has a rig). Is it worth the considerable expense of getting a QSC K12.2 which seems to be a popular choice amongst the FRFR community? Will it be noticeably better as a monitor and will it cope/sound good as a powered speaker for bass in a conventional rock band or will the Alto (or two Altos) do? I'd really welcome any opinions, experience etc!
  14. Thanks for the advice and yep - I've noticed you need to be very much an early-adopter to get a QC just yet hence no rush!
  15. Be very interested to hear that - opinions on the B6 seem mixed at the moment.
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