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  1. Thanks but Daryl does not want to ship 😢
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Hi all Any news ? I see a lot of video of NE with this new six strings you think Yamaha going to create a new model for public ? cheers !
  4. Thanks Peter for your offer but I am not interested have a nice weekend best regards jb
  5. Thank you ! you’re right, this basses are amazing !
  6. Jazz Bass and Precison bass are welcome !
  7. Trade with a Pedulla Buzz / MVP ; Fbass (BN or Alain Caron) ; Dingwall Lee Sklar, MTD, Fodera, Ken Smith I can add €€ Cheers
  8. Merci pour ta proposition mais je ne suis pas intéressé par une Warwick
  9. The BBNE2 are fantastic Basses for all styles, very very confortables and versatile
  10. Hi all For trade / Sell Yamaha Nathan East BBNE2 Signature. It’s an amazing bass, in perfect condition, like new. Perfect setup by luthier. New Strings Dunlop 40/120 Trade with a MTD (not Kingston), Ken Smith, Dingwall Lee Sklar, Fodera std, Pedulla Buzz/MVP, Fbass, Fclef, Elrick, Precision bass , jazz bass I can add €€€ You can offer other basses, I answer everyone !
  11. This bass is really a fantastic bass ! https://youtu.be/udJIeE4MVA4
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