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  1. Audio. Great stage, sound and lively crowd.
  2. We started our tour on Friday, 4 lockdown related postponements later. Manchester was a Great opening night, followed by my first time in Glasgow. Great city! Last night was Sheffield. We played better each night. A couple of days rest before we pick up the southern leg.
  3. There are some guitar players who have contributed some beautiful bass playing. I think the problem is around this assumption that because you can play guitar, you can automatically play the bass. Clearly it's often not actually the case at all.
  4. All is restored https://www.nme.com/news/music/simon-gallup-confirms-re-joined-the-cure-3071612
  5. If you listen to these recordings with the string section really carefully through a decent set of headphones via a high end stereo, you can actually hear the scraping sound of the bottom of the barrel! 😏
  6. That is a good deal. I remember seeing these around loads back in the 80s.
  7. I nearly bought one but the one I tried was so heavy that I was put off immediately. My Gibson is really lightweight and two of the 3 Epiphones I have owned were also fairly light. The sheer weight of the Tokai meant I didn't even pay attention to the build quality or tone. It could have been a one off but it shut down that avenue of ownership for me.
  8. They all seem to play identikit low slung white Precisions these days. I'd rip up the rule book by playing a headless 6 string bass with LEDs, right up high! Surely punk is about not having rules? 😂
  9. Mainly for me. I'm in my late 40s playing original material so I can't always bank on having an audience. 🤣
  10. I think Orange are really reliable. I don't know a huge amount about amps but have been told by people who do that usually faults are small and fixable. If you've had 10yrs out of it, I would keep it going if you can.
  11. Last night I teamed up with my old friend of 32 years to perform a few 80s Alternative / Darkwave / Goth songs on acoustic folk instruments. So a bass free gig. It can't be everyday that you walk into your local and someone's playing Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart on a bouzouki!
  12. Graham bought my TC Electronic Vortex pedal. Polite and friendly comms, paid immediately and was truly reflective of the best of Basschat.
  13. Okay, so technically I moved them off the sofa to put in front of my record player but these are my top 5
  14. Two shows over the weekend, followed by two studio days which limited my time on Basschat (hence the midweek update). We headlined the Betsey Trotwood in London on Friday and followed it up with an appearance at the Lexington as part of the Power Pop festival. Both were really solid performances, marred slightly by the train out of London being cancelled. 4am before I got to sleep on my singer's floor! Despite that it was a totally awesome weekend and the studio was great fun too.
  15. I just upgraded mine over lockdown. I'd rather stick with a reputable turntable company in the same way that I wouldn't buy a kitchen appliance from a string company.
  16. I kind of have two answers as a result of developments over lockdown. Firstly I bought a six string baritone bass to use on the album I am doing with my main band. However, as of yet I haven't had a chance to use it (the song it was bought for appears to have been shelved now but I will try and shoe horn it in somewhere). Away from that I am doing some post punk / goth / darkwave with the guitarist from my old Sixth Form band. We both play mandolin and decided that as an alternative to the electric stuff with the drum machine, we'd do some acoustic versions too. I have been playing bass lines on a bouzouki! All screamingly good fun.
  17. I love all of Paul Stanley's spoken bits on the live albums. He sometimes gets it wrong but he's good entertainment. I think he is a great rock 'n' roll character and he's mellowed with age. He came across the best on the 4 autobiographies (admittedly the bar is set pretty low there!!!) I do like Peter and his makeup. Again, I think it went a bit wrong but his colossal ego aside, a great character. I'd just hate to be in a band with any of them - it'd be a nightmare!
  18. It's a ruby red 4003s, heavily customised. I swapped out the white pickguard / TRC for black and removed that awful pickup cover. Other than that I added the zero mod thumb rest and put a racing stipe on it. The strings are neon red but the camera snap doesn't do them justice. I know there's not a lot of Ric love on BC but it's a great bass.
  19. A slightly alcohol fuelled but rockin' set on Saturday in Basingstoke. Despite being a little more lubricated than I am normally, another bass player was straight up afterwards to ask me what strings I used. Our keyboard player was off with his other band earning proper money but I am loving this band. All good players who rehearse.
  20. Music has undoubtedly shaped my life but I don't think I could fine tune it down to one record. My memory has three records of my Mum's developing my interest in music as a small boy and later on, one video on the Chart Show actually making me want to be in a band, as opposed to just a fan BUT I do wonder if that is the rose tinted glasses romanticising things. Bands I have actually been in have quite literally changed my life far more. If it wasn't for music I would certainly be higher up the career ladder, financially better off and perhaps even my first marriage might have gone a bit differently. All my strongest friendships and a lot of my best memories are through music. Genuinely no regrets.
  21. SOLD ELSEWHERE. Offered up for sale is my EHX Bass Big Muff distortion pedal. Chances are if you clicked the thread, you know what these things do! Priced to sell and that includes First Class UK mainland delivery by Royal Mail. A couple of scuffs give it a Road worn vibe but it works perfectly with no issues. Great feedback, both here on Basschat and EBay so buy with confidence.
  22. I'm assuming the thread title is a nod to Cinderella's Long Cold Winter? Just for those that picked up on the reference, allow me to ruin the song. Listen to Tom Keifer's lengthy rocking blues solo from 2 mins 30 and then just as the solo climaxes around 3 minutes 34, think of the Muppet Show
  23. So I have had two, one past and one present. The former was a 2014 (from memory) early model that had a fairly chunky neck and was very lightweight. I used it almost exclusively with another Squier for a good couple of years. It even appears on a professional album and toured extensively. At the time I was going through an anti-expensive kit phase. After a long run of proving that point, I decided it was nice to spend money on things that make you happy and wound up selling it on - something I almost immediately regretted. In 2019 I decided to buy a replacement, this time in white blonde. Tonally, I can't really hear a difference (from memory though) but there were a couple of significant differences. Firstly the lacquer on my neck was much darker (which I kind of like). The neck profile was definitely thinner, like a CIJ P-bass rather than total JB. Personally, I go with the flow with neck profiles and I am not someone who insists on any one type - if I practice, I get used to it. The absolute shocker for me was the weight; despite being basswood like the last one, mine was one of the heavier basses I have owned. I know basswood can vary but this was something of an extreme difference. Weight is definitely something I struggle with as 32yrs of playing like Paul Simonon / Peter Hook means my left shoulder isn't great these days with heavier basses. I wound up sourcing a cheap replacement body and swapping out the body on the bass (see below). I left everything else as stock. Despite being up against a US Fender, a Rickenbacker and a Gibson Thunderbird (amongst others) it's made two live appearances over my 5 gigs in the last month and I have taken it to a couple of rehearsals. All in all, a very long winded post to say "check the weight" but generally a decent bass.
  24. This is my absolute pet hate. I've even left bands because of it and we've let people go for it. Learn the songs BUT it is a show. I can be the little Hitler on stage saying "talk to the audience, not each other" and telling people not to check their tuning for the 19th time. Rehearse the WHOLE set, not just the individual songs. It's the difference between a good band being good and a good band being great.
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