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  1. I’m not sure if the Ui16 has it but the Ui24 I believe has a feedback destroyer algorithm which is a real benefit. I have successfully used an XR18 for a few years and can’t speak highly enough about it but I have to use an outboard FBD. If I was purchasing now I would go with a Ui24.
  2. I've just purchased an Audient ID4 (ID14's little brother) as part of the Audio Technica AT2035 studio pack. This was purchased following tons of research. First go at recording vocals this morning and it is excellent! Intuitive to use, easy to set up and the clarity is second to none. Highly recommended!
  3. Pete Way for me too - late 70’s/early 80’s UFO were at the Apollo in Manchester every 6 months or so it seemed. I used money earned from doing my paper round to buy tickets. Happy times!
  4. It would nearly cost what you paid for the EUB for a set of Spiros. Result!
  5. Keen to hear what you think of it. I was thinking of buying this but you beat me to it whilst I was dithering.
  6. Gavin just bought my HX Stomp. Great communication with immediate responses to messages. Payment sent immediately. Absolutely hassle free and a very pleasant transaction. I would have no hesitation in dealing with him anytime. Cheers Gavin. Hope you enjoy the Stomp (I get the feeling you will).
  7. Yes, I saw the photo and immediately thought ‘he looks just like Kenny Everett’.
  8. Agreed however it is a close run thing against the ‘Upright bass made from a wheelbarrow’ thread in the EUB and double bass section.
  9. I'm really enjoying this - absolute madness!
  10. Waiting for the Punchline by Extreme. Following Pornographiti and 3 Sides to Every Story, I was disappointed to say the least. But, I gave it a try again a little later and it’s now my favourite album by them. My expectations when it came out were more of the same I suppose so once I realised it wasn’t and listened to it on it own merits I’ve come to love it’s raw, stripped back feel. Awesome band!
  11. We use an app called Time Tree. Works well for us.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I don’t have Audible but Mrs Zed does. Downloaded and in her library this morning ready for me to listen to.
  13. I’ve been a Rush fan since around 1978 when I first heard them. Absolutely gutted tbh. I love the fact that he took some time out and went on a mammoth motorcycle trip! RIP Neil.
  14. Had a bit more work done on the tattoo - really pleased with it now.
  15. mr zed

    Which cab.?

    Berg HD212 or Barefaced (if you want something lightweight) is where I’d be looking.
  16. Good though aren’t they - they have a piano-like tone about them.
  17. It just used to be called rock when I was listening to it. Now it’s a few years old and it stands the test of time it has become ‘classic’ rock. Rock is just rock - enjoy it for what it is. It doesn’t have to be deemed ‘classic’ or anything else really.
  18. I hope you’ve had the floor reinforced 😳
  19. I’m enjoying watching this unfold.
  20. You’ve given it boobies - well played sir!
  21. In regards to positioning these behind the backline, I assume that pointing them at the drummer eyes is considered to be ‘good sport’?
  22. Thanks for that - there are a couple of different options for these - one rated at 70watts the other at 105watts. I note the comments that these are really bright but are you using the 70 or 105’s?
  23. Can you use these as a static par type wash light with slow fade to different colours without the faff of DMX? I like the idea of moving heads for occasional songs but most of the time I’d prefer them to be static.
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