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  1. The current (BBC) trend of combining popular performers with Orchestras. What is that about? So many of the songs rely on their simplicity to be effective but adding an Orchestra seems to be an attempt to 'posh up' songs, but for whom?
  2. Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson
  3. Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull
  4. Sign of the Times - Prince (aka Squiggle)
  5. Wishing I was Lucky - Wet Wet Wet
  6. Good Year for the Roses - Elvis Costello
  7. I'd take a look at Francis Rocco Prestia Finger Funk. It's on Youtube (about an hour long). His whole approach is relentless 16th note grooves for Tower of Power. As stated earlier, economy of movement is key to being able to maintain the sound and accuracy of what you're playing. There's plenty of Tower of Power stuff to practice on too if/when you get fed up with Rhythm Stick.
  8. That old Peavey stuff is amazing. I gigged for years with a MkVI head and 4x10 cab and the hammering that thing took was incredible. Never had a single issue with it, even when it frequently got soaked in beer.
  9. Fat Man in the Bathtub - Little Feat
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