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  1. I've acquired a Duesenberg Starplayer bass and a lovely thing it is to look at but I'm not there with the sound yet. I'm finding it a bit - nasal? I suspect flat wound might be better than the rounds that were on when it arrived. Any recommendations?
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  3. They look both lovely and interesting - I had a brief unrequited infatuation with the Motown bass. Our guitar player has several of the six-stringed things and I've had a quick go and they are very good to play. However, apart from that bloke in Tears for Fears, I can't remember any significant players using a Duesenberg bass and if they were that good...
  4. I used one of these to try an amp out in a shop. Liked it - remarkably good basses.
  5. Bought myself an MXR M87 Compressor off the eBay a while back and for a time all was good. Great sounding pedal. After a time, all the LEDs mysteriously stayed on for a while when the device was powered up but went back to normal after a moment. The moments got longer until they now stay on all the time and so it's hard to know what (if anything) the pedal is doing. After some digging around, I was advisedly MXR to send it to their UK distributor who subsequently said they didn't deal with out of warranty products. I sent it off to a nice amp repair chap in Newark who was able to reproduce the fault but couldn't find a fix. Anyone else had this with these pedals and more to the point, do you know if it's mendable? Here's a video of the problem
  6. I've got an old S.D. Curlee with DiMarzios - I wonder if they sound similar in that respect.
  7. This may be a stupid question but... After years of using a regular amp I have recently moved to using a DI pedal straight and floor monitor. Sounds good to my ears and positive feedback from audiences. So far so good but I'm never completely satisfied so... I started to look at cab simulators - examples are the TwoNotes Torpedo Cab and the considerably-cheaper Digitech CabDryVr. 1) Is this worth investigating further - worth the effort and the expense? 2) Why don't they have XLR output if they are last in the signal chain, after the preamp? Oh - that's two stupid questions....
  8. I've seen good things said of the OmniCabSim - can you only get them mail order (from Chile isn't it)? There's also a Digitech pedal - Cabdryvr? Like the Torpedo it lacks an XLR socket which seems odd for an end of the line pedal.
  9. One of the attractions is that the Torpedo seems to have power amp simulation as well as speakers. I have a Helix but I've not yet managed to get it to sound as good as the MXR!
  10. I’ve started using an MXR M81 straight into the PA which is one of those fancy line array setups. Sounds very good - and I’ve finally gotten round to this approach after a lifetime of substantial amplification. Lacking much experience on this topic, can anyone advise whether things could be further improved by using a speaker sim say like this? https://www.andertons.co.uk/two-notes-torpedo-cab-pedal-torp-cab?LGWCODE=TORPCAB;56375;6335&gclid=CjwKCAiAhMLSBRBJEiwAlFrsTgV5xF-9dNO-jsJqVL7hjt1rN_NAfrvk4wy4jawuGbJhdaf_LsKxbhoCfJ0QAvD_BwE
  11. I'm currently using a Fender Super Bassman (300 watts valve) into a Neo 410 cabinet. Rig of my dreams and sounds amazing but sadly I don't have a roadie to move it around for me. Classic dilemma. Just bought a Helix LT and loving it which has led me to wonder whether I should invest in some sort of FRFR arrangement. The FR800 seems to get a lot of positive press, and I hear good things about the Yamaha DXR10 and 12. Also the HK Audio L5 115FA. I could really do with some reassurance and recommendations from people who have used this arrangement in anger. Is it an idea worth pursuing? Is the Barefaced worth the (considerable) difference in price? Should I try a halfway house with a power amp and use the 410? Any contributions welcome!
  12. Any chance of an update on the old Helix/FR800 thing? Considering the same arrangement..
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