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  1. During lockdown v1 I bought a Markbass MB121p. I wanted a portable lightweight amp for rehearsals that would sound good with both electric and double bass. Bought from a member on here. A couple of weeks later I bought a NY121 new from Muziker to go with it for future gigs. Between lockdowns I was able to acquire my dream bass - Sadowsky metroline MV4 (Japan) Will Lee. The guy I bought it from is also a member on here. Very happy with all of these acquisitions.
  2. Well, that worked well enough. Only played at home volume levels but definitely worth exploring more once I get back in the rehearsal room and playing at volume. It’s like a hole in the eq spectrum has been filled and there is a ‘sheen’ present that wasn’t there before. Thanks again for the tip.
  3. This is interesting - I’m going to try adding some presence to my mb121p tomorrow by using my eq pedal. Thanks for the tip.
  4. My company was involved in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the liquid medical oxygen systems at the Nightingale hospitals. A typical installation at a hospital would normally take around 6 months to 2 years. These were installed in a week! Just shows what can be achieved when bureaucracy is removed and people are allowed to get on with it!
  5. Do Fender put off white markers in there to match the tinted neck? They all might be the same. I don't know because I've never been close up to one but someone may know. The replacement may be the same.
  6. I found the attached quite informative. https://www.classicfm.com/music-news/coronavirus/government-latest-guidance-on-rehearsals-concerts-live-music/
  7. Just bought a bass from Paul. Perfect transaction. All communication was good and questions were answered immediately. The description was spot-on and the bass was despatched and received very quickly. Well packaged too. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him at anytime. Thanks again mate!
  8. Just take the Mesa and tell him it’s a di. He sounds clueless so won’t know the difference. Actually with no cab there is no difference. I’m also wondering why no upright bass!
  9. Sad news - I went to see UFO many times and was a huge fan. Pete was a massive influence. The Bassline’s were just so right.
  10. I used to own (and regret selling) a Fender USA deluxe Jazz - Pre 2010 with the downsized body. Sadowsky also do a Jazz with the smaller body than a regular Jazz. Are there any other manufacturers producing these?
  11. Another vote for AER here - loud, punchy and a tone and fundamental that is a cut above anything else I have tried. I use an amp two. Lush!
  12. mr zed

    Feedback for MNY

    I'm happy to start a feedback thread for Mark who I met up with this evening. I was seriously tempted by the Markbass CMD121P he had up for sale so following the exchange of a few messages, I collected the amp from his home. I found him to be polite and courteous throughout and a very friendly guy. If it wasn't for social distancing we would probably chatted for hours. Nice to meet you today Mark and the amp is awesome. I would deal with Mark anytime without hesitation.
  13. Hi, can I ask if you have a cover for this please? Thanks.
  14. What a huge difference the tort makes to the overall look of this bass. Looks superb and HW Audio is a great music store.
  15. I keep coming back to this for a look. Stunning looking bass! When you say “attributed to an unknown early 21st Century maker” does that mean you know the maker’s name but he is not well known or you don’t know who made the bass? If the latter how do you know it was made in Hungary? Thanks in advance.
  16. I tend to wear Converse All Stars when I’m playing the bass....oh wait....!
  17. This is a great resource Russ.
  18. This also gets my vote. If you go for the 2012 version on (until they replaced that series with the ‘Professional’ or whatever) you get the custom shop pickups which I really rate. Graphite reinforcement for the neck, rolled fingerboard edges etc make for a fine playing and very stable bass. They are also in budget. Olympic white is the one to go for 😉
  19. I’m not sure if the Ui16 has it but the Ui24 I believe has a feedback destroyer algorithm which is a real benefit. I have successfully used an XR18 for a few years and can’t speak highly enough about it but I have to use an outboard FBD. If I was purchasing now I would go with a Ui24.
  20. I've just purchased an Audient ID4 (ID14's little brother) as part of the Audio Technica AT2035 studio pack. This was purchased following tons of research. First go at recording vocals this morning and it is excellent! Intuitive to use, easy to set up and the clarity is second to none. Highly recommended!
  21. Pete Way for me too - late 70’s/early 80’s UFO were at the Apollo in Manchester every 6 months or so it seemed. I used money earned from doing my paper round to buy tickets. Happy times!
  22. It would nearly cost what you paid for the EUB for a set of Spiros. Result!
  23. Keen to hear what you think of it. I was thinking of buying this but you beat me to it whilst I was dithering.
  24. Gavin just bought my HX Stomp. Great communication with immediate responses to messages. Payment sent immediately. Absolutely hassle free and a very pleasant transaction. I would have no hesitation in dealing with him anytime. Cheers Gavin. Hope you enjoy the Stomp (I get the feeling you will).
  25. Yes, I saw the photo and immediately thought ‘he looks just like Kenny Everett’.
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