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  1. AFAIK there are some in the USA according to Talkbass posts but very limited and may not even be a proper release.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Thanks - it's an immaculately-constructed instrument and the colour really stands out. It's also very comfortable to play for longer gigs. Here's the bass in action.
  4. I had this up for sale recently then took it down and now it's back up again! I have eyes on something else and that's what's driving me otherwise this would be a keeper. Never seem to have quite enough money for my habit. Anyway - here's my beautiful Duesenberg Starplayer bass complete with its original hard case in excellent condition. Meticulously-constructed and full of little details like the Art Deco tuners. I bought it because I was after an orange bass, a short scale (it uses medium scale strings because of the tailpiece) and a semi-hollow bass. This covers all of those! Not prepared to ship (unless you want to arrange a courier and insurance) but collection from near Belper which is centrally located and only 15 minutes from Junction 28 of the M1. Also prepared to negotiate a meet up if necessary.
  5. Since placing the ad I've been playing this and am struggling to imagine anything better! It's a keeper.
  6. Lovely bass. What does 'light distressing' mean?
  7. That's a beautiful instrument - and a work of art!
  8. Took it out on gigs Friday and Saturday and realised I was making a mistake here - withdrawn.
  9. Having a bit of a clearout to raise cash for something I've seen and this isn't getting the use at the moment so up it goes. The Backbeat is a wearable subwoofer that allows you to feel your bass playing and is a tremendous accompaniment to IEMs although it's also effective with your own amp - especially when you have to keep the volume down - delivering a stadium feel to proceedings. It's comprehensively described on https://getbackbeat.com and there are videos but TBH you need to experience it. I bought mine direct from the USA and it didn't come with the nice little bag but it works just the same. Price includes P&P.
  10. With you all the way there Tim! Lurking behind the Super P is the one that gets all the players these days...
  11. Aside from some very faint marks on the back of the body which can only be seen in a certain light whilst holding at an angle, and a slight bit of cloudiness on the chrome of the trapeze tail-piece it's in very good condition - no dings, scrapes, scratches or evidence of misadventures. Not sure of the age and as I bought via eBay in 2019 I'm at least the second owner. Weight clocks in at around 7.5 lbs using the traditional bathroom scales - not a heavy instrument but undoubtedly a very pretty one. It's a short scale but uses medium-scale strings due to the tailpiece. Here's a link to me playing it on New Years Eve 2019 - using a Helix straight into the PA with a patch based on a GK model. Apologies for the sound quality - straight off the camera.
  12. Beautiful German-built Duesenberg Starplayer bass in Trans Orange c/w with Duesenberg hard case. I bought this because I wanted an orange bass, a semi-hollow bass and a short-scale bass and this does all three and does it well! These days however I'm strictly playing my J basses and the money could be better used elsewhere hence the sale. Cash sale and collection preferred but being centrally located I'm negotiable about meet-ups at a reasonable distance.
  13. Up for sale after considerable pondering goes my lovely 2020 Dingwall Super P4 in Fiesta Red, Wenge neck, owned from new and in as-new condition along with probably the best gig bag I've ever seen. I waited a long time for this to come in and snatched it up as soon as it landed and it plays as good as you'd expect. Truth be told, it's just not getting the play because I already have a Super J5 that I love and which it hasn't displaced. Funny how things work out sometimes. I'd prefer collection but travelling for a meet up is negotiable as I'm centrally located. A sale is greatly preferred but I might consider a trade involving a lined fretless.
  14. Use a Helix LT but wonder if this might be more suitable for gigging? Like the A/B function - v. useful.
  15. I'm the happy owner of a Dingwall Super P4. I might be even happier if it could be strung with flat wounds so does anyone know of a suitable brand/scale? Advice much appreciated.
  16. I've bought a Rumble Stage 800 (it's very good!) and am thinking of adding a cab to get the full 800 out of it. The front cover is black and AFAIK the 210 extension cabs have the traditional silver face. Does anyone know if you can buy a replacement cover separately to make it match - either silver or black will do as I understand they're the same size?
  17. Has anyone tried putting a bass (via Helix) through one of these? Wondering about getting one for home noodling and band rehearsals. Curious to know whether it will keep up with a drummer being allegedly 1000W...
  18. Fender Super Bassman 300 & Neo 410 Cabinet. Excellent condition and breaks my heart to sell it but arthritis has determined otherwise. To my mind, this is as good as valve amplification for bass gets. You probably know what you're looking at but here's Fender's description... The flagship of the Fender bass amp lineup is the mighty Super Bassman. One of the most powerful and versatile Fender bass amps ever made, it's a stadium-level 300-watt tube head designed for the biggest shows and the largest stages, with enormous Fender bass sound and sparkling vintage-style Fender looks. Equally effective in the studio, its dual-channel design combines modern technology and an array of innovative features on the front and rear panels with classic Fender '60s "blackface" styling. The maximum in pure Fender bass power and performance. FEATURES 300 watts Tube preamp and power amp Rear-panel Fender Automatic Bias system Rear-panel impedance switch (2, 4 and 8 ohms) XLR line out with ground lift, level control and pre/post EQ switch Master volume control with push/pull mute https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/bass-amplifiers/pro-tube/super-bassman/2249000000.html?rl=en_US To complement the amp is the Neo 410 speaker cabinet. FEATURES Rated at 1,000 watts (program), 500 watts (continuous) Four 10" Fender Special Design Eminence® U.S.A. neodymium-magnet speakers Compression driver horn with attenuator Speakon and 1/4" input jacks Lightweight plywood enclosure Spring-loaded heavy-duty handles This will never go in the post so it's collection from our rehearsal rooms in Nottingham - or I may be prepared to deliver within a reasonable distance.
  19. Hi Ped - Many thanks for the offer but it would be a trek from here in Derbyshire! I'm off down to Bass Direct tomorrow to try out the Eich which looks to be the most cost-effective and flexible approach. The P&D costs £922 by the the time you've added VAT and carriage whereas the Eich comes in at £439 plus I was considering the TC BQ500 at £181. Also has the merit of being able to split and sell the two parts if necessary, use the Eich with my other rig, etc. I don't doubt that the P & D is a fabulous piece of kit (and I like it aesthetically) but it's over £300 difference to do essentially the same thing. P & D tell me that theirs is the superior product because it has a wider frequency range so you can add keyboards, percussion etc to the input - I was thinking in terms of just bass and drums. Do you just put bass into it or anything else? Very interested to read your comments on cutting mid and treble - I'll try that tomorrow.
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