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  1. Nothing to add that hasn't already been said. A hugely enjoyable afternoon where I met some great people and enjoyed listening to some great music. The afternoon went without a single hitch. Everyone turned up at the right time, brought the gear they said they would bring and there were no equipment failures Even the beer was to top quality. This is what happens when bassists organise things!
  2. @Dankologyi’m 5’6” and I have Fender Precisions & Jazz’s (4 and 5 string). I also have small bodied Sadowsky’s and a Ric 4003S. All feel good to me but I’m aware that the Fenders look bigger on me than the Sadowsky’s and the Ric. It used to bother me but I’m now at the age where I don’t give a stinky poo. The 4003S looks smaller than the regular 4003 due to the lack of binding on the body and the contouring. Maybe something to consider. I believe we’re both playing on the same bill with our respective bands on Sunday 26th June in Blackburn. I’ll bring the Ric along if you like for you to try it out.
  3. Hi Andy, my lot are up for this if it's still available. I'll send you a PM. Cheers.
  4. Toilet (seat) humour 🤔
  5. Earlpilanz on eBay. He had already made them for the metroline mv4 and the sizing is exact even the holes lined up. Highly recommended. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pickguards-for-various-bass-models-NEW-many-brand-model-pickup-colour-options-/114490584526?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  6. As @eadhas pointed out, I went to have a look and a play of his RSD fretless and I was extremely impressed. So much so that I bought one myself. I don't like black basses as a rule but the black sparkle on this works very well. The fit and finish is really good and the hardware is also quality. I don't feel the need to change the tuners or bridge. I will change out the pre-amp for an East deluxe as @eadhas done as that is a worthwhile exercise. I really don't like the string tree so I will replace that with a hipshot unit - £15 delivered from Bass Direct and the red tort pickguard really cheapens the look IMO. A bwb replacement is a great shout and finishes off the bass nicely. This is something I have done and it cost less than £30.
  7. Fate would say that it is. Either way, it’s an amazing looking bass, in great condition and Brian is an absolute Gent. With all that’s wrong in the world at the moment, these little victories are so important.
  8. Yep - got to spend an hour or so playing EAD's Sadowsky fretless (thanks mate). Very impressed indeed. Well finished, well set up and good quality components used throughout. It worked really well with the Thomastik Jazz flats that were fitted and also the East pre-amp. These are good upgrades to a really nice bass. Enjoyed it so much that after a couple of weeks deliberation, my finger may have accidentally slipped on the computer and I've ordered one for myself. Also took advantage of free delivery to bung in a set of the aforementioned flats. Should land next week!
  9. This is fate - I was playing my Ric at a rehearsal last Wednesday and thinking that my Sadowsky just fitted in with the mix better than the 4003s and I should really think about selling. I don’t do Facebook and really don’t like eBay or Gumtree etc. I have just renewed my marketplace subscription!
  10. I have found the Zero Mod thumbrest to be discrete and works well for fingerstyle. I have the 4003S for the contoured body which I find really comfortable.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. I'm very well thanks - hope you're keeping well. That is a very kind offer that I'm very happy to take you up on. It would be good to catch up again. I'll drop you a pm and we can get something arranged. Nice one!
  13. Could you please share your views when it arrives. I've been eying one of these up as well. Trying to decide whether to ask Mr Shuker to make me an unlined fretless neck for my USA Jazz (currently fretted) or to take a punt on the Sadowsky.
  14. Yep - Fender really upped their game in 2008 and the 2008-2012 instruments were almost there. The addition of the CS pups in the 2012-2016 range was the final piece of the jigsaw.
  15. I'm a big fan of the 2012-2016 range of American Standard Precisions and Jazzes. For me Fender just got it right with these basses. I'd go as far as to say that in my opinion these will become sought after and held in similar esteem to the JV's. Olympic white and maple is my preferred colour scheme.
  16. Mark likes his Berg cabs. 24 hours after buying an HD210 from Etienne he bought my HD210 so he could stack them. Having previously owned 2 myself, I know how good this will sound. As has been stated above, Mark is very open and honest. Great comms throughout and we managed to have a good chat about all thing bass & band related. Thanks Mark, it eas nice meeting you today.
  17. mr zed

    Boss SY-1

    I'm looking for the collective knowledge for SY-1 users - would I be able to replicate the hammond type sound going on on the Wolfmother Joker & the Thief track with my bass and this pedal? Thanks in advance.
  18. What’s the right rig? Is this based on a good quality rig irrespective of type or is it based on type i.e. valve, class D, solid state, quality cab etc? My Ric sounds awesome through all my rigs but I can really struggle to get a great sound out of it through some of the practice room fodder that I’ve had the displeasure of using. So, what’s the ideal rig for a Ric?
  19. Or 3) you have a great bass tone....
  20. I use an HD210. Bought it when it first came out (in fact I bought 2 to use together but quickly learnt I only needed the one). My Amp is a Shuttle 9.0 and it pairs very well with this cab. I have no reason to think that the 6.2 with the HD210 would be anything other than awesome. This is a bit of a bargain if you live in Europe. The cab alone is worth the asking price - you’re getting the amp thrown in for free. Whoever buys this will have a professional rig that will cover most eventualities. I’ve also used mine with a double bass and that sounds awesome too.
  21. Bought my first bass from Mameloks. It was a Satellite Jazz bass copy and it cost around £80 (cheapest bass they had in the shop). I got it home on the bus in a black plastic bin bag. This would have been in 1980 and I was 15. I saved like mad with money from my paper round and I loved that bass and the feeling that I had when I played it. Couldn’t afford an amp so played it without for a time so I could learn how to play. A bit later, my mother ordered me a 25 watt guitar (not bass) combo from the Marshall Ward catalogue which I paid off weekly. Horrible plastic thing that rattled like mad. The Satellite was actually quite a decent bass. I am now lucky enough to own some of the best gear money can buy but nothing beats the feeling of buying that first bass.
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