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  1. I have them on my P and J basses. That black J is tempting...
  2. Greasey Groove on EBay do them, shipped from Canada. I've bought 3 or 4. Excellent.
  3. It was scratchplate but more recently the Americanisation of our language means pickguard is now the default. I went through a phase about 15yrs ago of buying dozens and recall the change happening around that era.
  4. Pretty much most budget basses are halfway decent these days. In the 80s you could get some real dogs but these days the quality has gone right up. Normally the worst case scenario is just the bass needing a better setup. Add a few mods and you can get usually get a very reasonable instrument.
  5. My Orange Crush practice amp has an aux input for laptop / iPhone and a headphone jack so I can play along with whatever I like. Having grown up in the 80s it still blows my mind that I can do that. Technology moves on... who knew?!
  6. It's trial and error. I went through a phase of putting the heaviest flatwounds I could find on mine but my current Precision has Roundwounds 45-100. I have a 51 tele bass that I will probably stick flats on but I guess it comes down to whatever you are hoping to achieve from that bass. It's amazing how string choice can change the dynamics of the same instrument.
  7. That's actually better, in the sense that at least the Les Paul looks a bit more modern. Ace was playing an early 70s Les Paul with a late 80s Floyd Rose. At least with that design they look like they have tried to meet in the middle.
  8. Not bass but when I saw ex-Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley in the late 80s at the Hammersmith Odeon, he had a Floyd Rose tremolo on his Gibson Les Paul. It was a bit like touching up the Mona Lisa with a sharpie!
  9. He's changed the listing as it wasn't doing that yesterday.
  10. Totally up my street but £2.5k for a (admittedly brilliant) crafted in Japan range is optimistic in the current climate. It'd be cheaper to get a 50s classic vibe & get it resprayed.
  11. Ha! Probably like many I clicked on this thread because I remember the craze. I think I was one of the minority of Basschat members at the time who DIDN'T buy one! But of course I did consider getting one!
  12. Lots and lots but 9yrs ago today I played a show in Swindon and in the crowd was a lady who is now my wife. That's gotta stand out!
  13. By all accounts a little more of a modern vibe than the Terror Bass. I like the shape of these but I think the Terror v2 was such a great head that the only alternative I would personally consider is the AD200B. That's for my needs though. I tend to take the view that if it is Orange, it will be good.
  14. Another one here in the WD-40 club.
  15. Only just seen this thread. I initially had the same problem with mine when it first came out. I did a LOT of investigation and it was the valves. I have had no problems since and it's been years, so I suspect they'll sort it no worries.
  16. My experience of people with "just one bass" tends to be either younger players starting out or guitarists who use it to record at home. I went down to just two Squiers for about 3 years around 2013 but I quite like having a collection so went back up to about 8 (I think!) and don't sweat about it. If you can manage on one, good for you and if you own dozens, it's your life! Who are any of us to judge others?
  17. Contact Ampeg direct. I have done this with both Ampeg and Orange, and both put me in touch with their direct UK suppliers so we could rectify the issue quickly. In Orange's case they sent out replacements free of charge.
  18. I can't see me getting anything any time soon (if at all) but; 1) Orange AD200 Bass Head 2) Fender 51RI Precision Bass 3) Musicvox Spaceranger Bass
  19. Back when I started, I always thought the bass player was the coolest one. It's what attracted me to the instrument.
  20. I've spent 30yrs plus of playing with that exact approach. I just figured some folk on here know a lot more about pedals than me so I was looking for options to try. So far my original order (narrowly) sounds best to my ears but it's fun to gauge views of others.
  21. I came here to post about Adam Ant but reading through the comments got me to thinking of Curtis Mayfield who had the congas going with the full kit. Throw Joseph lucky Scott in on bass and you have a killer rhythm section right there.
  22. I'm afraid I am something of a Luddite when it comes to effects but I have dusted down and am revamping my effects pedal. Before I commit to casting my decision in heavy duty Velcro I just wanted to gauge opinions on if I have the best order. This sounded pretty good to me (I didn't fully realise just how much difference order can make) but open to thoughts from any of you who are more experienced. So I have bass guitar > tuner > pure boost > distortion > compression > chorus > flanger > amp.
  23. I bought a massive bodied no brand acoustic bass last year. The bigger body means it keeps up with jamming in small groups. Anything more and you need to plug it in. They do sound better with flats but the volume is less audible without rounds. I used mine live at the HRH festival but to be fair I think I am better off with my Hofner or upright really. A desirable bass for a larger collection rather than essential.
  24. Sold thanks to my fine advertising campaign!!! 😺
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